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Re: NOTAMs and NEWs Thread
« Reply #315 on: July 29, 2020, 02:50:49 PM »

RTMM Add-On complete setups:
(By Norm Richards and Rod Jackson

Three all-in-one RTMM complete setups: (Each with complete libraries, all add-on scenery pieces, all supporting/associated content: simobjects, effects, sound, world scenery/ai traffic (AI traffic shipping project), RTMM seasonal switcher and more:


1. RTMM Standard Setup (conventional/inside root sim setup/scenery library) version
(For use in FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1v2v3 (v4))

2. RTMM Add-on (XML) version for P3Dv4
(For use in P3Dv4/All Versions v4.0 through v4.5 HF3)

3. RTMM Add-on (XML) version for P3Dv5
(For use in P3Dv5 version only)

These are all-in-one files that contain all the RTMM scenery and supporting elements primarily for new users who have never used RTMM before or for users using P3Dv4 or v5 that want to switch to an add-on or for any user want to update all their RTMM scenery to the latest versions in an all-in-one download.

These files are @ 2.6 gb and when extracted is almost 8 gb and contain the fully compliment of RTMM scenery. Welcome to Misty Moorings!

You can find a link to this on the RTMM Home Page (right column), on the top of the Scenery Page and the actual table with the information is at the bottom of the scenery page.
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