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Black Bear Lake USFS Cabin
« on: August 14, 2014, 11:01:03 AM »
For fun, I created a To/From flight plan from Thorne Bay to Black Bear USFS Cabin.  It is in the zip files you can download from the HereToThere Plans area.   Remember: "=" means TO the location from the airport and "#" means from the location to the airport.

Something to try ... start at Misty's Place, put the "to" (=) flight plan for Black Bear Lake into the sim. When it asks if you want to be moved to the selected airport ... say NO. Take off from Misty's Place. Adjust your altitude to about 3000 feet (to miss the local mountains), and put the plane on gps autopilot. You are taken on a direct route to Thorne Bay, then it starts tracking the route to Black Bear Lake. Reset your altitude to 2200 feet and this plan will bring you in over the lake. The cabin is on the far shore.

The destination is a tiny cabin and a canoe on a 2000 foot altitude mountain lake. Seems like a simple trip until the ending.  The USFS cabins are still among the most fun to "find".  They are tiny and difficult to see, and they are in some of the most beautiful and remote areas.  Also they are "real" ... meaning they are really there and you are experiencing what a "real" bush pilot up there would be experiencing taking someone to the cabin.

NOTAM: You will need the USFS Cabins Installed and activated.  You can add all 300 of them with the two zip files located there.

If you don't want to download the full zip files containing all the To/From plans we have, attached is Black Bear Lake so you can "get the hang" of these To/From Plans.

PS: Check your weather ... I had to abort this morning, the fog set in from about 1200 to 2500 feet. The high mountain lakes can be some of the most difficult weather-wise.

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