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NOTAM for this Thread
« on: April 14, 2014, 09:12:28 AM »
We would like to advise RTMM forum fans that this particular category is mostly experimental.  We are exploring FSX/DX10 and Prepar3D from Lockheed Martin.  These two seem like the next most logical steps in the sequencing from FSX.  When you "migrate" something so complex, there will be problems and glitches before it is all settled.  This category is here for the pioneers (who have the technology to get back to normal when the new program feature fails).  If you do not have such expertise, then you should not be trying any of the "advanced" subjects you will be seeing in this category.

I'd also like to note that when we talk about "getting a program" ... this is the pioneers talking among themselves. Here at RTMM, we do not recommend programs. So when you see people "recommending" a program, this is "their opinion," not the opinion of RTMM....yet.

If you are one without the expertise of recovery, you can still enjoy this category area. For many who are interested in what is coming, but do not want to "risk" their own systems, you can sit on the virtual bleachers and watch us crash, burn and [hopefully] recover without feeling the pain yourself.  With these two programs, something new is emerging ... fun to watch ... a little dangerous to "play" right now.

At RTMM, we are upgrading our technology to be ready for these two programs when they are proven stable.  We are working on the object libraries to make sure all objects show up correctly in both programs. You can follow this progress on our Objects Library page under "POP".  Our experimental libraries (which we are not yet sharing, but will) are not ready for prime time. Rod and Steve are making their way through thousands of objects using a "double conversion" program. The result is spectacular, but not ready for prime time.  Rod will be combining some of the libraries so, when we are finished, we will have less object libraries to download.  Great progress is being made, but the result is not yet ready.

The bottom line here ... if you don't have the technology to try new things and "recover" if you crash, then this is a thread to "watch" and not imitate. But it is a good way for you to see what progress is being made. Again, it is RTMM's policy NOT to recommend 3rd Party programs until we are DEAD SURE they work.  When all this is settled, we will be giving you a "manual" on the basics of using DX10 or P3D ... you'll be given new libraries, etc. So if you are not a technological pioneer, sit back and watch those who are as they struggle through the emerging processes. And for the pioneers, keep the new information flowing, this is the only way the community can move forward. (We congratulate you for your expertise and your courage! :-)


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