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General Discussion / Re: MS Flight Simulator 2020 First Look
« on: August 02, 2020, 06:00:05 PM »
Wow. Pretty amazing. The next simulator is indeed impressive. I did notice some stuttering on final on that last video landing at night in London. That's with a 2080 TI too!! Ouch. Well, until I can afford to upgrade my system, I'll be using P3D and enjoying the videos from those that can take on the new simulator.

I'm currently still without a simulator at the moment due to a error 43 code issue with my current rig. So, I've gotta get that taken care of first.



You're missing some objects in that picture. There should be a boat under that one girl in the back of the shot sitting up in the air.

Screenshots / Re: ... that was not easy
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:29:40 PM »
It's all downhill from there... Everything should be a lot easier.


General Discussion / Re: Hi, I'm new! (introduce yourself here)
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:28:54 PM »
We welcome all newcomers to Misty's Place. Take your time and have a good flight.


Hi Doc Z,

I have v4.5 so I can't assist with this information but during design for this project, Dex Thomas worked alongside me on the AI creation and scenery usage and he used v5 and didn't report any issues that I was made aware of. If you could give it a go and see how it works if you'd like, then we'll know if it does or not for you. That would be very helpful.


Glad you found it. I like that island a lot in the sim. The Exuma Chain of islands is my favorite though. Try a flight starting from Eleuthera Rock Sound (MYER) then head to Norman Cay at MYXG. Then head down the Exuma Chain and make stops at all the small airstrips along the way. It's a blast. End your journey at Hog Cay (MYZ1)

Had a great time designing some enhancements along that route. Be sure to stop and check out Staniel Cay (MYES) then look for the swimming pigs on the island just NW of Staniel Cay too. Farmers Cay (MYE3) Little Darby Island (MYXF) and Lee Stocking Island (MYXE) will challenge your skills.


Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: P3D V5 - Layering Problem
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:33:26 PM »
 Well, that's unfortunate. Users of P3d V.5 can't use the Pipeline north of the SAK boundary near Glenallen it seems. I'm done with buying a new version of P3D every year or so just to find out that it breaks or changes something that used to work just fine. I know progress and new coding, etc. makes things like this inevitable but I've invested a lot of money and time in the current version 4.5 that I'm using and the sim world I like to fly in works and looks just fine for now.

 I know that most enthusiasts who have the $$ and hardware to use FS2020 will most likely move on. I mean, how can you not be impressed with the simulations future from what we've seen so far from that new platform. I'd be inclined to do it myself if I was still employed, but the pandemic has hit the entertainment and trade show industry very hard and it will be some time before that market is opened back up. So I don't have the ability to move into any new simulations for some time.

 My main concern now is to find new employment that can keep me afloat. Try to keep myself, wife and family safe and healthy and avoid the politics and negative news from the world each day. I'll hopefully be able to survive this and spend more time here with you all enjoying the future of the simulation world together at Misty's Place.

 We've been going strong at RTMM for almost 10 years now and I value my friendships with each one of the team here. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish together in our spare time for the hobby and I hope we can continue on in the future for some time.

 Please know that I hope each of you are safe, healthy and managing as well as you can during this time of uncertainty. It's been an honor to be part of the team at Misty's Place and I hope we can all be spared any harm from this pandemic. God willing, we will be.

If you have all the steps completed that were shown, you should have it. Check that you have Greg Goodwin's Bahamas Scenery installed and activated of course. MBAC is the ICAO code for the airport.

General Discussion / Re: RTMM WayPoints Project
« on: June 30, 2020, 07:41:03 AM »

Awesome job. This enhancement along with the upcoming  RTMM “All in one” collection will be a game changer for sure.

Thank you,



I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you because I am currently using P3D v4.5. Maybe somebody’s able to help answer this question. I’m curious to know.


That's going to be the reason why. Set it to 5m and it'll look right.


Hey Greg,

I'm having issues with my email at the moment. I've been addressing this with the provider this morning so let me know if you received a message from me using my old email address.

As for the rocks, that's definitely not how they were supposed to look. Only thing I can think of is that I'm using P3D v4.5 and my terrain resolution is set at 5m.

Let me know if that helps.

Here's what it looks like for me:

A couple others from Big Ambergris Cay


General Discussion / Re: RTMM WayPoints Project
« on: June 10, 2020, 09:28:24 AM »
Running like a well oiled machine. You're amazing.

Hope your family is safe and staying healthy. Thanks for all you do Doug.


Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures (MCA) Version 2

Updated Dropbox File Links (6/9/2020)

NOTE: Previous Installation:
If you've previously installed the Gregory Goodwin Bahamas and Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures collection, the base scenery by Gregory has been updated as well as the Bahamas scenery for Misty's Caribbean Air. You'll need to download at least those two files below to be updated to version 2 for this project. (Step #1 and Step #2) Just download, unzip, then overwrite your previous files with the updated files.

You will NOT need to download the custom objects for the Bahamas or the custom objects for Return to Misty Moorings IF you've already installed them inside your simulator. (Step #3 and Step #4) Same goes for the optional files (Step #5 and Step #6)

NOTE: New Installation:

Follow Required Steps #1-#4 (* See Step #4 installation note below)


The files located at the dropbox links below are created for the Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures collection of scenery and enhancements. They are meant to be used with an amazing base scenery of the Bahamas by Gregory Goodwin. Gregory has created a highly accurate representation of this area of the Bahamas with custom waterclass, landclass and vector data. It covers the following island areas of the Bahamas. Andros, Bimini, Nassau, Grand Bahama, The Abacos, The Berry Islands, Eleuthera, Cat Island, The Exumas and Ragged Islands as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It's a large area of the Caribbean Sea that focuses on the Northern, Western and some of the Eastern and Southern Bahamas islands. He's planning on completing the rest of the Bahamas in a future release that will cover all of the remaining east and southern chains.


Step #1. Install the base Bahamas scenery by Gregory Goodwin.
You can find his base file named by going to this dropbox link:

Or by searching on AVSIM's file library: Search using "Gregory Goodwin", "Northern Bahamas" or ""   

Start with that file, install it in your simulator and activate in your library as normal for any addon scenery. Follow all of his included instructions for proper installation please.


To view the enhancements for the Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures, Please install the following required files:

Step #2. MCA North Bahamas Scenery files by Brad Allen (Version 2)


Step #3. MCA Custom Object Files by Steve Weinkamer.
Install the contents of each of the three zipfiles below containing custom Bahamas objects used in this project.

FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW

FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW vol 2

FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library


Step #4. *Install the four main Return to Misty Moorings Object Libraries found here:

(* This step can be skipped if you have already downloaded and installed the four main libraries for Return to Misty Moorings.)

Scroll down to the Object Library Table area and the download links are located below. You'll need to download and install four custom object library zipfiles. Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Unzip one at a time and carefully follow the instructions for that specific libraries installation. When completed, you must then activate each of the four libraries inside your simulators scenery library.

Step #5. Install the Snow Dog Tours Object Libraries.

Step #. Optional enhancements by Dexter Thomas and Brad Allen.
Dex has created AI Floatplane and Fishing Boats Traffic, sounds. Brad created custom scenery for the floatplane bases these AI objects visit.
NOTE: You'll need an installation of Tongass Fjords X to see the AI floatplanes and fishing vessels in action. If not, you can still install the scenery inside this zip for the floatplane bases.

AI Seaplane and Fishing Vessels Traffic, Sounds and Effects by Dexter Thomas. AI Seaplane Bases Scenery by Brad Allen.

Step #6. Optional MCA Custom Aircraft Repaint files by Klaus Troeppner. Klaus created some great looking paint schemes in Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures colors. There's a default Maule M7 repaint as well as three payware models that will show these repaints in the simulator. You must own those payware models to see the custom paint schemes.

Carenado Cessna 185

Default FSX/P3D Maule M7

Milviz Bell 407 Helicopter

Tongass Fjords X DHC2 AI Aircraft

Hope you like this project and please share your thoughts here on our forum. Time to go swimming with some piggies!!


If you'd be interested, I've completed a lot of enhancements for most of the Bahamas and could use some feedback from anyone that might like to share their time. NOTE: If you've previously downloaded the scenery I did for this area and collection found in the links above, you'll need to download the link below and overwrite those older files.

Also the same goes for having a current installation of Greg Goodwin's Bahamas found at AVSIM. Updated to it's latest version on June 1st 2020. File name:  If you've already installed his earlier version, just download his new file and replace the old with his latest collection of scenery.

Additional requirements are making sure you already have each of the main RTMM library files also installed and of course each of the Misty's Caribbean Air custom object files for this project shared previously above at the top of this message as well.

Finally, you'll also need this latest update to all of the Bahamas Scenery I've done by going to this dropbox link and then downloading Mistys Caribbean Scenery Test 2. This replaces the older files as I said earlier.

Please have a go and report here what you think of if you need any help with things.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this project.


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