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The Moorings - On the Water / Cruises
« on: March 18, 2011, 08:29:16 AM »
Ran the Grenville Channel last night.  "Start" places for the boats are more available than I thought. (You must start with an "airport" for Plan-G) ... so we've got airports ... Sea Plane Bases!  I started at Prince Rupert SPB and went to Hartley Bay SPB.  Both are, by the way, well done graphically in PFJ.  The Grenville Channel is part of the Inner Passage but rarely used by cruise ships. There's a BC Ferry (AI) going up and down the channel which I discovered by accident.  The Malibu 32 (with a "jefconfig" tracked the entire way except the sharp turns at the end coming into Hartley Bay ... where it is like a river run.

This is a beautiful and relaxing cruise. Probably better for a yacht type boat than the "32" (but we haven't got them "jefconfig'd" yet).  And its giving us some ideas how offer these in RTTM.  Although we tend to "fly" with the real weather. Do yourself a favor on this one, put the weather on "clear skies" and bring up "summer."  The views are astonishing.

SP (SailPlan) Attached ... we'll name these SP to keep them separate from your plane "flight" plans.

[attachment deleted by admin (size over 300k)]

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Two new ones for you this morning (03.13.11).  Kidala Pass is (back) up!  This is the one with the helicopter landing pad on the power lines ... (zap!!!?).  A great little "group" of sceneries, nice package.

Also the "new" Misty's "OLD" Yacht Club is now up.  A great starting place for boaters and a great addition to Bostwick Inlet. 

By the way, pay special attention to the documentation the guys are putting in.  Look at the pdf file ... this is a lot of work and is VERY well done!  Thanks Brad, Kim and Xavier!!!

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Downdraft Lake
« on: March 11, 2011, 02:11:45 PM »
Just uploaded Downdraft Lake Cabin for you (by Brad).  If you've got a short lunch hour, but still need a flying "fix" this is a good one.  Read the Trip Tic with it ... you'll be glad you did.  This is a very short flight but an easy one to screw up on the first time flying it.  Simple and elegant ... nothing fancy here except your flying skills.


The Moorings - On the Water / Water Navigation in Service Pack II
« on: March 07, 2011, 08:37:02 AM »
Got a nice note from Holger this morning, I had mentioned to him the problem with the bridges ... he's looking into it.

But the great news for the boaters among us (all three of us?).  He has placed many navigational buoys and markers all over PFJ.  These are in exact placement with the real things so using "authentic" navigational charts will be possible ... the markers will be there just as they are on the charts! (He also sent me a link to the charts which we will eventually post).   This opens up a whole new world of navigation. We all enjoy the autopilot (and hopefully will have it working on the boats) ... but now we can also use the charts, set a heading to the next marker and go to it.  So this will be something new to learn how to do for many of us.

We are already making "flight plans" (sailing plans?) to dodge the islands and rocks. But to add real navigational waypoints opens up some new and realistic possibilities.

(If you wonder why people would want to get in a boat instead of a beaver .. check Jeff Greene's new video (on the Gallery page, under videos).  You'll get a good feel of the amazing scenery "up close" on both sides of your boat).

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / COMING SOON
« on: March 06, 2011, 08:12:14 PM »
COMING SOON      COMING SOON      COMING SOON      COMING SOON      COMING SOON ... well there's a whole bunch of new things COMING SOON ... go to the NOTAMs page and take a look!  (Took me all afternoon to put that stuff up there!).  I can't wait to try some of these.  Brad knows how I've been waiting for New Eddystone Rock ... that is the one most out-of-place thing God ever put anywhere.  When you see it in person you say "huh?" Whaddat?  And we'll soon have our own! 

Some really beautiful things coming ... check them out.


The Moorings - On the Water / Misty's to Bowser Lake Cabin
« on: March 05, 2011, 05:46:51 PM »
Misty's to Bowser Lake Cabin ... in a boat? Are you nuts?  Yep ... and I did it.  Went from Misty's to the Nass Inlet, up the Nass River to Meziadin Lake Campground for an overnight, then back to the Nass and on up to the Bell Irving that cuts back east and connects with Bowser River that connects to Bowser Lake.  There are two unfortunate obstructions, both are concrete bridges that cross the river at water level.  I've sent these to Holger, maybe he'll get such bridges "up" 20 feet or so off the water, as they certainly would be in the "real" world.  Otherwise we "live" with it. So turn off the crash, hit the bridge, turn the crash back on and enjoy.

Yes, this trip took HOURS.  Wouldn't recommend it to anyone (but I also did a "round the world" in a DC-3) ... but I had to see if we could do it. The answer is yes.  I never saw the same thing the whole route, it was as different as a real river would be. Dangerous shoals and sandbars, little islands ... all kinds of things to keep you on your toes.  Of course we have to pay attention when we are flying, but you can also look around a little. Not with this. I tried to do about 40 mph when in the "clear" and had to literally go 5 mph to get through some of the tricky areas, some just wider than the boat (Malibu from DeltaSim).  If you take your eyes off what is ahead, you will wreck it. This is intense, almost like a driving game (racing, etc).

I didn't run into any "water anomalies" ... you will see these now and then. The Wilson River has one. Sort of like a waterfall about 10 feet high that you drive up or down. I didn't see any of these in the hours of time I spent on the Nass. 

What we need "on the water" is something besides trees and all the other beautiful land features there. So we're looking at the possibility of adding things here and there along key rivers for the boaters' enjoyment. We've got some ideas we are going to try. We'll be trying to figure out what are the "key rivers"?

Then of course, there is what Jeff has done by making longer "blue water" routes through the area. We are literally unlimited to what we can do with that. Light house tours, supply runs, all kinds of things.

One thing I learned on this trip ... DO NOT trust the GPS.  It is OK for flying, but you will wind up sailing through a forest if you try to use it on the water. It uses the old FSX (so does Plan-G) terrain. The safest way is this:  Best view is outside spot plane behind and up about 20 feet. If you are "up" a little you can see the rocks coming.  Then for navigation, in that view, hit the "A" key 3 times and you get the top down view. The + or - adjusts the map. I found it best to make a new window for the top down, adjust it so I could see what was coming and just left it down in the lower right corner of my screen. You will need it, trust me! This view easily spots the rocks and the little islands and the tough curves. If they are there, you will see them in the top down ... it's the best possible way to navigate the rivers.

So we have proof that it "can be done".  If we can get from Misty's to Bowser, we got a contiguous program that will connect all of it nicely.

So far, the DeltaSim Malibu seems to be the best boat for this. It is maneuverable in short spaces, yet can go 40 mph in the open.  It is tricky to handle at high speeds, it "skids" like an airboat so you really have to be careful and make gradual turns with it or you'll literally "spin out."

Seeing PFJ from the air is amazing ... none of us really can describe it. But you've got to get down on the water and try one of these boats.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful and you never quite know what's around the next bend .. a feeling of suspense you don't get in the plane.

We started this thread so people playing with the "boats" can talk here and we won't be disturbing the people who want to talk planes on the other topic areas.  I moved the Misty Sailing thread to this topic so it would all be in the same place.

So ... here you are ... a new area, something we certainly didn't plan but something that for many people will add an entirely new dimension to Return to Misty Moorings.


PS Had to add this PS ... I did it in "summer" mode. You don't get very far in winter mode because it's all frozen up that way ... probably could do it with a Ski Mobile ... but that's a different thread entirely!

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Screenshots / MOVED: Sailing to Mistys
« on: March 05, 2011, 05:21:21 PM »
This topic has been moved to [The Moorings ... on the Water!].


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Daredevil's Roost
« on: February 28, 2011, 07:13:26 PM »
Well, Chris has done it again. Something entirely different for folks to try. Daredevil's Roost ... a trail goes up the mountain behind the Totem Bight Operations Center, and there on the mountain top, the locals found a great place to launch their bodies out into space on a bedsheet, some aluminum struts and raw courage!  If you haven't tried hang-gliding ... here's you chance.  The scenery was just put up this afternoon. Thanks Chris. Eveeryone ENJOY!


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Sound Update Kitsault and Nina's
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:50:33 PM »
Dex Thomas has updated the sound files for Kitsault and Nina's ... see the NOTAMs page for today's date 02.27.11 ... go to the SOUND icon at the scenery download location.  Follow the instructions in the readme that is with each download zip.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Kildala Pass
« on: February 27, 2011, 07:36:37 PM »
UPDATE: Kildala Pass is "under construction" at the moment. But this is a perfect example of Kim and Brad coming together on Ideas. Kim finds the place and puts the idea together, Brad comes along and turns that idea into a scenery package.  We got some excellent teamwork going at RTTM. And when this one is finally done, it will be another example of that teamwork. (Maybe we could get Dex to give a background "hmmmmmm" for the wires? :-)  Just read the storyline and you'll see why we're all excited about this one from Kim and Brad.


Kildala Pass

Kemano is a settlement situated 75 km (47 mi) Southeast of Kitimat in the province of British Columbia in Canada. It was built to service a hydroelectric power station which was built to provide energy for Alcan to smelt aluminium (aluminum) from its ore. The powerhouse is built 427 m (1,400 ft) inside the base of Mt Dubose in a blasted cavern. It produces 896 MW of power from its eight generators, each of which has a capacity of 112MW. The plant comprises a 16 km (10 mi) tunnel, the width of a two-lane highway, drilled and blasted through the coastal mountains to carry water to the penstocks of the Kemano powerhouse. The water plunges 800 m (2,600 ft) to drive the generators. The power transmission lines travel 82 km (51 mi) from Kemano to Kitimat across some of the most rugged mountain territory in British Columbia, along the Kildala Pass, about 1,500 m (5,000 ft) above sea-level. The first Kemano Project, known as Kemano I, resulted in the flooding of 120,000 acres (490 km2) of the Nechako Reservoir, within Cheslatta territory. This reputedly removed approximately 75% of the flow of the Nechako, which is or was an important salmon river. Expansion on the project, known as Kemano II, has been contested in the Canadian courts by members of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation with a group of Elders who have filed a Statement of Claim with the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Awaiting you on your journey here are three landing areas. A short and very tricky airstrip located high in the Kildala Pass known as Kildala Airstrip "ALPHA". It can be reached from Kemano by following the high power line towers that run along the river's edge in the valley from the Kemano hydro electric plant to Kitimat. This region is serviced mainly by helicopters, but the addition of the short strip allows for heavier cargo to be brought in to supply the ongoing workforce in the region, which is what your task will comprise if you choose to visit this challenging place. Although the strip can be accessed over the mountain range, the best route is to follow the pass up from the Kemano hydroelectric plant itself at low-level. As you get closer to the airstrip, look for the sharply pointed Atna Peak which becomes a prominent feature on a clear day. The pass continues past the airstrip to exit over Atna lake which itself is a tributary of Morice Lake lying just to the East of the mountain range.

Airstrip "BRAVO" is an unlisted airstrip and is located at the top of the nearby North ridge of Kemano Peak. This facility is an inbetween staging facility where crews on the mountain can ride out a fast moving storm, re-supply and stage equipment runs to various locations in the vicinity. It's a snow surface airstrip with cordoned off helicopter landing areas. There are only barricades marking the ends of the airstrip, but flashing beacons help with the alignment and look for the small smoke canisters placed here to aid aviators with figuring out where the landing area is. Helicopters have it much easier up here.

The last landing zone is for helicopter pilots only. Look for the suspended helipad that rests on the South edge of the Kildala Gorge Power Lines that run accross the opening of the valley over the river far below. Only the best helicopter pilots are brought in to pick up personnel that work on the platforms rigged to travel along the top cable runs. The contact points keep the platforms grounded so they don't emit any high voltage supplies. In tough weather conditions, this location is generally left alone. It would almost be suicidal to try to land here in high winds and low visibility conditions.

Check out these videos we used for inspiration on this scenery:,_British_Columbia

Both sceneries are now "up" on the Scenery Page.  These will be a lot of fun to fly.  Get 'em while they're hot, they are going fast!


Misty's Place / GPS (Autopilot) for FSX boats?
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:12:19 PM »
GPS (Autopilot) for FSX boats?  As we are sitting around having this virtual beer ... a question to the enlightened among you.  Did you ever try to put an autopilot on one of the FSX boats (DeltaSim).  I've successfully added the (Beech Baron gauge) gps/nav switch, that now flips back and forth. I've got the "autopilot="1" in the aircraft.cfg file.  I load a plan, flip it to GPS, hit the NAV/Autopilot and nuttin' happens ... da boat she go straight ... into de bog.

Is there some magical virtual wire I haven't "connected" under the dash that hooks that gps/nav to the radio stack?  Just curious if anybody has ever tried. (And no, I'm not going to set the altitude for 1200 feet!).

Misty's Place / The Long Way Home
« on: February 21, 2011, 07:48:42 PM »
Well ... I was flying this new route to Kim's "Little Oliver Creek" ... lovely flight up the Skeena River ... writing the Trip Tic, making the "FS" (Flight Seeing Plan) ... then I made the turn back toward Little Oliver Creek.  Well, I spilled the coffee, I dodged the edge of the cliff and caught a pontoon in a pine tree on the last turn to port. I hit "P" [pause] ... the guy in the back seat threw up and couldn't find the little bag ... oh me, there goes the weekend. I got out of the plane, got BOB, climbed the tree and retrieved the pontoon and drug it up to the cabins with a couple of hikers' help.  Got back in the plane, hit "p" ... semi-crash landed (but lived to tell about it) and parked the broken plane over by the cabins.  Called Misty's, they are sending out a mechanic and a little winch tomorrow to fix it.  Now what?

Well, I didn't have a plane, but there was a boat rental nearby.   So I rented a boat and headed down the river finally getting to Terrance about dusk.  What would my fellow pilots say if they saw me driving a boat instead of flying my Beaver?  Oh well ... they'll never know if you don't tell them!  Chris is going to be real upset that I broke his plane.  (And wait till I get my hands on Kim ... the nerve of that guy putting a bumpy, crooked, sloping runway into our Scenery Library like that ... it is way too short ... way too dangerous ...)

. . . and one heck of a lot of fun!


[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Little Oliver Creek
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:20:32 AM »
Little Oliver Creek by Kim Gowney is "up" and ready for your pleasure.  When you go to download this one, click on the link there for the website that talks about the "real" Little Oliver Creek ... it is very interesting and will make your journey a little more fun thinking about it.

The only thing different about this location is that we are putting a warning label on it ... you may need a stronger seat belt and a change of tidy whities. 

Thanks, Kim ... enjoy!
(Modification) ... got the Trip Tic and the Flight Seeing Plan uploaded also. 


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