Author Topic: Ecstall River Run and Sparkling Creek Run (Doug's Outfitters)  (Read 3060 times)


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For the boaters, there are two "river runs" that you might enjoy ... these are built into Doug's Outfitters.  Both begin like "float trips" where you fly from the outfitters to one of 2 remote "float facilities".  "River's End" can be found at the headwaters of the Ecstall River. This is a very scenic run with only one small rapids ... it is a long trip, some 20 "river" miles.  The second trip starts at "Lake's End" located at Mitt Lake. This facility has a small dirt strip, helipad and pier ... a 5 minute float plane trip from Doug's Outfitters.  This run will take some boating skill ... there are many rapids and little waterfalls to negotiate ... it is not a long run, but one that will challenge you.

Both rivers have been "landscaped" with marker buoys, danger signs and wildlife along the way ... where there were software "wave anomalies" there are now rapids and rocks.

This location is located about 6 miles south of Big Fall Hydro ... you can also leave the Brad's there by boat and find Doug's Outfitters waiting for you on "up" the Ecstall River.

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