Author Topic: Sounds for AI Boats and Ships  (Read 983 times)


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Sounds for AI Boats and Ships
« on: August 04, 2019, 04:22:15 PM »
I wrote to Jeff a bit ago and he said I might post this here for some help.  I also have a post over at FSDevelopers but no one has answered this same query yet.

I have just finished converting the USS Saratoga CV3 from 1932 from a CFS2 to FSX(A) successfully.  3 years ago I spent the whole summer creating probably one of the most IMHO complete Naval Air Stations short of payware (it was free) complete with an elaborate sound effects suite from Reveille to Colors to Taps and everything in between including all the sounds of the moored aircraft carrier throughout the day.  Even those of a departing carrier which BTW I was able to do because of the AIBoats tutorial here.  Thank you.  As you who create scenery here know, it is possible to do this with effects, WAV files and controllers.  BUT and it seems so far a big BUT, how can I attach a sound effect to my carrier.  MDCx you say...I did that like a Russian did to a really cool LCAC I found online.  The trouble is the README was also all in Russian.  Javier's NIMITZ as well as other aicarriers I have all have an aisound file with BLAST SHIELD AND CATAPAULT sounds but these are all triggered by FSX(A) internally.  I attached a WAV file with MDCx like the LCAC and put a 180 sec delay into it but when I activate it with aicarriers after 3 minutes there is no wav file played.  HELP!!!!! Will check back here later and hope someone can help do this.  As a suggestion, if there is a way in your forum to automatically get an email when someone replies it would help I am sure a lot of us.


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Re: Sounds for AI Boats and Ships
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 05:18:44 PM »
As a suggestion, if there is a way in your forum to automatically get an email when someone replies it would help I am sure a lot of us.

     As the topic starter, you should be notified automatically by email.  If not, make sure the "notify" button near the bottom of the thread is selected.  I get notified about EVERY SINGLE NEW POST that is submitted.  I was notified about this one, as a matter of fact.  "A new post has been made ..." etc.  Just select the "notify" button at the bottom of any thread you wish to follow.  Or, like me, use the notify button on the main page of each and every category.  ;D

     :o ... I was thinking, you should try copy/pasting that russian text into the Google Translator and see what comes out the other side.   ;)
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