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Refresh 2019 Notes
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:50:54 AM »
I wanted to briefly state why this refresh campaign is happening. And if you've read this before, it's just a re-affirmation then. As you may or may not know, one of our staff passed away last year. Guy "Spud" Maricich helped out with Quality Control and forum support mainly but he had a motto which he liked to use:"KISS", which stood for "Keep it Simple Stupid"

I met Spud in Pensacola FL back about 2014 and we discussed the state of RTMM and where things were going in the hobby and we were happy that FSX was still usable and that P3D would be a good way for the platform to stay viable into the foreseeable future.

Spud said to me that while he was happy with all the progress that RTMM had made, we needed to go back in to our library and start updating our offerings because of the confusing directions that were used in the readme instructions on things like objects required, etc. So I promised him that I would work with Doug on making those updates happen.

Well one thing lead to another as the old saying goes and nothing was updated. When Spud passed away, I dedicated my focus on making that promise come to fruition here at RTMM. So that's why this is being implemented.

 What is the timeline for all of this to be completed? Sometime in the not too distant future. It'll get done when it get's done. There's a lot of things to go through. A lot of text to edit and update. So please be patient and help us out when you can. Like Doug said, If you find something you believe needs updating,  let us know and we'll add it to our list.

 I'm going through the library of scenery and working on my locations. I've added snowbanks, made tree adjustments in placement and scale and even removed items that shouldn't be outside in wintertime, etc. Little things like that. Changing things like objects, adding some new ones maybe or changing some of the seasonal enhancements. Of course updating the documentation inside. Doug will be doing the same thing for his and other contributors will be asked to go in and do this for their scenery. Even if its just an update to the readme,txt file, these things need to be done.

  With the highlight icons that Doug created, the red exclamation point and green check mark, it's easy to find out what might have some new things to see at those locations.

I hope you stay up to date here at RTMM and we're making an effort to keep that in effect. We're here for the long haul at Misty's Place. Thanks for going along on the ride.

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