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TWITCH 2017! (Doug's back online!)
« on: February 05, 2017, 10:36:54 AM »

Hi all ...

For those of you who are interested, with my new vid card that doesn't crash during online broadcasting, I'm now set up to be back on TWITCH.TV.

I will be flying many of the auto routes from RTMM Flight  I'm not going to have a broadcast schedule or special time. So if you want to catch a live broadcast ...

1. Sign up for Twitch.TV (it's free)
2. Search for "mistymoorings"
3. When you are on our channel page, touch on the "heart" symbol to follow and right click it to ask for notifications. 

If you do this, any time I start a broadcast, you will get a (very small) email saying that "MistyMoorings is online".  There is a chat window so you can interact with me and with other folks watching.  Although I do type there sometimes (kind of difficult while flying), mostly I'm on the mic ...talking.  I answer questions people have about what they are seeing and we've had some fine discussions on scenery placement, etc.

NOTAM: There is about a 30 second "delay" that you will be watching. (I've said or done something 30 seconds before you see it). Since I'm "watching" the same screen you are on a separate monitor, I may see your comment (but 30 seconds late) and comment on it ... which you will hear 30 seconds later. So if I don't respond immediately, that is why.  Interacting with others (not always with me) on the chat box is recommended, you'll be interacting with them in real time. There are some very knowledgeable people who frequent the site.  Anyone from our RTMM team will have the "name" of RTMM_xxxx , for instance, I'm RTMM_Doug.  So if you see RTMM_Jeff up there or RTMM_Steve ... those are OUR folks. As our people come on board, I'm going to give them moderator status. This puts a little green sword beside their name, so you will know they are an official part of the RTMM team. (Some folks are using our RTMM_xxxx name but are not on the team, so that is how you will know).

As stated above, I'll be flying mostly the RTMM Flight Plans (which you can download from the Here2THere page. Norm from Alaska Adventures is making some great flight plans for his group for BWEP. I will be flying those plans when he is ready. For any of you who don't have SAK or Vector, this will be a great way for you to experience the pipeline.

Watching somebody else "fly" is right up there with watching paint dry sometimes. But the chat box makes it a lot more fun. Also, you can just be a "passenger" and watch while you are reading a good book, you don't need to interact at all. The Alaska scenery is beautiful, and glancing up from your book is like looking out the window of the aircraft.

Because of this, I fly at about 1200 feet off the terrain so you are "down close" to the beauty. I also typically fly "outside" the aircraft (spot view) and again do this because it is the JOURNEY that is the focus, not the plane's dashboard or my flying "skills" (I wrecked on online yesterday!) :-)  And usually, when I arrive at my destination, I go into "slew mode" and "look around" the location so you can see it. 

Each flight is "recorded" and available for you to watch any time you like. So if I'm not on and you want to take a trip, you can select one of those.  Just keep in mind ... you will only hear MY comments, and some of them won't make sense because you cannot see the chat box. I cleaned out many of the old flight recordings and there is a "test" one up there now that will come down soon. But as we fly and add them, you'll have a nice library of flights to enjoy.

So feel free to join us and interact live with your RTMM friends. Again, we are "mistymoorings" on the channel. The site is Twitch.TV.