Author Topic: Object Library Downloads ERROR ALERT!  (Read 854 times)


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Object Library Downloads ERROR ALERT!
« on: October 07, 2011, 07:33:36 PM »
I have sent an email about this to the proper folks but I notice it still has not been corrected so I post here to let everybody know that there is an error in the OZx Library download link.

 I noticed that for the OZx libraries there is a mistake in what it says to
download from the OZx site.
Now as to the error.  The directions say to download the two files listed to the
left.  Well one of the files listed is not a scenery library folks! 
OZx NA 1.01 is a file that adds some small OZx updated or addon AIRPORTS in the
ORBX NA PNW scenery area.  They do not show in the RTMM area at all and unless
you have PNW will not do you any good.  As an aside they also follow the OZx
philosophy of not having AFCADS so they do not show up on the GPS or in the Go
to Airport selection screen either.  The documentation tells you how to find
What you need to download is:     (the main OZx library and it is essential to
have this)     (additional scenery objects added later after the main
library was already available)
Install Libraries _1.0 first followed by LIB_v1.1
The other four files not mentioned in this post are strictly for Australia and
you need not worry about them.