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« on: November 30, 2022, 05:03:27 PM »
Express Update 04.09.2023

Misty's Place - PF20 - V2.1

.....Rod Jackson added the NDB for us for Misty's Place ... the freq is 220 and the call is "MP" in Morse Code and the CTAF frequency is 122.9.  A small weather station was added to transmit the signal. Also, an Easter Egg was added in the area by Doug (it is Easter-Time!)

BC Lighthouses - v3.6

.....Langara Point - added new lighthouse object and red/white buildings.

Test Object Library V2.2


Express Update: 04.07.2023

Misty's Place PF20 V2

.....The most recent Asobo update drained the canals at Misty's Place, which didn't work that well from the beginning. We have started over on Misty's Place. There is a new location (about 1 mile from the old one). There is a water runway and ground runway, both NW/SE. PF21, the Misty's SPB has been eliminated and combined into the new PF20 (ground and water). The building configurations have remained the same. There is a new Misty's Place Bar and Grill and Misty's House is out beside the new Lighthouse on a new "Misty's Island". A small bridge connects the island to PF20.  There are several rental cabins on the island and a marina near the lighthouse.

RTMM Test Objecty Library V2.1


Express Update 03.31.2023

Yes Bay Lodge - v1.1 (quick fix)

.....The walkway from the helipad to the lodge was on the ground. This is now fixed in 1.1. Also, a "warm" skylight was added above the helipad to give it a bit of light at night.  The POI marker and the airport on Little Navmap showed up 1.9 miles to the west. I found a way to fix that, it now is in front of the lodge in the water. All of the walkways kept moving. I redid the underlying ground polygons and reset the walkways. The runway was reversed being East/West instead of West/East. This was fixed.

Test Object Library V2.0


Express Update 03.28.2023 - Changes Made

BC Lighthouses for RTMM - v3.5

.....Dryad Point Lighthouse. Red/white buildings added. Helipad was moved to the proper location, also the dock was moved. There is a new Dryad Point lighthouse object that will be in this next Express update.

.....East Point Light - a new tower object was built. Cleaned up the scenery location to better match the actual location.

.....Egg Island Light - Simple tower on the top of a hill. All I did was change out the helipad, light it with the green lights and put in lighted buoys for the float planes and dock area.

.....Entrance Island Lighthouse ... completely remastered. The new lighthouse object matches the real one. Buildings are custom-made for realism. The platform under the garage building has a hard surface (can use elsewhere). KNOWN Problem: Water climbs the cliff near the dock, this is a bug in SU12 where the water exclusion polys don't work correctly, hopefully being fixed.

.....Estevan Point Lighthouse - interesting lighthouse object, it has a central cylinder but is 100 feet tall and has 8 flying buttresses around it. Rather difficult to make. Replaced the Asobo auto buildings with our red/white buildings that match the location. Put in a new helipad, lighted it with the green taxi lights

......Fisgard Lighthouse - New lighthouse object and new "red bunker" object. There isn't much you can do with the "landscape here since Asobo did a photogrammetry project on it, you cannot add to it effectively. I did what I could and made it interesting by putting in a helipad and walkway from the helipad to the lighthouse. The lighthouse object is very authentic, but the rest of the location is "fairly" authentic.

Yes Bay Lodge 78K - (new location added)

..... created lodge object. Created trestle to hold the walkways above the terrain. This has a fictional helipad but it fits in with the scenery. There is an extensive dock system for the fishing boats they use to go catch the big ones.  (President Jimmy Carter once fished here).

Object Library v1.9

.....rtmm-lighthouse-dryad (lighthouse object)
.....rtmm-lighthouse-east-point (lighthouse object)
.....rtmm-bldg-red-white-40-40-2s  (large square bldg at Entrance Island)
.....rtmm-lighthouse-estevan (lighthouse object)
.....rtmm-trestle-gray (in Yes Bay Scenery)

Express Update 03.22.2023 - Changes Made

Changes in this express update: There is a new PART 2 Object Library. This was created to keep Part 1 at the same size but handle the new objects being created. The Test Object library now has nothing in it but should be downloaded as though it did (it soon will have entries).

SPBs by JDL - V-3.6

.....Coffman Cove SPB - New white skeleton tower replaced old one that did not reflect light.

Lighthouses for BC (by JDL) - V3.4

.....Active Pass Lighthouse - new lighthouse object created. Changed from rocky/mud to green grass as depicted in the screenshot for this location. Added the lightkeeper's house with real details. Lighted for evening operations.

.....Addenbroke Island Lighthouse - redid this one from the ground up, the terrain was incorrect. We were lacking red/white buildings that are prevalent at lighthouse locations. So I made some new buildings we can use and put them in the next test object library. This is a pretty close match to the screenshots at Lighthouse Friends. You can see the RTMM rendition of it in the thread here.

.....Amphitrite Point Lighthouse AMLH - Made location more consistent with Google Earth overhead. No new objects were needed. Mostly changed topography.

.....Ballenes Islands Lighthouse - BIL1 - added flashing nav light to lighthouse object, changed out SABA buildings for the new red/white ones for more realism. Took out a modern helipad and made with with the apron dirt and an RTMM yellow H logo.

.....Boat Bluff Light Station - BBLS - completely redone. New base terrain and several new building objects
were created to match existing location graphics. Added stairs and walkways. Lit for evening operations. Took out the modern helipad and replaced it with an apron and a yellow H logo. Green lights were added to the helipad. This one took about 3 days of work. New Skeleton Nav Tower was added (the old one didn't reflect light). The original location placement "blew up" for some reason, and redid the whole location.

.....Brockton Point Lighthouse - BPLH - New lighthouse object. Raised peninsula as it really is with a rocky falloff. Added trees to most of the peninsula, it was barren in FS2020. Added fencing around the end of the peninsula with the stone pillar and black railing.

.....Bonilla Island LIght - Added Nav light to the light tower

.....Cape Beale Lighthouse - Created lighthouse replica (most difficult yet!). Added red/white buildings with smoke and lighting. Added trees to match the real location.

.....Cape Mudge Lighthouse - New lighthouse object. Redid the aprons, giving a large, wide rock-strewn beach. Used the new red/white buildings for lighthouses we've made. Added paths/roads between the structures and put an Alaska fishing boat at the dock.

.....Cape Scott Lighthouse - All new lighthouse object custom made for this location. The new red/white buildings replaced the "saba" buildings that were there.

.....Carmarah Point Lighthouse - added a new lighthouse object. Exchanged red/white buildings for the "pink" saba buildings. Put lighted buoys where the plane will dock on the shoreline. Added a new walkway from the helipad which is actually at the location.

.....Chatham Point Lighthouse - Added new lighthouse object. Substituted red/white buildings for the pink saba buildings. The lighthouse has a green flashing light on top of it. Moved the helipad to an easier approach from the sea.

.....Chrome Island Lighthouse - completely redone. New lighthouse object that matches actual. The island terrain adjusted to be nearly identical to the actual location. Used the new red/white buildings that fit in perfectly.

.....Discovery Island Lighthouse - New lighthouse object. I created a new object for a white house with a black roof. The terrain was critical, especially making valleys in the major poly for the walkways to cross over. This is not a "pretty" location, and surprisingly, it was more difficult to construct to keep it like the real location. I did add a pier for float planes (this is fictional).

RTMM Test Object Library - V1.8

.....Bldg red white 2 story object (for Active Pass)
.....Active Pass Lighthouse Object
.....9x6 white bldg with red roof
.....40x25 white bldg with red roof
.....rtmm-yardstick  - measurement tool to make measures inside FS2020 to apply to SketchUp
.....rtmm-bldg-red-white-L  (L-shaped residence)

Express Update 03.03.2023 - Changes Made

SPB's by JDL - V3.5
.....13Z Loring - flattened area for Misty's office, moved float plane to another side of the pier, added two RTMM boat objects (lit). Flattened hump in the water near the shore. Added red/green buoys to pier areas. Added nav and running lights to the moored fishing boat. Added smoke to two chimneys.

.....Tamgas Harbor Z43 - Moved trees away from the helipad, and moved windsock away from the helipad to make it easier to land a heli at Z43.

.....Myers Chuck (84K) - Moved trees away from the helipad, and made a couple smaller.

RTMM Lighthouses for AK - V1.5
.....Mary Island Lighthouse MALH ... moved trees and windsock away from the helipad for better access.

.....Tree Point Lighthouse (TPLH) ... fixed "bumps" at the shoreline .. moved the windsock away from the helipad

.....Guard Island Lighthouse GUAR - Made (SketchUp) a new lighthouse that better depicted the real one and added it to the location. New helicopter parking is placed on the hill near the lighthouse, circular dirt helipad was created, it has green helipad light in a cross pattern for night ops. (A good place to practice flying from the lower pad to the upper one and back). Added a new wooden helipad on the lower shoreline, that is Gate H1.

.....Point Retreat LH ... added red/green lighted buoys onto the dock area. Changed out the concrete helipad for the new wooden helipad. Lighted it with 50w green lights.

.....Sentinel Island Lighthouse - Added new Heli Logo (yellow) to the landing area. Made a new lighthouse object for Sentinal Island, lighted windows.

.....Eldrid Rock Light Station - Removed snow from helipad all else ok

.....Cape Sarichef Lighthouse - moved trees away from the lighthouse. Added "no snow" to the helipad. Added green landing lights to the helipad.

.....Scotch Cap Lighthouse - fixed helicopter pad, now a ground apron with a yellow H logo, put in a wooden dock for SPB use. Lighted helipad with green lights. No snow on heli logo. Moved windsock toward the shore between the dock and the helipad.

.....Cape Hitchenbrook Lighthouse - added wooden helipad with no snow, added beacon for the top of the lighthouse, created lighthouse object for Cape Hitchenbrook, redid terrain polygon (raised it).

.....Cape Spencer Lighthouse - Was totally re-done from the ground up. The terrain from Asobo was a low vegetative-laden island ... it is actually a rather terrifying rocky cliff-like structure just off the coast from Icy Point. It was a very dangerous shipping area. I made a new Lighthouse Object that matches the original lighthouse and an outbuilding house was also created to match the location. There are wood plank walkways from the upper area to the helipad and down to the "lift" area. there is an old crane there that pulled the materials up 150 feet to the top so the 1923 lighthouse could be built. I added a tiny dock below the crane for the SPB pilots among us.

.....Cape St. Elias Lighthouse - Created and added the Lighthouse Object that is like the real one. Changed texture at Pinnacle Rock to mud/sand. Added beacon to the lighthouse (green/white). Redid helipad, added green lights for nighttime and yellow H logo instead of a commercial pad. A new white/red 11x22 building was added. This object is fully decorated inside, ready for you to move in!

.....Fairway Island Light ... there is no lighthouse, only a simple light (now with a beacon). Added a rudimentary helipad and a wooden dock for Sea Planes. The island was about 300 feet in altitude, it is actually at sea level. I flattened it to what it should be. Added a small fishing boat (lighted) at the pier.

.....Lincoln Rock Light ... this is only a light tower with a beacon. I added a place for a helicopter to land on the nearby shoreline.

RTMM Lighthouses for BC - V3.3

.....Green Island Light GILS - Lowered north ridge, got rid of water on the cliff, flattened the helipad. Created the lighthouse object with Sketchup. Lowered smoke and added a chimney.

RTMM Test Object Library - V1.7

.....Green Island Lighthouse Object Created and added
.....Guard Island Lighthouse object created and added
.....Wooden Helipad 01 object created and added
.....Yellow and White Helipad Logos added (2)
.....Sentinel Island Lighthouse Object made and added
.....The Cape Hitchenbrook Lighthouse object was created and added
.....Cape Spencer Lighthouse Object and an outbuilding were created and added
.....Cape St Elias Lighthouse Object was created and added
.....White 11x22 building with a red roof created and added (St Elias)

Archived Change Logs


12.18.2022 - Change Log HERE
12.19.2022 - Change Log HERE
12.29.2022 - Change Log HERE
01.05.2023 - Change Log HERE
01.15.2023 - Change Log HERE
02.08.2023 - Change Log HERE
02.13.2023 - Change Log HERE
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Express Update 05.01.2023 - the changes made

Windy Things - Update for adding POW/USCG Flags to the application
.....Found on the Scenery Page, Item 4 "Windy Things" - rtmm-POW-USCG

SPBs By Jan (JJ) - v1.05
..... Jan updated all of the SPBs in this package

RTMM-AI Planes by Jan for SPBs
..... AI Planes were re-done by Jan for his SPBs (rtmm-jj-alaska-ai-plane-objects-v0.1.2) This can be found on the scenery page, manual downloads item #3.

RTMM AI Boats - v0.2.4
..... Jan updated all of the boats' names (so some boats already put into other scenery packages may be missing due to the name change).

RTMM AI Boats Traffic - v0.2.4

.....updated traffic files for the RTMM AI Boats package

Sea Otter Lodge SPB - V2.6 a fishing boat that Jan renamed

Misty's Place - V2.2
..... added flags, USA and POW to the Spud Memorial. These added using the Windy Things POW/USCG Flag update.

BC Lighthouses for RTMM - V3.7

.....Active Pass Lighthouse ... moved helipad, put in Asobo H circle. Added floating logs. Took out most of the ground cover apron and only put one around the lighthouse area. Moved the windsock nearer the helipad.

.....Addenbroke Island Lighthouse ... added some bushes to the path nearest the dock. The ground polygon for the area is at a different elevation in FS2020 than it is in the developer SDK. Changed out Asobo house for red/white house. (UPDATE: New SDK, put in stairs, added street lights, added green landing lights on the helipad. Doesn't seem to help.)

.....Lawyers Islands Light Towers (North and South) ... New object was made for these two towers that match the real towers. One is on the north end of the islands in a couple of tiny islands, the other is on the southern end of the island complex on a tiny island. There is a dock for each for the seaplane and a helipad logo for each for helicopter. The airport runway is a significant distance from either dock. It is best to locate the airport, select the northern or southern tower and land near it. No snow on the helipads. There is also a central helipad but we added a little boathouse there and a boat.

.....Langara Point Lighthouse - Moved windsock away from helipad. Put a white flasher on top of the red/white antenna (the lighthouse is not tall and the new flasher can be seen from an eastern approach better. Altered the size/height of a streetlamp near the lighthouse.

.....Lennard Island Lighthouse. Made a new lighthouse object. Changed out all of the Asobo buildings for the new red/white ones. Added a terraform poly to the main area to flatten it. No snow on the helipad. Added a navigation blinker.

.....Lucy Island Lighthouse ... I made a new object for the lighthouse that matches the original. I added green lights to the helipad, making it no snow. Did a little work on the terraform polygon to widen it and smooth the edges. Added navigation beacon blinker. Took out some trees around the helipad to make the approach easier.

.....McInnes Island Lighthouse ... new lighthouse object created ... lights put onto the helipad. Added some vegetation, and took out some aprons. Re-added the dummy navigation beacon and the rotating beacon. Moved red/white buildings to better cover their "locations" in the sim, they match perfectly now.

.....Merry Island Lighthouse - New lighthouse object with Canadian Maple Leaf. Polygons drastically changed to make this mostly a rocky place with little vegetation.

.....Nootka Lighthouse - New lighthouse object created. Put in 100 foot grounded walkways to the helipad and the dock.

.....Active Pass Lighthouse ... logo buried, wrong trees depicted, changed almond to pine

.....Addenbroke Island Lighthouse - made new lighthouse object, redid the beacon and the nav light. Deleted tall vegetation in front of the lighthouse tower, and added lower bushes.

.....Amphitrite Lighthouse ... made a new lighthouse object. Redid the terrain polys and changed some vegetation. Moved the helipad away from the house and moved the green lights for it.

.....Bonilla Island Lighthouse - Made new lighthouse object, and changed all of the "saba" buildings for the new red/white ones. Added 100' walkways where needed. Changed "altitude" of dummy beacon.

.....Brockton Point Lighthouse - The scenery location was messed up (?). I fixed everything and didn't make other changes.

.....Ballenes Islands Lighthouse ... added grass to cover the old helipad. Changed the yellow helipad logo for the white circle one from Asobo. Added a notion polygon to eliminate Asobo buildings. Added 2 "small" smoke simobjects to chimneys.

.....Boat Bluff Lighthouse ... took out white heli logo for helipad and put in asobo white circle helipad marker. The SDK asked if I wanted to "transform" the old ground polygons to the new ones, answered "yes."

.....East Point Light - added red/green lighted buoys for amphibs, moved green approach lights a little and centered the helipad parking.

.....Entrance Island Light - added 20-foot pier to dock. Prioritized blacktop apron going down to the pier. Added wooden stairs to come up from the pier.

.....Ivory Island Lighthouse - new lighthouse tower object created. Left most of the original Asobo auto-buildings in place. they are the right color and configuration for the real location. Put 2 100-foot walkways across the rocky area to the helipad. Added green lights to the helipad. Nav light was re-centered above the lighthouse.

.....Green Island Lighthouse... new lighthouse object created. Put in the walkway to the helipad, changed the helipad, and put green landing lights on it. Added Red/White buildings to exact areas where indicated by FS2020.

.....Holland Rock Lighthouse - made a lighthouse object for this. Redid the terra polygon and altered the scenery and the helipad. Made new steps coming up from the dock to the new lighthouse object.

.....Ogden Point Lighthouse - I had to GIVE UP on this one. The photogrammetry ruins anything we try to do as it overrides any elevations I try to put in. It is too bad because this lighthouse, connected to the amazing breakwater would be a great addition. But it is not now in the lineup.

.....Pachena Point Lighthouse --- new lighthouse object created. Placed Red/White buildings in the proper places.

.....Porlier Point Lighthouse ... This is now only a fiberglass tower with a flasher on it. The original little square lighthouse is in "storage" for rebuild at the museum. There is no description for the tower, so I used the Chatham Point light tower and changed the color from green to red.

.....Portlock Point Lighthouse ... new lighthouse object created. The terrain was all wrong, I started over on it. Put in the wooden walkway described on the website. There is a small dock for seaplanes and a lighted helipad.

.....Prospect Point Lighthouse - new lighthouse object created. This area looks like there has been a nearby nuclear disaster! The photogrammetry by Asobo has ruined everything within the site. The bridge is all warped, etc. I put in the lighthouse just so people could "find" it ... but this is not one of my favorite locations. I did the best I could. locations.

.....Quatsimo Lighthouse - Used the Pine Island tower (same) for a lighthouse object. Removed what I had there before. Took out the flattening polygons and used the 100-foot walkways to go over the gaps in the land (just like the real location). Redid the housing with the red/white houses we are using for this project.

.....Race Rocks Lighthouse - New Lighthouse object with a spiral staircase externally. No red/white buildings on this one, used the SABA buildings to try to match the colors.  This is one of the tallest lighthouses at 89 feet.

.....Sand Heads Light Station ... created a special object for this one. There is no place to land a helicopter, there is a "dock 1" for seaplanes. I've got the scenery set for a maintenance boat to be working on the location. I wanted this to be "more" ... but "less" is demonstrated here. This is simply a platform with an up-to-date, solar-powered weather station on it and a light for warning away ships from the very shallow water.

.....Scarlett Point Lighthouse ... Made a new lighthouse object to match the real lighthouse. Put in the RTMM red/white buildings. Created another new object "rtmm-tank-yellow" a yellow, horizontal tank that shows up at many of the lighthouses.

.....Sheringham Point Lighthouse ... made new lighthouse object with an attached utility building. Changed the terrain polygons to make the road behind the location work properly.

.....Sisters Islets Lighthouse - new lighthouse object created. Changed the "terrain" to all rock (like the real one). Added walkways. Added new yellow tank objects per location requirements.

.....Trial Islands - moved polygons around to make it more realistic.

.....Triple Islands - new lighthouse object, the most complex so far. This has a "hard" surface on the helipad. This object "lowered" by about 1.5 feet from what was "set" in SDK.  I fixed it by "eyeballing it" and raising it about 1.5 feet. In SDK, it looks "high", but in FS2020, it looks fine. (Anomalyin SDK?)

These will show up in the RTMM Object Library Part II, V1.1


There will no longer be an "RTMM Test Object Library" for the users. There will only be the "RTMM Part 1" Library that will never change, and the newer "RTMM Part 2" Library that new objects will be added to. So as of the next update, the Express Update, for Libraries, will only be updating "RTMM Part 2". And the "Test Object Library" will be "internal" only as a "sandbox" for RTMM to create things. If they are used, they will go into the Part 2 library.  All of the items you see listed above this paragraph will be placed into the Part 2 library.  So for this next update, you will only be updating "BC Lighthouses by RTMM v3.7" and "RTMM Object Library Part 2 - v1.2.
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Express Update 05.13.2023 - This is the changelog for this update

Lighthouses for AK by JDL - V1.6 =======================================

.....Cape Decision - no changes made, this is part of our Tongas Fjords Docks TF01 (Primarily a fictional layout).

.....Cape Hutchenbrook - no changes made, this already has a customized lighthouse object.

.....Cape Sarichef - Latest update from Lighthouse Friends, this now is only a skeleton tower placed upon the concrete remains of the torn-down lighthouse. With no pictures available, I used the "Holland Rock" lighthouse object for this location. All other buildings have also been torn down. The geographical area (Google Earth) is tree-free, a grassy, barren place. The updated RTMM location now depicts this.

.....Cape Spencer - No Changes - done earlier, this has the original lighthouse object and structures

.....Cape St Elias - No changes - this has an original lighthouse object and "Pinnacle Rock" is depicted as seen at the actual location.

.....Eldred Rock - New Lighthouse object created. Changed out buildings to the RTMM red/white buildings, put green lights onto the helipad. Adjusted the lighting.

.....Fairway Island - No Changes Made - this is only a modern light, the old lighthouse has been torn down.

.....Five Finger Light (TF05) - Major changes. A new lighthouse object created, rocks on shoreline replaced (some were missing textures).

.....Guard Island - No Changes Made - lighthouse previously rebuilt

.....Lincoln Rock - Was located on the wrong island. Fixed the location and totally redid the scenery. Added a new "ruins" structure that the tower was built upon. Added a new red/white diamond sign for the navigation tower.

.....Mary Island - Redid the whole location. New lighthouse object. Matched terrain with the surrounding terrain.

.....Minor Light - (Also known as Odiak Light of Cordova, AK). New lighthouse object created. This lighthouse is privately owned by the Rose Lodge (just behind it). It is only about 20 feet tall.

.....Point Retreat - New Lighthouse Object created. Changed out all of the "saba" buildings for RTMM Red/White ones. Changed out wooden helipad for grounded helipad with circle. Redid the vegetation for the point.

.....Point Sherman - No changes made. This is a simple flasher/buoy that replaced the original lighthouse.

.....Scotch Cap -  A tsunami wiped out the original lighthouse. The 1950s replacement was taken down and replaced with a "skeleton tower flashing light" in the 1970s. We moved the Skeleton Tower to higher ground, put in a helipad and dock, and connected these to the tower with a path. There is a large building above the tower, we do not know what it is. It shows up in Google Earth, so we left it in.

.....Sentinal Island -  No Changes Made - a new lighthouse object was already created for this location.

.....Tree Point - Redone from Scratch. Using Mousa Rocks as a foundation. New Lighthouse Object and a new helipad object.

Tongass Fjords Docks A - V2.5

.....TF05, Five Finger Light is controlled from the "Tongass Fjords Docks A" locations group. A new lighthouse object was created and a new building that matches the lighthouse. The whole island was redone. This uses Mousa Rocks, if people don't have that update from Asobo, they may be missing these.


.....rtmm-lighthouse-five (small adjacent bldg for 5 finger)
.....rtmm-bldg-square-flatroof-12-12 (for 5 Finger Light)
.....rtmm-stairs-wooden-long (updated, took out man guide size object, retained GUIDnumber)

Annette Island Facilities ... V1.0 (New)

.....Annette Fish Hatchery ... Colored in the hatchery ponds, re-edged the shoreline and added grassy areas. Also worked on the extension about 5 miles up the coast.

.....Unknown ... there is an interesting complex on the northeast side of the island. We cannot figure out exactly what it is, but it is well-defined in Google Earth. If you know what this is, let us know, also send documentation.

.....Marine Highway Terminal ... this is for the ferry boat that arrives at PANT. We've put in the ferry, the highway leading to the marine terminal, and the terminal itself.

George Inlet Lodge and Cannery - V1.2

.....George Inlet Lodge - helipad landing created on the dock.
.....George Inlet Cannery - helipad added to back lot.
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Express Update (06.05.2023)
The following fixes will be found in this Express Update

NOTAM: Asobo has changed the ground and water polygons causing havoc with many of the RTMM locations. I am going through each location and correcting these as I find them. The polygons now are called Terraformers by Asobo, so I'm "converting the terraformers".  I'm also adding HF (helicopter-friendly) landing spots near cabins that have a flat, open area. "HF" will be found after the name of the location on the Waypoints page (Navigation).

Group 3 Admiralty Cabins Group v2.4 - (There is no group 2)

.....Admiralty Cove Cabin ... HF ... terraformers converted.

.....Big Shaheen Cabin ... HF ... terraformers converted, all polygons deleted, started over using aprons for ground cover instead of polygons.  Changed "M" smoke to "S".

..... Church Bight Cabin ... terraformers converted, some vegetation polys were altered.

..... Distin Lake Cabin ... terraformers converted

..... Sportsman's Lake Cabin ... terraformers converted, "M" smoke changed to "S".

..... E Florence Lake Cabin ... HF ... terraformers converted, "M" smoke changed to "S", water apron added to better define shoreline, added more sandstone shoreline apron.

..... Hasselborg Creek Cabin ... Changed smoke M with Smoke S ... terraformers converted, "water" type is selected as "water" not "lake".

..... Jim's Lake Cabin ... Terraformers converted, "water" used for polygon description (not lake).

..... Little Shaheen Cabin ... no changes made

..... Pybus Bay Cabin ... terraforms converted

..... N Young Lake Cabin ... terraforms converted

..... S Young Lake Cabin ... terraforms converted, HF pad added

USFS Cabins Group 1 - Ketchikan V2.5

NOTAM: Asobo changed the polygons and many locations must be "converted", this sometimes changes the topography and adjustments are necessary. Where there is an "open area" nearby a cabin, I'm putting in a rounded (dark sand) helicopter landing area. I'm giving it an "H" gate title so you can start from there. These are "close by" but not adjacent to the cabins, some are a good hike away.  Where there are no open areas (Anchor Pass Cabin), no heli landing is put into the location. On the WayPoint page, you can see "HF" after the name of the cabin indicating there is a nearby landing place for a helicopter.

.....Alava Bay now "HF" (heli friendly)

.....Bakewell Lake Cabin... polygons changed, deleted trees in front of cabin, opened area from trees.

.....Big Goat Lake now "HF" added landing site to left of the cabin. Asobo Polygons were converted.

.....Blind Pass Cabin - Polygons were converted

.....Ella Narrows - polygons converted, added trees in black areas, left a spot for a heli parking spot now HF.

.....Checats Lake - polygons updated - small helipad added "HF"

.....Fish Creek Cabin - polygons updated - no room for helipad

.....Heckman Lake N (Hatchery) floating helipad added (HF) - polygons converted. Docks were connected to S Heckman Cabin, fixed.

.....S. Heckman Lake ... polygons converted, docks renamed correctly

.....N. Heckman Lake ... polygons converted. Added sandstone apron for a shoreline.

.....Jordan Lake Cabin - 80% of this lake is actually missing in FS2020. When the polygons converted, it all "broke". I rebuilt the lake and the point upon which the cabin resides.

.....Manzanita Lake Cabin - HF Friendly, new parking spot for heli created.  Polygons converted.

.....McDonald Lake ... polygons converted. Made the "docking" area HF.

.....Patching Lake Cabin ... polygons converted, lake redone, shoreline apron redone. Added vegetation.

.....Phocena Bay Cabin ... polygons converted, made "material" "LAKE" for the water polygon.

.....Plenty Cutthroat Cabin ... polygons converted, made material "LAKE" (no water in lake before)

.....Reflection Lake Cabin ... Converted polygons, redid apron, lake water was not there

.....Wilson Narrows Cabin ... polygons converted. Vegitation moved away from cabin, trees were on top. Changed to "S" smoke from "M".

.....Wilson View Cabin ... Added HF pad ... moved some vegetation. Polygons were converted.

..... Winstanley Island ... changed to "S" smoke simobject ... converted polygons ... added HF landing zone

..... Winstanley Lake ... polygons converted, nothing else done.

SilverKing Lodge - v1.3

.....Silverking Lodge, the water exclude polygons were changed by Asobo, so the terrain and water polys were redone.

SPBs for RTMM by JDL - V3.7

.....Metlatkatla SPB .. A Coast Guard work ship docks here. I moved a float plane toward the "inside" of the location to make better room for the AI ship. The helipad was off the ground and the green helipad lights were above the pad. A small flatten poly was put in under the helipad, the lights were repositioned as was the pad.

.....Tamgass Harbor SPB ... The water exclusion poly was updated by Asobo which ruined the location. This was all redone with new terra polygons and aprons.

.....Hollis SPB .. HYL Raise the front two helipad nav lights to the surface. Put grass in the area where there was none. Bridge elements made seamless.

.....PAWC Klawock - Took out the helipad that was impossible to land upon (near a building) and added the RTMM platform and the yellow logo helipad sign. Moved the heli start to match this.

.....Craig CGA SPB - Put in fuel storage tanks where Asobo had placed buildings. Took out some vegetation that looked "flowered" (doubtful in this area). Put in the new dock near the large auto-generated building. Changed out the helipad and added the green lights.

Yes Bay Lodge - V1.2 landing lights on the helipad were above the surface, moved them down to the surface of the helipad.

Tongass Fjords Docks A - V2.6

.....Edna Bay Dock TF04 - There is another "dockage" and residential area to the right of the complex that shows well on Google Earth and is "ghost-defined" on the water with FS2020. I added the dockage and removed trees around the residential housing so they could be viewed. I put no helipad or "dock" there.

Tongass Fjords Docks B - v2.5

.....View Cove Dock TF18 ... "Lois Lane" was walking onto the helipad, fixed that. The "old dock" had huge pilings that interfered with landing the heli. I replaced that with the new RTMM hard platform and put the helipad on top of it with the green lights.

RTMM Objects Library Part II - V1.3

.....rtmm-pier-floating-raft  (a hard surfaced "raft" that can be placed just offshore of a cabin for helicopter usage. Or with the "pier" connection, can connect with a short pier (or more) to the beach.
.....rtmm-pier-floating-pier (this is the pier connector to the beach)

AI Traffic Enhancements - Boats zip
..... A boat was left out of the lineup. This adds the missing boat. Enhancements page, AI Traffic and Boats the boat zip.
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06.07.2023 - Express Update

Craig District Cabins Group 3 - V2.4

..... Honker Lake Cabin ... terraforms converted, "S" smoke replaced "M" smoke
..... Kegan Cove ... terraforms converted ... water poly and "blue water" apron replaced.
..... Kegan Creek Cabin ... This location uses the Kegan Cove polygons
..... Point Amagura ... terraformers converted, no other changes.
..... Polk Camp ... HF - helipad area added ...Terraformers converted, deleted, and remade the main water poly (Lake)
..... Salmon Lake Cabin (Karta) - terraformers converted, water polys changed to "LAKE". A flatten poly was placed near the center.
..... Sarker Lake Cabin ... "M" smoke replaced by "S" ... terraformers converted
..... Shipley Bay Cabin ... HF - terraformers converted, blue water apron added. Pier and stairs shifted to center on the new floating raft for helicopter ops
..... Stanley Creek Cabin ... HF pad added - "M" smoke replaced by "S" ... converted terraformers ... made kind of water "lake" and "pond"
..... Sweetwater Lake Cabin ... HF added pad ... no other changes
..... Trollers Cove Cabin ... Veg Exclude poly around the cabin to keep trees off the cabin ... "M" smoke replaced with "S"

Juneau District - Group 6 - v2.4

..... Berners Bay Cabin ... terraformers converted ... huge, towering anomalies found about 3 miles from the cabin. These were all "flattened".  HF now with helipad area added.
..... Dan Moller Cabin ... HF Added ... windsock moved, terraformers converted.
..... Eagle Glacier Cabin ... terraformers converted ... M smoke changed to S
..... East Turner Lake Cabin ... terraformers converted ... M smoke changed to S
..... West Turner Lake Cabin ... terraformers converted, deleted water polygon altered another all ok.
..... John Muir Cabin ... already HF ... made apron, converted terraformers
..... Katzehin River Cabin ...  added HF pad ... converted terraformers
..... Laughton Glacier Cabin ... converted terraformers ... added apron for (already) HF pad
..... Peterson Lake Cabin ... converted terraformers, redid water poly for the whole lake (it was in two levels), repositioned the cabin lowering it 30 feet, and repositioned the water runway. Added HF pad and apron.
..... Taku Glacier Cabin ... converted terraformers. Changed M smoke for S. Added HF pad and H1 Gate.
..... Windmill Lake Cabin ... converted Terraformers ... no other changes.
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Express Update (06.17.2023)

NOTAM: The Chugach Ranger District Group 5 was not previously added to RTMM. This update adds all of those cabins.  Each new location has its own unique ICAO.

Chugach Ranger District Group 5 - v2.0

..... Aspen Flats Cabin ... ASPN ... added HF Pad ... converted Terraforms (this was already built) ... added correct Managed by sign (most cabins have a "Tongas Forest" designation sign, I've changed those.
..... Barber Cabin ... BAR1 ... actual bldg in MSFS, notin'd it and added RTMM cabin Moved airport name closer to the cabin. Added Mooring ball.
..... Beach River Cabin ... BEA1 ... HF Pad ... had to add water polys, buoys and dock ... moved airport name closer to the cabin.
..... Caribou Creek Cabin ... CCR1 ... HF Pad ... no runway, difficult to find in mountains. Changed area name to "Chugach" ... Changed managed by sign  ... renamed "Chugach"
..... Coghill Lake Cabin... CHL1 ... HF Pad ... dock and pad, A-Frame cabin ...added managed by signage, changed area name to "Chugach"
..... Crescent Lake Cabin ... CRL1 ... HF Pad ... dock and heli
..... Crow Pass Cabin ... CRP1 ... HF Pad ... A-Frame cabin, heli only *
..... Dale Clemens Cabin ... DCL1 ... HF Pad ... Penebode Cabin, heli only
..... Devils Pass Cabin ... DVL1 ... HF Pad ... Large Cabin, heli only
..... Double Bay Cabin ... DBC1 ... dock only
..... East Creek Cabin ... ECC1 ... HF Pad ... built pad on a sand bar, heli only
..... Fox Creek Cabin ... FFC1 ... HF Pad ... all alone out on the side of the mountain
..... Goose Bay Cabin ... GBC1 ... Dock Only ... A-Frame on Goose Bay
..... Granite Creek Campground ... GCC1 ... Heli Only ... 19 campsites and cabins on a circular road
..... Green Island Cabin ... GIC1 ... Heli and Dock ... Water had to be added around all islands and peninsulas, about 12 water polygons. This is wheelchair friendly with a long ramp to the dock.
..... Harrison Lagoon Cabin ... HLC1 ... heli and Dock ... redid all shorelines with water and terra polys.
..... Hook Point Cabin ... HPC1 ... heli and dock ... small A-Frame challenging to spot.
..... Jack Bay Cabin ... JBC1 ... heli and dock ... pretty setting, the helipad is on a sandbar about 2 miles east along the shoreline, there is a boat to get back and forth to/from the cabin to the helipad.
..... Juneau Lake Cabin ... JLC1 ... dock only ... watch out for the bear!
..... Log Jam Bay Cabin ... LJB1 ... dock and heli HF ... Midway on the trail between Ocean and Shrimp Lake.
..... Lower Paradise Lake Cabin ... LPL1 ... dock and HF heli ... barren area
..... Martin Lake Cabin ... MLC1 ... MLC1 ... dock and HF heli ... no lake, irregular shoreline, etc. Created lake and new shoreline. Turned out to be a very interesting and pretty location.
..... McKinley Lake Cabin ... MLC2 ... Dock only ... put a cabin on the platform as in real life.
..... Nellie Martin River Cabin ... NMR1 ... Dock only, very complex terrain/river area
..... Paulson Bay Cabin ... PBC1 - Dock Only, complex terrain and water polygons added
..... Pigot Bay Cabin ... PBC2 ... dock only, A-Frame cabin along a bay's shoreline
..... Port Chalmers Cabin ... PCC1 ... dock and HF Heli - VERY difficult water/terrain (hours!)
..... Power Creek Cabin ... PCC2 ... HF Heli only - on slough coming from a glacier ... large cabin
..... Romig Cabin ... RCA1 ... Dock and HF Heli ... one of two cabins on Juneau Lake
..... San Juan Bay Cabin ... Parking, Dock and HF Heli ... land runway, and water runway, the trail leads 1/2 mile away from landing place (over the bridge) through the woods to the cabin.
..... Shelter Bay Cabin ...SBC1 ... Dock and HF Heli
..... Shrode Lake Cabin ... SLC1 ... Dock and HF Heli  (A-Frame)
..... Softuk Bar Cabin ... SOFT ... Parking (Land) and Heli ... Land Runway (tundra)
..... Swan Lake Cabin ... SWA1 ... Dock and HF Heli ... very "narrow" airport runway
..... Tiedeman Slough Cabin ... TSC1... Dock and HF Heli ... basically on an island, inland. There is a path going to the location.
..... Trout Lake Cabin ... TLC1 ... Dock and HF Heli ... a large cabin. It is a 7-mile hike to it, sleeps 8 comfortably, and has many amenities.
..... Upper Paradise Lake Cabin ... UPL1 ... dock  and HF Heli
..... Upper Russian River Cabin ... URR1...
..... West Swan Lake Cabin... SWA2 ... probably the 2nd most beautiful view from the front of the cabin down the lake. * This only has a dock.

* Sitting on the bench in front of Crow Pass Cabin, this is probably the most spectacular view in RTMM. Another beautiful view is looking down the lake from West Swan Lake Cabin.

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EXPRESS UPDATE (06.23.2023)

NOTAM: all locations are being updated because of the damage done by the Asobo update of the ground and water polygons.

Express Update Summary:

SPBs by Doug - V3.8
Chugach Cabin Group 5 - V2.1
Petersburg Ranger District Group 7 - V2.4
Thorne Bay Ranger District Group 8 - V2.4
Wrangell Ranger District Group 9 - V2.4
Hoonah  Ranger District Group 10 - V2.4
Yukatat Ranger District Group 11 -
Sitka Ranger District Group 12 - V2.4

SPB's by Doug - V3.8

SPB's by Doug ... the manifest.json file had a typo in it causing disruption. The typo was fixed and v3.8 is the new version with that correction.

Chugach Cabin Group 5 - V2.1

Lower Paradise Lake Cabin ... the topology was all wrong, the lake was raised at the "lower" end. I had to redo all of the terraform polys and make a new apron for the lake.  The smoke was changed from M to S on the cabin. Ruinway was 180 off, fixed that.

Crescent Lake Cabin ... the Runway was "North/Northeast" ... fixed it to North/South

Trout Lake Cabin ... changed M to S smoke ... added a deciduous tree to lower left area.

Swan Lake Cabin ... an island on the western end of the lake was "sunken" by about 5 feet. That is now level with the lake.

Harrison Lagoon Cabin ... the water polygons were all messed up again. I flattened the shorelines making a beach area along most of it. Then I put a "WATER" poly over the dark areas that Asobo gives us on coastlines.

Tiedeman Slough Cabin ... there was a white "barrier" across the major inlet to this area. I tried to take it out using a water polygon and WATER type.

Upper Russian Lake - runway was NW/NE ... put in a new runway that is NW/SE

Petersburg Ranger District - USFS Group 7 - V2.4

Beecher Pass Cabin ... Was over-run with water. Redid all the polygons, the water-exclude poly still is not working, I created the location "around" the water that was there (that I cannot remove).

Big John Bay Cabin ... moved the dock position forward so the aircraft will start at the dock. All else is ok.

Brieland Slough Cabin ... Did OCEAN water exclude and took out covering water. Changed cabin smoke from M to S.

Cascade Creek Cabin ... Converted terraformers, deleted all "water" polymers. Did LAKE water exclude for the cabin area and OCEAN water exclude for the beach. It all worked. Changed "M" to "S" Smoke

Castle Flats Cabin ... Changed "M" to "S" smoke. Converted terraformers, deleted 1 water exclude. Put in an OCEAN exclude, but it left a lake. Tried to remove the lake with a "LAKE" exclude, nothing happened. The "lake" behind the cabin comes and goes.

Castle River ... Converted other changes made.

Deboer Lake ... Converted terraformers (water poly was for the whole lake). No changes are needed.

Devils Elbow ... Converted terraformers. No other changes were necessary.

Harvey Lake ... Nothing to convert, everything is ok.

Kadake Bay ... Converted terraformers. No other changes were necessary.

Kah Sheets Bay ... Converted terraformers. No other changes were necessary.

Kah Sheets Lake ... Converted terraformers. No other changes are needed.

Petersburg Lake ... Converted terraformers. No other changes are needed.

Portage Bay ... Added HF pad (helicopter friendly) on sandbar to left of cabin 1 mile.

Ravens Roost ... No terraformers to convert. No other changes are needed.

Salt Chuck East ... Added HF pad ... converted terraformers. No other changes.

Spurt Cove ... Converted terraformers. No other changes.

Swan Lake ... Aded HF Pad ... converted terraformers. No other changes.

Towers Arm ... Added HF Pad ... converted terraformers, added RIVER polygon to the cabin.

West Point ... Added HF Pad ... no terraformers to convert.

Thorne Bay Ranger District - Group  USFS8 V2.4

Barnes Lake ... Terraformers converted - HF Pad added

Black Bear ... Terraformers converted - HF Pad Added

Control Lake ... Terraformers converted - HF Pad Added
Josephine Lake ... Terraformers converted

Karta Lake ... Terraformers converted

Karta River ... Terraformers converted

Red Bay Lake ... Terraformers converted

Salmon Bay Cabin ... Terraformers converted
Twelvemile Cabin ... Terraformers converted - HF Pad added


Wrangel Ranger District Cabins - USFS9  Group 9 - Version 2.4

Anan Bay ... Converted terraformers, took out all 3 water polygons, replaced with one OCEAN exclude. Added 3 Veg Exclude polys over the mud/rock shorelines. Exchanged "S" for "M" Smoke.

Anan Lake ... Converted terraformers, took out one water exclude, and replaced with one LAKE water exclude. Exchanged "S" for "M" smoke.

Berg Bay ... Converted terraformers. Took out 3 water polys and replaced them with one LAKE water poly, adjusted the sandbar to the right of the cabin, changed out "S" for "M" smoke, and added HF Pad.

Deep Bay ... Converted terraformers. Replaced 3 "M" smokes with "S". Changed asphalt roads (2) aprons from asphalt to sandstone, changed the color to match the other road. Increased the shoreline apron about a mile to the left of the complex. Put in HF pad at dock area.

Eagle Lake ... Converted terraformers. Replaced "M" smoke with "S".

Frosty Bay ... Converted terraformers, and deleted all polygons, water, and terra. Put new LAKE water poly on the whole section, added a duplicate terraform with 200 expansion, then added a WATER apron and matched the color for the bay. Extended the shoreline in both directions with the sandstone apron. Changed "S" smoke from "M". This had a high cliff all around the bay, and the shorelines were "ruler straight".

Garnet Ledge ... Converted terraformers. There were 6 water polys, all were discarded. Added a single OCEAN exclude water poly to replace them. Added HF pad. Redid water streams coming to beach. Changed out "M" smoke for "S".

Gut Island 1 ... HF Pad Added ... converted terraformers. Both Gut Island 1 and 2 are BADLY done in MSFS with a "break" right across the scenery. The "river" was empty, I filled it, but not all of the associated tributaries around it.

Gut Island 2 ... HF Pad Added ... converted terraformers. See above.

Harding River ... HF Pad Added ... converted terraformers. Exchanged "S" for "M" smoke.

Koknuk ... HF Pad Added ... no terraformers to convert. Exchanged "S" for "M" smoke.

Little Dry Island ... HF Pad added ... converted terraformers. Exchanged "S" for "M" smoke.

Mallard Slough ... HF Pad added ... converted terraformers. Exchanged "S" for "M" smoke

Marten Lake ... Changed "S" for "M" smoke.

Middle Ridge ... Changed terraformers, changed water poly to "WATER" Added HF Pad.

Mount Flemer ... Changed "S" for "M" smoke. Converted terraformers.

Mount Rynda ...Converted terraformers ... changed "S" for "M" smoke. Took out terra and water polygons, for water exclude, I used OCEAN (the only one that would work, even tho this is a lake).

Sergief Island ...

Shakes Slough 1 ... Added HF Pad ... converted terraformers, exchanged S for M smoke.

Shakes Slough 2 ... Added HF Pad ... converted terraformers, exchanged S for M smoke.

Steamer Bay ... Converted terraformers, exchanged "S" for "M" smoke, redid water, and terra polygons for the whole area.

Twin Lakes ... No conversions necessary, exchanged "S" for "M" smoke. Changed water poly from LAKE to OCEAN (???).

Virginia Lake ... Converted Terraformers, no change made on water polygon.

Hoonah Ranger District - USFS Cabins - Group USFS10 - V2.4

Bohemia Basin ... HF Pad added ... converted terraformers

Eight Fathom ... converted terraformers ... took out all terra and water polys. Added new ones using "OCEAN" exclude for the water. Changed "M" for "S" smoke. Added Canoe, altered shoreline.

Greentop ... Converted terraformers .. took out 2 terra polys and replaced them with new ones
Kennel Creek ... Converted terraformers. Deleted on water poly.

Pinta Cove ... HF Pad Added ... "M" replaced by "S" smoke on the campfire

Yakutat District Cabins - USFS Cabins - Group USFS11 V2.4

Alsek River ... Added HF Pad - changed out "M" for "S" smoke

Harlequin Lake N/S ... Added Flatten on river under bridge and around the corner...Changed "M" for "S" smoke

Italio River ... Added HF Pad ... changed "M" for "S" smoke

Middle Dangerous River ... Added HF Pad

Raven Eagle A68 ...  Added HF Pad

Situk Lake ... Added "S" Smoke and a campfire, moved chairs from under the tree
Tanis Mesa N/S ... Changed M smoke for S. Added HF Pad near the airport.

Sitka Ranger District - USFS Group 12 - V2.4

Allan Point ...HF Added ... terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

Appleton Cove ... HF Added ... terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

Avoss Lake ... HF Added ... terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

Baranof Lake ... Terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S, all polygons are "OCEAN"

Brents Beach ... HF Added ... terraformers converted ... apron adjusted, smoke changed from M to S.

Davidof Lake ... Terraformers converted, the smoke changed from M to S ... shoreline apron adjusted.

Freds Creek ... HF Added ... terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S, water polys changed from WATER to OCEAN

Goulding Lake ... Terrarormers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

Kanga Bay ...  Terraformers converted ... all water polys are OCEAN ... smoke changed from M to S

Kook Lake ... Terraformers converted - big change ... changed smoke from M to S

Lake Eva ... HF Added ... Terraformers converted ...

Moser Island ... HF Added ... apron around the pier was color-adjusted to better blend with the lake. M smoke changed to S.

North Beach ... HF Added ... terraformers converted .. smoke changed from M to S.

Piper Island ... HF Added ... airport name changed from "Piper Island Airport" to Piper Island Cabin". The smoke changed from M to S. Water polys all OCEAN.

Plotnikof Lake ... HF Added ... smoke changed from M to S ... water polys changed to WATER for the exclude water polys to work.

Salmon Lake ... Terraformers converted. the smoke changed from M to S.

Samsing Cove ... Terraformers converted. The smoke was changed from M to S.

Seven Fathom ...   HF Added ... terraformers converted

Sitkoh Lake East ... Terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

Sitkoh Lake West ... Terraformers converted ... flatten poly put onto lake (ripples), smoke was S. Changed water poly set to LAKE (ocean didn't work).

Starrigavan Creek ... terraformers converted ... water poly changed from WATER to OCEAN. Smoke changed from M to S.

Suloia Lake ... terraformers converted ... smoke changed from M to S

White Sulphur Springs ... HF Added ... Smoke Changed from M to S

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« Reply #7 on: June 20, 2023, 05:42:01 PM »
Express Update 09.28.23  Addition of the Stikine Glacier Icestations

Karl-Heinz Klotz (KAHA) has made his first contribution to RTMM. He has re-created the wonderful Stikine Glacier Icestations.  There are 11 stations in the set.  These are included in the new Express Update of 09.28.2023 that you can download from the RTMM Home Page for FS2020.

Although these are "fictional," we decided they should be added because they are or could be temporary. Karl has created them with that sort of "temporary" look about them.  His work comes with a fine readme that includes information on the ice stations and a map for finding them. Also in the zip, you will find a folder for the NDBs for each of them. So you can once again put your ADF to work and use that instrument to see the ice stations.

If you add real weather to this set of ice stations, you will have your hands full trying to find them and land safely upon them. We recommend a ski-equipped STOL-type aircraft for the safest usage of these.

Please join me in thanking Karl for a job well done and for a fine contribution to RTMM's ever-expanding gallery of special places for you to use in FS2020.  Thank you Karl!
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« Reply #8 on: September 27, 2023, 05:53:35 PM »
Express Update 09.29.2023 - Chugach Airfields

The following airfields have been enhanced in the Chugach area. We used Tundra Pilot to try to find the airfields. If we could not locate one in FS2020, we skipped it.  All airfields have snow markers at the edges of the runway (cones with hats) so you can find them when there is snow on the ground.  Some airfields are 300 feet or less ... I designate such a runway length as a "crash site" and so extended those runways to at least 500-600 feet. Otherwise, all else is authentic. You will need a ski-equipped STOL-type plane to land on these short, often snow-covered, runways. Here are the airfields we enhanced:

CH01 - Shelby Strip
CH02 - Bridge Bar
CH03 - Wasillabilly
CH04 - Wolf Point
CH05 - Middleway
Ch06 - Big Timber Creek
CH07 - Lake Fork
CH08 - Picnic Strip
CH09 - Mid Glacier Fork
CH10 - Grasshopper
CH11 - Beaver Pond
CH12 - Mud Strip
Ch13 - Sister Strip
Ch14 - Overbank
CH15 - Troublesome Creek
CH16 - Crossway
CH17 - Green Bar
CH18 - Monodnock
CH19 - Glacier Lake
CH20 - Skyfall
CH21 - Red Bull
CH22 - Tarn
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« Reply #9 on: September 27, 2023, 05:57:09 PM »
Next Express Update will include these listed below, they are already changed on the SCENERY Page

The Stikine Glacier Icefields Locations have been added to the Navigation Page, all under "STxx"
There is a new POI1.txt  for the FS Starter that will have both Chugach airfields and Stikine Glacier Icefields included.

09.29.23- Chugach Airstrips - V1.1 ... Updated the Bridge Bar Airstrip
09.30.23 - Left out the Version Number on the manifest.json  ... all the same, the version is v1.1

10.06.23 - Updated Annette Island Facilities now v1.1 - Fish Hatchery, the textures had changed for the
                ponds. All of those textures were redone.
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