Author Topic: Alaska Adventure VA Presents:RTMM's BWEP Richardson Hwy - March 20, 2017  (Read 2640 times)


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In conjunction with RTMM: RTMM's Blue Wave Energy Partners (BWEP): Exploration into the second section of the BWEP: Richardson Highway, comes to Alaska Adventures VA as a flying challenge and opens March 20, 2017.

The planned aircraft for this second exploration trip: Low and slow single engine prop (non-turbo) fixed wing: DHC-2 Beaver, Maule M7, C185, or C206: and perhaps you might want to add ski-wheel or tundra wheels if you are running winter season. These make great aircraft to use in this exploration tour. There are AKA liveries on the Alaska Adventures site and additionally on the RTMM BWEP page, RTMM’s Klaus Tröppner has also created some great BWEP repaints for these designated aircraft.

You can also use helicopters to explore if you wish: specifically helicopters operated by the BWEP: refer to Klaus Tröppner’s Helicopter repaints: These include BWEP liveries of the following models that you can fly in this tour: Erickson S64, Bell212, Bell412, AS332, Bell 206, Bell 222 or the MD530.

RTMM BWEP Repaints Link:

Thank-you to the team at RTMM for creating these BWEP add-on scenery packages and the other many other associated enhancements. They will be featured at Alaska Adventures VA as RTMM BWEP exploration tours.

Again all are welcome to come and enjoy this second Blue Wave Energy Partners Exploration trip at Alaska Adventures VA: scheduled for opening on March 20, 2017.

Alaska Adventures VA:

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Thank you



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 8)  Thank you, Norm.   8)

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