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AI Lights Reborn Professional Edition
« on: October 23, 2019, 12:33:17 AM »
I have installed this program and been checking things out.
Thought everything was working great until I noticed that the boat wakes on all the tongass and halibut cove boats somehow got screwed up and are not working correctly.

Not absolutely sure it was caused by the lights program - but that was the only thing I have done/changed.
So be cautious if you want to give it a try.

OK, I finally tracked it down to a feature of the Professional version that allows you to select between Default P3D, UHD, and 4K optimization.
When you select 4K ( I have a 4K screen) it completely borks the wakes on the older Tongass boats and the Halibut Cove boats.
Don't know if there is a solution to the 4K problem, but reverting back to Default P3D fixed it.
Don't want to talk about how long it took me to figure this one out  >:(

Further Update:

Reply from Simbol, the Reborn author:

 It means they have declared their wake effects as LIGHTS. Also check if their category is boat and no airplanes, have seem that before.

Not much I can do to help here.. Since P3D 4.5 all effects declared as lights will be treated differently by the GPU card. What my setting does is take advantage of this and use it to scale lights more close to real world operations.

If this really bothers you, you can use AILRP with the default P3D scaling algorithms. That is why the setting is there for.

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