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Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery
« on: February 02, 2011, 06:15:41 PM »
Added a new Trip Tic ... but this one also has a Flight-Seeing flight plan, the first one.  Remember, the flight plans we generally use are for "rough directions" from "here to there." They are NOT to be used with an autopilot or you'll be scraping yourself off a mountain!  If you download the Flight Seeing pln file you can fly from Misty's Place to Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery and the autopilot makes all the dangerous turns at about 1200 feet. All you have to do is take off and land.  Give it a try. Look for the FS (flight-seeing) Icon on the Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery scenery description. You will find it perfectly matches the Trip Tic that also was just created. Just don't try it in an F-16 or something.  Any nice little bush plane will work perfectly. 

PS ... if anyone wants to try to use PLAN-G to make a Flight Seeing flight plan, try it and send it to me. Got to be 1200 feet, no higher ... and you are not allowed to run into any mountains!  It takes some finesse on the turns to figure it out, but can be done as this one proves.

Update: Also there's a Flight Seeing Plan for Herring Bay now.

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