Author Topic: Info on WIN10 update I recieved  (Read 1980 times)


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Info on WIN10 update I recieved
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:19:18 AM »
I have been waiting for about 3 days after what appeared as a major WIN10 update/upgrade to see how things would shake out before saying anything about it.
I was away from the computer with it in sleep mode but could see the screen from across the room.  When the HD activity light started blinking it caught my attention.  Normally I have to press a key or use the mouse to reawaken the HD but this was on its own.
A black screen appeared with a very large spinning circle (3" dia.) in the middle of the screen. It told me WIN10 was updating/upgrading.  I just left the computer completely alone, touched nothing and watched.  It took nearly an hour to complete and then displayed several messages extolling the benefits?? of the update etc.  As I prefaced this message, I let WIN10 'do its thing' for 3 days.  Nothing seems amiss and everything I had seems to function OK.  The only difference that I have noticed is a difference in the Start Menu in the "Power" selection.  Most of the time prior to this last upgrade it had 5 selctions:
1. Sleep
2. Shutdown
3. Update and Shutdown
4. Restart
5. Update and Shutdown
I would always use the Update selection for Shutdown and Restart in case new data was available.

After the upgrade/update
The Power selection has only 3 selection now:
1. Sleep
2. Shutdown
3. Restart

The length and display for this update/upgrade was totally different than any previous update/upgrade I have experienced with WIN10.  Thought it may be interesting for WIN10 folks in case it happens to them.



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Re: Info on WIN10 update I recieved
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2016, 12:48:22 PM »
The only time that the update and shut down appears is when an update is ready to be installed.  You can also use the windows key and the X to get numerous menu items.