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Garry, haven't had any probs to which you had there of the files not working.. (I have never used an add-on manager for scenery stuff.. I do it "long Hand". I don't trust them to get the right scenery address/entry written but for ai traffic files I was a layer 3 too.. and most still there except for the the seasonal ones which have to back in their respective scenery folders so that the upcoming eswitcher can access them.

Check your scenery entres manually to make sure that the auto scenery thingy is getting your entries corret for the sim to read. (It might be out one level.)

NOTAMs and NEWs / Re: NOTAMs and NEWs Thread
« Last post by Doug on July 21, 2019, 11:49:26 AM »
Charlotte Lake Lodge - Now with ESwitcher Capability

Charlotte Lake Lodge was made compatible for the soon-to-be-released "E-Switcher". If you already have this location, you should re-download to get the new capabilities.
Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Problem with Misty Flying Club
« Last post by nbrich1 on July 21, 2019, 09:21:48 AM »
Yup I see the pirep.. good. Will keep looking as to why it wouldn't complete the bid but the site does get hung up in processing at times. It might have hung up for some reason - queue perhaps but finally corrected itself.  Glad its working now.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Problem with Misty Flying Club
« Last post by wschneid on July 21, 2019, 09:09:10 AM »
Looks like its working now. I completed the first flight of the Short Field Glacier Tour.
Bill Schneider
You've made my point and we're still back at square one. You're talking about something that doesn't work across platforms, P3DDO - whatever that is - and what you describe isn't applicable to everyone. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Well I moved all my RTMM traffic files into the 'scenery' folders and most did not work. Misty Cruise ship for example.
So I moved them all back to 'layer 3' via P3DAO.

Steve - FWIW - I specify 'layer 3' for all traffic folders as part of the P3DAO procedure and P3DAO simply adds them as the next layer 'up'.
The traffic folders are all 'sandwiched' between layers 1 [default terrain] and 2 [default scenery] and Orbx Vector AEC [layer 25 in my case].
I actually have the Global Shipping AI at layer 3 and AS Anchorage at layer 4 then RTMM folders from layers 5 to 24 in alphabetical order. So if I add another traffic folder I will specify layer 3 but it will be added as layer 25 and the Orbx entry will be renumbered as layer 26 and the rest of the entries increment by +1 [to 689 in my case].
In the pic the Orbx Vector entry is not visible but it is the next entry above Bella Coola.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Problem with Misty Flying Club
« Last post by nbrich1 on July 20, 2019, 03:57:11 PM »
I used same email as you registered at MFC. Might be in your junk folder..  still working on it. Might have to change up your password so I can try a few things to try to get you running on that tour but am away from PC for a couple of days. Try to sign onto your 7 and see if leg 1 will generate for you on that tihr. W Norm
Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Problem with Misty Flying Club
« Last post by wschneid on July 20, 2019, 09:30:33 AM »
I haven't seen any email. What's up?

Ah yes, add-on.xml. A P3D thing, but not an FSX/FSX SE thing. Not trying to be difficult here, but we're back to "what works for some, won't necessarily work for others."

Sorry Steve, will explain what I mean by the term "Layer 3". (Or [Area.003] as seen in the scenery.cfg or in the sim's scenery library).. I really could be termed "Layer 1" or at the bottom/BASE of the scenery library.

Ai Traffic files are not tied to scenery at all but the known practice was to place Ai Traffic.bgl files in the sim's "scenery-world-scenery" folder.

Layer 3 - (Instead of Layer 1).  I guess, became more of a P3D thing since most other add-on folders in P3D are contained outside the root sim. Really it could be layer 1- at the bottom of the scenery library in FSX (or P3D) but since each entry in the scenery lib is a layer, it equates to Layer 3.

The recommended practice of simply placing files into the scenery-world-scenery folder or sim folders has changed a bit for P3D users whereas now placing any 3rd party scenery-world-scenery (ai traffic files, Effects, 3rd party add-on scenery, simobjects etc etc) in it's own folder external to the sim.

And a equivalent "scenery-world-scenery" folder that was external to the sim's root "scenery-world-scenery" folder and that equivalent folder positioned in the scenery lib above layer 1 and layer 2 which are the sims default layers. (Layer 1=Default Terrain Layer 2=Default BASE)

So this external equivalent folder to the sim's "scenery-world-scenery" folder is what I refer to as layer 3 and use this folder to house all add-on AI traffic file bgls.  (I call my folder "AI Shipping") and it is located outside my sim. Easy to find, easy to turn off or isolate. 

Scenery.cfg looks something like this:   

Title=Default Terrain

Title=Default Scenery

Title=World AI Shipping (All)
Local=Q:\Addons\Addon Scenery\AI Shipping

(Or also can add the scenery folder via add-on xml of the folder to activate as a P3D Addon at layer 3)

Anyways more complex than it sounds - is just means at the bottom of the scenery library above the two default layers.

Scenery order Pic (Always work bottom up in the scenery library as the bottom is the default base) whereas in the scenery.cfg file itself- Base layering is listed top > down.

It should be mentioned that creating add on scenery folders external to the P3D folder is an option. Setting up scenery folders using the add-on xml methodoloy is more complicated but does create two desirable options for many:

1. If you have to comnpletely reinstall P3D (I never have) due to some problem, you don't have to manually install each of your add on scenery folders since you can just plug in your external add-on.xml structure and you are ready to go.

2. If you want to put some or all of you add on scenery on another disk drive away from where P3D is installed, you can do that using the add-on.xml structure.

For myself, I don't use it since via the use of regular backups, I have never had the need to reinstall from scratch the same thing I already had installed.

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