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Both sceneries are now "up" on the Scenery Page.  These will be a lot of fun to fly.  Get 'em while they're hot, they are going fast!


Misty's Place / GPS (Autopilot) for FSX boats?
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:12:19 PM »
GPS (Autopilot) for FSX boats?  As we are sitting around having this virtual beer ... a question to the enlightened among you.  Did you ever try to put an autopilot on one of the FSX boats (DeltaSim).  I've successfully added the (Beech Baron gauge) gps/nav switch, that now flips back and forth. I've got the "autopilot="1" in the aircraft.cfg file.  I load a plan, flip it to GPS, hit the NAV/Autopilot and nuttin' happens ... da boat she go straight ... into de bog.

Is there some magical virtual wire I haven't "connected" under the dash that hooks that gps/nav to the radio stack?  Just curious if anybody has ever tried. (And no, I'm not going to set the altitude for 1200 feet!).

Misty's Place / The Long Way Home
« on: February 21, 2011, 07:48:42 PM »
Well ... I was flying this new route to Kim's "Little Oliver Creek" ... lovely flight up the Skeena River ... writing the Trip Tic, making the "FS" (Flight Seeing Plan) ... then I made the turn back toward Little Oliver Creek.  Well, I spilled the coffee, I dodged the edge of the cliff and caught a pontoon in a pine tree on the last turn to port. I hit "P" [pause] ... the guy in the back seat threw up and couldn't find the little bag ... oh me, there goes the weekend. I got out of the plane, got BOB, climbed the tree and retrieved the pontoon and drug it up to the cabins with a couple of hikers' help.  Got back in the plane, hit "p" ... semi-crash landed (but lived to tell about it) and parked the broken plane over by the cabins.  Called Misty's, they are sending out a mechanic and a little winch tomorrow to fix it.  Now what?

Well, I didn't have a plane, but there was a boat rental nearby.   So I rented a boat and headed down the river finally getting to Terrance about dusk.  What would my fellow pilots say if they saw me driving a boat instead of flying my Beaver?  Oh well ... they'll never know if you don't tell them!  Chris is going to be real upset that I broke his plane.  (And wait till I get my hands on Kim ... the nerve of that guy putting a bumpy, crooked, sloping runway into our Scenery Library like that ... it is way too short ... way too dangerous ...)

. . . and one heck of a lot of fun!


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Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Little Oliver Creek
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:20:32 AM »
Little Oliver Creek by Kim Gowney is "up" and ready for your pleasure.  When you go to download this one, click on the link there for the website that talks about the "real" Little Oliver Creek ... it is very interesting and will make your journey a little more fun thinking about it.

The only thing different about this location is that we are putting a warning label on it ... you may need a stronger seat belt and a change of tidy whities. 

Thanks, Kim ... enjoy!
(Modification) ... got the Trip Tic and the Flight Seeing Plan uploaded also. 


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Air Traffic Control for PAKT
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:17:48 AM »
For the "non purists" among us who can't understand why there is a beautiful control tower at PAKT but nobody in it ... this is for you.  Air Traffic Control for PAKT.  Kim Gowney gave us a simple "fix" that will give you what we "used to have" in FS2004 ... somebody talking back to us from PAKT when we were trying to land there.  It is a simple revision ... please back up the original file as stated in the readme before you put the new file in from the download.

We corresponded with Russ White who will be making the ORBX PAKT that is do out in late August, Russ says this will not interfere with anything he is planning. When that package comes, should you choose to use it, you may have either take out this modification or the new package will over write it.  But between now and August you can have some fun with this one.

Tower is 123.575  Ground is 123.950

You can download this enhancement from: Enhancements / Sounds

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Misty Beaver (Aerosoft) Repaints
« on: February 19, 2011, 05:03:53 PM »
We've put the repaints Chris has done for the Misty Beaver series onto the Enhancements Page.  Click on the image to download the image of your choice.


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Always check the NOTAMs Page First
« on: February 18, 2011, 10:38:26 AM »
Hi folks ...
Just a reminder ... ALWAYS check the NOTAMs page first when you come to RTMM.  We add items there almost daily and some folks (we can tell from the emails) are missing what's going on.  When you come to the site, go to NOTAMs first and make sure everything you have is up to date. A quick scan there will tell you if something has been updated or added.


GOOD NEWS! Konstantin Kukushkin, who made EZ-Landmarks and is also the author of FSDiscover! sent me the "how to" so we can now put the Misty Database into FSDiscover! just like we used to with EZ-Landmarks. The new data file rtmm.dat can be found on the FAQ page under "F" (for FSDiscover!).

OK, there's the GOOD NEWS ... now the "bad".  The database needs some "fixing up."  We got many of the old Misty Moorings locations in it, and the new places are not there yet.  I'll be going after this database from this moment forward fixing it up, making it more accurate, etc.

In FSDiscover! It will show up as a POINT OF INTEREST, (be sure your POI button is clicked "on").  You can make those a different color if you like. I have my Misty Database rtmm.dat set for "yellow" the rest are "green".  this way you can see "our" stuff vs the GNIS database stuff.  Also, with anything we put in, a "(mm)" will show after the entry on your screen. that way, you know that data point is from US and not GNIS.

For those of you using FSDiscover! We need your help.  First of all, we have to clean up the database we've got. I'll be putting in the new scenery locations, etc.  Also, GNIS changes now and then and there may be some duplicates, I'll be going after those too. 

Once you cross into BC, it is a data point wasteland!  GNIS, for some reason hasn't discovered BC yet!  So we need a GREAT DEAL of help in that area. Almost nothing there is showing.  As you see a river, lake, significant mountain ,etc ... slew to it (for a mountain slew to the top of it) ... and grab the GPS data for us. We will also need the altitude.  Give us the proper name for it and the coordinates and we'll put it into the database.

I'll be updating the database quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. And I'll not be putting NOTAMs out for each time it changes, which will be several times a day. But to get the latest, go to the FAQ under FSDiscover! and grab it.

For those of you NOT YET using FSDiscover.  You may or may not have a need for this program.  I like to know what I'm seeing out the window.  Once you see it, then if you are curious, you can google it and learn more about it.  Many of the historical/cultural things in the Trip Tics come from seeing something out the window in FSDiscover, then hitting Google to learn about it.  If you have no interest in such things, then this program is a waste of time for you.  However, flying VFR and KNOWING the area cold is part of why you love flying Misty ... then this program is an absolute MUST HAVE.  It costs about $29 US ... you WILL get your money's worth on this one ... especially since we can enhance it for our own purposes.

PLEASE send us correction and additions ... it's YOUR database too ... so help us get it "right."  You can email us, but if you put the corrections here in this thread, then folks will see what is posted and that could cut down on duplicates. So put your corrections here.

Thanks for you help ...


UPDATE:  All present locations as of 2/9/2011 are in the database. All old (non-existent) Misty Moorings locations are out of it. 

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Ferry Aground?
« on: February 07, 2011, 07:49:34 PM »
Just put in Yakhoun Lake and was flying it. At one of my VFR turns I'm making over an island just off shore from Queen Charlotte City ... lookee what I found washed up on the island?  (Hey Dex, you missing a ferry boat?) :-)


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Website Discussion / Videos Posted Here
« on: February 06, 2011, 08:55:42 AM »
We've now got TWO videos posted.  Both are landings for a specific location. I linked both of them there (One is Aiken Creek, the other is Nisga'a .  When you folks take the time and effort to do these for our locations, I'll be happy to post them.  When we get enough of them, I'll put a section on the Gallery Page just below the pictures and list each of them. But that's a "back burner" at the moment. 

Anyway, if I've "missed" a video, let me know and give me the link. When you have a new one, give me a heads up so I don't miss it.  These are a great addition and are much appreciated.


Hey , want to have some fun? If you haven't tried Khutzeymateen River Bear Lodge yet ... then you've got a treat in store. This was a tough one to do for VFR ... there are no way points in British Columbia for FSDiscover ... so this one is pure "visual" guiding you through some beautiful mountains to a very special location. If you'd just like for the "virtual pilot" to fly it, download the Flight-Seeing Plan and fly the autopilot at 1200 feet (yes you will have a couple of pine branches on the port wing, but you can scrape them off when you land). And when you land ... look around ... there are "things" out there runnin' around.  Enjoy!


From Here to There - Missions, Trip Tics and VA / Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery
« on: February 02, 2011, 06:15:41 PM »
Added a new Trip Tic ... but this one also has a Flight-Seeing flight plan, the first one.  Remember, the flight plans we generally use are for "rough directions" from "here to there." They are NOT to be used with an autopilot or you'll be scraping yourself off a mountain!  If you download the Flight Seeing pln file you can fly from Misty's Place to Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery and the autopilot makes all the dangerous turns at about 1200 feet. All you have to do is take off and land.  Give it a try. Look for the FS (flight-seeing) Icon on the Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery scenery description. You will find it perfectly matches the Trip Tic that also was just created. Just don't try it in an F-16 or something.  Any nice little bush plane will work perfectly. 

PS ... if anyone wants to try to use PLAN-G to make a Flight Seeing flight plan, try it and send it to me. Got to be 1200 feet, no higher ... and you are not allowed to run into any mountains!  It takes some finesse on the turns to figure it out, but can be done as this one proves.

Update: Also there's a Flight Seeing Plan for Herring Bay now.

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Screenshots / NightFlights
« on: January 31, 2011, 09:11:56 PM »
Dinner at Herring Bay: It's dark at Misty's Place ... but how about a nice halibut dinner over at that great little restaurant at Herring Bay?  So you walk out to the plane, crank it up ... being an amphib, you go into the Misty Canal at the amphib ramp. Follow the canal to its exit into Bostwick Inlet ... flaps, seatbelts tight ... line up between the red and green lighted buoys ... throttle. And off you go past the lighthouse. (Looking back to your right you'll see the Misty Campfire burning brightly).  90 degrees to port at Bostwick Point and head for Mountain Point ... you'll see it lit up ahead. I even got a good look at the local Coast Guard Cutter tonight, all lit up and twinkling in the Narrows. Then around Mountain point ... flaps again slow down and turn to port landing outside Herring Bay. You can taxi right up the the restaurant.  A beautiful place at night.  (Dinner was great!).

Got a nightflight pic? Post it here!

(Remember, with Dan's magic, you can click on the pic for a "bigger" one.)

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Hi all ...

For those of you flying the Trip Tics ... could you look over our shoulder and make sure we got all of the turns correct, didn't say starboard when we meant port, etc.?  If you fly one ... post it here that it was OK or may need a little more definition. 

I'd really appreciate some test pilots working on this too.  If you have FSDiscover and would like to make a trip tic (adding history, geography, etc), drop me a line or mention it here and we'll "give" that one to you.  We typically fly these at 1200 feet (or less).  The most difficult part of making them is having maps for pointing out the landmarks and waypoints. Go to the map room, there are some excellent maps there at the bottom ESPECIALLY that Sky Vector link.  The other trick to making a good one, is when you see something to discuss, and have a bit of flying time (on a long leg) ... google that feature and grab some information on it. It makes the trips more enjoyable. 

There are a lot still to do. I'm working on them too, so let me know before you want to try one so we don't make a duplicate.  Then, when you are done, if you get the text to me, I can drop it into the format easily. (I'll also put your name on it!). Be sure to let me know BEFORE you would do one ... there may be several people working on this, and I don't want to waste your time by having 2 people doing the same one.  We'd really appreciate the help.


Trip Tics (Trip Tickets) are one of the unique features of Return to Misty Moorings.  These are basic, visual instructions for getting "from here to there." In Misty Fjords.  Also, there will be some stories, history and geography added to the text to make your flight even more enjoyable.

LSD (Low, Slow and Dangerous) ... the Trip Tics tours are mostly flown at 1200 feet (unless something taller than 1200 feet cannot be flown "around or over").  The weather ceilings in Misty Fjords are often at 1500 feet and visibility, because of rain, fog, or just moisture-laden air, makes visual sighting of waypoints and landmarks difficult at higher altitudes.  So we fly at 1200 feet so we can still find the turns we need to make ... even in (typical) poor conditions.  These routes take you "among" the fjords, not over them.  This is down and dirty flying ... and if you are good at it ... a great deal of fun.

Using the Trip Tics is relatively easy. There are two methods:
  • If you have a wide screen monitor, The first method is often preferred. You call up the trip tic online by going to the Addon Scenery location and pressing on the "Tic" icon there.  You then "size" that window the width of the Trip Tic.  Your flight simulator window is sized for the rest of your screen.  This way, you can scroll down and read while you are flying, never missing a waypoint. Your screen will look like this:

  • The second method is to click on the "Print-Able" copy on the online Trip Tic and a copy that you can print comes up. Copy it and print it. Fly using he whole screen and reading the hard copy.

If you find an error ... let us know, either here or using


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