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RTMM WayPoint Project
« on: May 26, 2020, 03:13:28 PM »
RTMM WayPoints Program:

You can now "preload" your aircraft's GPS with every RTMM location.  (The USFS cabins will be added next). The "load" can be downloaded from the scenery page at the top or by using the Zip button under "R" on the scenery page. There is a pdf that gives instructions for the usage of the program. A great deal of work was done on the Location Information table (On the Here2There Page/Location Information Button). Many locations had not yet been added, and many sub-locations were not on the table. They are all there now in alphabetical order. Each location has an "R-Number" or WayPoint. You decide what location you want to fly to, look it up on the table, enter the "R-Number" into the GPS and you will have a direct route to that location.  There is a new thread on the forum (Discussion are), where you can discuss the program.