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Trip Ticket Betas
« on: October 20, 2014, 09:34:30 AM »
Spud and I thought it would be fun to let other people in on the Quality Control process for Trip Tickets. Bush Pilots (even the simming ones) are just a "little" nuts, flying into some unknown situations depending upon their skills and intuition to successfully fly routes. And so we are going to open up the "beta qc TripTic" process to anyone who wants to try it.

We will be using the Version III TripTics. These give you little pictures (screen captures) of key turns. So as you approach the turn, you can "recognize" it and react accordingly. All of these are "safe" for low and slow flight, with the flight plan guiding you through the mountains and valleys, mostly at about 1200 feet (unless otherwise indicated in RED on the suggested altitude for the leg). So you can go full VFR ... using the maps provided with the pictures of the turns, or you can go "flight-seeing" ... turn on the autopilot and just sit back and watch the beautiful scenery go by, reading some commentary on the area during the leg's flight. The V III TripTics have something for everyone enjoying getting from Here2There.

The betas will be posted at the bottom of the scenery page (click on Z in the index and it will take you to the bottom of the page). All you have to do is click on the trip tic link and it will come up like a web page. If you are unfamiliar with TripTics ... there is a link on the ticket that goes to the FAQ which explains how they work. There also you can download a larger map (click on the little map), you can get a print-able text of the flight plan that you can print and follow. The actual flight plan also has a link there, it comes down in a zip file and you put it into your "documents" area for your flight sim.

On the bottom of each of the new TripTics is a "feedback" link. This sends your comments to "" (that's me). It automatically puts in the subject so I'll know which ticket you are commenting upon.  We'd like for people to fly these and comment. Typos? (Yep, you'll probably find some). And there may be areas that are not "clearly understood" ... perhaps a waypoint that needs a better picture or something.  Any errors or problems you find, just add them to the comments and shoot them back to us.  We'll fix them and change the "date" for the TripTic in the beta area.  Once we get about 3 of them that are "error free" ... we'll move that TripTic to the Here2There page and post it there. When a new beta comes up on the Scenery Page, I'll let you know in the NOTAMs.

Presently, we are working on the little known TFxx docks and spb's that most people don't even know are there. We are "connecting" them with these TripTics so people get to see them. Some you fly over all the time and don't even know they are "down there." Once we finish Tongass X, we'll go to work on SAK. The result will be many short TripTics that will give you hours of flying enjoyment over (and deeply into) these beautiful areas of Tongass, PFJ and SAK.

This gives you a chance to be a co-pilot for RTMM.  And we always appreciate your expertise and comments.  I'm particularly interested in comments from "newer folks" ... because those are the people who will see the problems more quickly.  So if you enjoy flying Here2There, want to participate in helping with some quality control and want to add your input to RTMM ... then this is something for you.

PS: Don't forget the LINKS in the TripTics ... one of those downloads the flightplan for you so when you put it into your Flight Planner, you are positioned correctly at the starting point. Example below:

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