Author Topic: Alaska Adventures VA Presents: Doug's Hawaii EFMM - April 24, 2017  (Read 1548 times)


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Alaska Adventures VA Presents: Doug's Hawaii EFMM - April 24, 2017

In conjunction with Doug’s Hawaii project: EFMM – Escape from Misty Moorings, a getaway from our normal territory comes to Alaska Adventures VA as a new flying excursion – Opens April 24, 2017.

We don’t get out of out of our normal flying areas very much, alike RTMM, but a change is a good as a rest, they say!.

Doug has spent many hours on his personal project and as he has designed and developed his own locations or intersections within all the photoreal and other addon scenery pieces, and thought it would be fitting to take a getaway into Doug’s EFMM and fully explore his “Hawaii”. (Brad get well soon! so you can go on a bit of an Aloha rampage too!)

There are 20 POI filled flight legs of this EFMM excursion which explores the Islands in detail and all of the the many POI or intersections that Doug has created are featured. This excursion includes all of the POI/Intersections to date: up to April 12, 2017 with location HIA20–Lava into the Sea and will continue to incorporate new Hawaii POI locations into the excursion "on the fly" as they are developed.   

A special thank-you to you Doug for all your efforts and sharing your personal project with all of us - and to the team here at RTMM for your ongoing contributions. 

Again all are welcome to come and explore this AKA getaway excursion into “Doug’s Hawaii”: EFMM scheduled for opening at Alaska Adventures VA on April 24, 2017. 

Alaska Adventures VA:

Norm Richards AKA995
Alaska Adventures VA - Flight Director
RTMM Partner/Supporter/User

(ps: This getaway trip is a secret at AKA until Monday so to those RTMM pilots who are also members at AKA VA. shhhh until Monday.. Thanks)
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Re: Alaska Adventures VA Presents: Doug's Hawaii EFMM - April 24, 2017
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Thank you Doug and Norm.