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Misty Flying Club - Comms and Group Multi-clients
« on: January 24, 2020, 06:07:44 PM »
Comms: (Voice Communication)


We do have our own voice and text server on Discord for MFC/RTMM and plenty of Voice rooms as well as informational text rooms, photo rooms, MFC tour releases and help rooms/text and voice for any who may want to fly together in a group environment. Discord 's text rooms have direct drag & drop capability form small files to photos etc as well as multiple voice rooms for group comms plus capability for person to person calls etc.

Discord Application (Comms):     
(There is a software version or browser version but software version preferred/better)

MFC Discord Server address (Comms):
(I have set up multiple text rooms, multiple posting channels, help channels as well as several voice channels for group flying comms)


Referring to the above, some prefer Teamspeak (TS3) over Discord or for whatever reason cannot run Discord. So recently (2020) have set up a MFC-RTMM voice room on TS3 - under the TS3 digital theme Park server: 

To get to the MFC-RTMM TS3 Comms voice room: Install TS3, Go to Manage Bookmarks> Add bookmark >
Bookmark Name: MFC-RTMM Group Flights, Server Nickname or Address: and click Apply to save the book mark. Then run it.

First time use on this digital theme park server: you will be in the Welcome room and an Staff/Admin will give you security for the digital theme park TS3 server. Once done (it only takes a moment), in TS3 navigate to:  Flight Division > Aviation Groups & Clubs > WFT We Fly Together and voice room: MFC-RTMM Group Flights MFC-RTMM.  Any in this room are voice connected. Server 24/7.


Multi-Clients for group flights

To run Group Flights you also require a Multi-Client is required. This joins most sims FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1-2-3-4 and X-plane to a universal network for group flying.

There are two good multi-clients out there. (There is also vatsim/vpilot but that network is not really used for VFR bush flying).

1. FSCloud (Multi-Sim Client):  Install when the sim is running and Done. (Can be used to tune aircraft radio channels for Radio Comms and has it's own map system).  Run to connect and you're on the FSCloud network.

2. JoinFS (Multi-Sim Client Alternate):  Install then set a bookmark to access the Digital Thempark Server*  (server =  Start JoinFS, navigate to the by use of the bookmark and you're on the JoinFS network.

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