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Screenshots / We do fly in a beautiful area ...
« on: March 01, 2019, 07:51:25 PM »
... just sayin'

Help and Troubleshooting / "Snowy" (Hard Winter) Season not showing ...
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:56:28 AM »
This has been a problem for me for a long time. If I am flying "summer" and change seasons to "winter" ... I get a mix of snowy trees at high elevations and green trees lower (basically Spring).  If (when my computer time is set to 02.28.2019) I reset to system time ... then all the snowy trees appear. But this seems to work only by resetting the system time.  Anybody else see this?


Screenshots / Silt Lake Cabin
« on: February 14, 2019, 02:12:15 PM »
One of the "joys" of putting Season Switchers into many of the locations and "touching them up" is actually ENJOYING them.  I took Klaus' beautiful new MISTY ICON A5 for a great trip over the snowy mountains to frozen Silt Lake. A beautiful day for flying, a great aircraft and a satisfying scenery location upon arrival. The old Bush Pilot was there to greet me ... coffee was ready.

Silt Lake Cabin has been "2019 Refreshed" as have many other locations. Keep an eye on the top of the Scenery Page for the 2019 UPDATE PDF that Norm keeps up to date for you. Then use the RTMM Flight to grab a beautiful route to a "refreshed" location.

PS: Don't forget to click on the picture for a larger view!

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / C.I.R.P. Totally Refreshed
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:00:35 PM »
C.I.R.P. (GLACIERS!) ... has been TOTALLY Refreshed!

The entire CIRP program has been revamped, new downloads and a new dedicated CIRP page. All of the ice stations (10) are now in the SAME download zip file ... one download, all 10 stations and the ndb's too. If you look on the Scenery Page under "C" you will see all the CIRP entries, the ice stations zip, plus all of the other CIRP addons associated with the program. Everything can be downloaded in about 3 minutes now. 

NOTAM: You should DELETE all of your CIRP sceneries from your Sim's Scenery Library, then add these refreshed files. DO NOT overwrite!

The CIRP Scenery Page has been totally revamped. The only thing we are really missing is the hovercraft (we are looking for a replacement). But in the meantime, the CIRP Stalwart is one heck of a land vehicle. You can download a "tricked out" Stalwart from the Land Operations table. Following the glacier dispatches, you can drive the vehicle safely out on the ice and literally cover MILES and MILES of terrain. The "Tricked out" version is set up with 3D REDUX lights if you have the program and a special modified "Ground Handling" system that give you speed control for the vehicle. The engine is souped and can send the Stalwart up very steep inclines.

For the air operations there are dispatches that will take you on various supply runs out to the 10 ice stations. All of them are equipped with an NDB so you can tune in your target station on the vehicle's ADF and find the location. This can give you some spectacular flying ... 6000 feet and higher. Weather is always a factor .. and when it is "clear" ... the view is spectacular showing you the fastness of the glacier system above the beautiful Misty Fjords.

There is an "introductory" tour on the CIRP page so you can take a tour (once you've loaded up CIRP) that will take you from PAKT to Summit Ice Station. A great way to see the transition from Fjords to Glaciers, all autopilot guided (except for altitude) so you can enjoy the tour. 

All of the location downloads are done from the Scenery Page under "C". And all the information and dispatches are on the dedicated CIRP page. 

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / RTMM's "Refresh 2019" campaign
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:27:22 AM »
RTMM's "Refresh 2019" campaign

This is a thread where we can discuss the Refresh 2019 campaign at RTMM. One continuing comment we always had from our recently departed friend, Spud, was that we were creating fine new things, but were not paying enough attention to the older scenery locations with very outdated readme text instructions, etc. Spud asked if we could please go back and do proper housekeeping on many of the older locations.  So what we are doing, is basically a response to Spud's request and an addition to his legacy at RTMM.

Some new, but focus on the older locations this year

Of course we will still be having a "new" location for you as we build them, that effort will never stop at RTMM. But what you will see is a great deal of activity on updating or "refreshing" the older scenery locations. Many will be brought up-to-date technically with some of the things we have learned since they were first built ... Season Switcher, ground polygon manipulations, new library objects, etc. We will also be doing a complete review on each of the installation "readme" texts for these to make sure they are not discussing "old" libraries, or "old" ways of installing the locations. The "readme" texts will all be brought up to date.

What you will See

What you will notice first are the changes happening on the scenery page. This is where we are keeping track of our own progress, but also sharing it with you.  When we have "refreshed" a scenery you will see the 2019 Refresh logo in the upper right hand corner. With it will be either a red exclamation mark or a green check mark. The Red mark tells you that to have the latest scenery files for the location, you must redownload and reinstall the scenery. The green mark tells you we have cleaned up the "readme" but we HAVE NOT altered the scenery files. This means the locations does not need a re-download (unless you want the updated readme). Clicking on the Refresh 2019 ICON will bring up a pop-up PDF that explains the process.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER ... when you are replacing any RTMM scenery location with an update ... DO NOT OVERWRITE ... first DELETE the old location folder then add the new one. We are being careful with the Scenery folder name so that, most of the time, if you just replace the folder, your scenery library will see no change. Where we have to change the name of the location, it will be so indicated with the little red exclamation point below the zip button.

No technical problems if you DO NOT update (refresh)

You will not have any technical problems with any of the locations if you decided NOT to update or refresh your scenery folder. The old scenery will work just fine. However, you will not be seeing the latest/best for what a refreshed location can offer. Many of these are now being updated with Season Switcher files that makes the location change its look based on the season. (See Season Switcher under "S" on the FAQ page).

If a location name changes...

If a location name changes, and you take out the old one and put in a new one, when you start up your sim it will say the location cannot be found and gives you the chance to unload it. Do that. When the sim starts, go in and delete that scenery area, then add the one with the new name and you'll be all set.  I'm purposely repeating here ...We do not change a location name often, and when we do, you are notified of it with the little red exclamation mark under the zip button.

Your Help is appreciated

We are basically coming down the list alphabetically. We are not updating EVERY scenery location. If you see a location that you feel needs attention because of old/outdated installation instructions, or actual problems with the scenery ... let us know in this thread. We will move that location to the top of our list and work on it "out of order". This way, as you fly the locations and install new ones, you can keep an eagle eye out for us to help us with this Refresh 2019 effort.

The thread is now YOURs for discussion . . . . .

From Here to There - Missions, Trip Tics and VA / RSA (Route Safe Altitude)
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:17:08 AM »
Norm and I area again working on the RTMM Flight Plans. We now have everything synced between MFC (Misty Flying Club) and RTMM ( and the RTMM GoTo Table.  We are now going through all of the flights, personally flying them, making little adjustments to the plans and putting "RSA" for (Route Safe Altitude) into the title of each flight plan's name.  If you see "RSA" right after the altitude entry in the name, then you'll know this one is "certified safe" at that altitude.  So when you download, you will start seeing "RSA" show up in the plan names.

The Misty Flying Club is just about the easiest "virtual airline" there is to fly. Norm and Henry have made MFC without a lot of flight rules, schedules, etc. You can literally pick your flight (use the RTMM GoTo table), choose the flight with your sim's flight planner, then put int the MFCxxxxX number associated with the plan into MFC's "Cigar Box" and you are good to go!

We've decided on "RSA" (Route Safe Altitude) to describe the safe altitude for the low/slow flight plans we create. This is bush flying, over the treetops and between the mountains, usually staying within 1200 feet of the surface ... keeping you below the weather in the Misty Fjords area!  When you see RSA, you can set the altitude on your GPS and set the instrument to "gps" mode ... and just sit back and watch the beautiful scenery go by. Landing is manual.

For those who prefer a more realistic format for flying, Norm is giving you the VFR Rules altitude or "Flight/Cruise Altitude". When you look at the Cigar Box at MFC, the the VFR altitude will be in the top box and the RSA will be in the bottom "route" box.  To understand all of this in more detail, Norm has created a PDF (HERE), that explains all of this for you.

RTMM is all about the JOURNEY, the scenery locations mark the beginnings and endings, but most of the time you will spend with RTMM is going from "Here2There". This is why we spend so much time on the flights planning and details for MFC.

NOTAMs and NEWs / The Western Chugach - Part 2 (Added 08.05.2018)
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:49:13 PM »
The Western Chugach - Part 2  - By Rod Jackson

Rod Jackson has given us the second installment of the beautiful Western Chugach area. The new "Part 2" meshes perfectly with the previous "Part 1".  The scenery additions are amazing and can give you hours of viewing/flying pleasure. You can even take a float trip down the river if you like by also adding "TWC 2 - Floats" (Separate scenery package). This gives you "pull-outs" for your boat at key places down the river. Downloading the new POI's for Plan-G from Dieter's Corner for this new area gives you a completes a full scenery set for your enjoyment.

The Western Chugach - Part 2 adds many enhanced areas of true-to-life scenery covering over 600 square miles in the western Chugach Mountains including the Cooper Landing and Quartz Creek Airport (JLA) areas.  This scenery includes some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska featuring world-class salmon fishing, drift boat fishing, whitewater areas, rapids, waterfalls and a number of hand-drawn creeks plus the full length of the Russian River. There are numerous fishing lodges, bed and breakfasts and cabins depicted as well.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Terra Flora Trees
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:00:58 AM »
2 evenings ago, I added Terra Flora ... the result was amazing, moving trees! And I think better tree "objects" than in the default. But yesterday I turned on my sim (P3D V4.3) and Terra Flora was not "there." The default objects were showing. 

I know that the 3D animation has to be turned off.
In Scenery/Global/Scenery the and vegitation_TF.bgl are showing as they should.

Wonder if anybody else has had a problem. It has to be a setting "here" because I did see it work once.

Prepar3D-Version 4 / Vector Elevations
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:46:11 AM »
Usually we have no problems "inside" our RTMM area. But with BWEP and Snow Dogs, we are sometimes outside the SAK, PNW, Pacific Fjords, etc area. You will occasionally need to disable the VECTOR elevation (if you are using Vector). Typically, and airport that needs this has an elevation problem ... usually it looks like it is in a small valley, as depicted below. When you encounter this, go to FTX Central, Settings, and Vector Elevations. Move the airport in question from "enabled" (left column) to "disabled" (right column). This will solve the elevation problem:

Pull this one out of your  ... load it up and give it a try ...

Bear Camp Research (CZBC) from Pitt Meadows (CYPK)-2900-L-L--------------- MFC0032A.pln

I'm betting this is the most difficult flight plan/location we have in the entire 600+ set. I literally flew this thing 5 times ... didn't walk away from the first 5!  Made it on the 6th try.  If you fly it, keep your altitude dead on at 2900 feet. On your approach, you will fly through a "crack" in the mountain to your left. Once through, a 90 degree right turn ... the runway is ahead in 1.5 miles. Very short runway, dirt. You are flying into a box canyon, so if you screw up ... use the parachute!

This is bush flying at its best. If you have any bad weather, don't even get out of bed!


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Casual Flying
« on: April 09, 2018, 12:37:50 PM »
How many of us, after a long day at the office or retired (doing honey-do's all day) ... like to take a break and just do a short flight in the beautiful RTMM area?  I'm one of those. No matter what I'm doing, I always try to get a flight in each day. It is a great way to sit back, relax and just enjoy our hobby.  I call this guy/gal the "casual flyer".

The new Misty Flying Club is "made for" the casual flyer.  It is only a couple of clicks to join, no fee, no looking over your shoulder. Once a member, you can use the new "flight plan number" on each of the 600+ RTMM flight plans to fly with MFC.  Unlike most VA's, this one is built for the bush/casual flyer. You are not saddled down by a bunch of rules and schedules. You fly when you want, MFC simply "records" your flight so you can keep track of all the places you've been (and these are on your "PILOTs" page).

The only "rule" is that you must have a landing rate of less than 600 fpm. (Anything above that is a crash anyway and your flight will be rejected). So you'll find yourself taking a little more care on your landings.

It is fun to see how many "hours" you are spending in the air. I had no idea, and am sort of surprised at how much air time I have accumulated. I haven't used the new log system in P3D because I fly so much "changing/checking" things ... sometimes at 4X speed to keep the site up to date ... and this messes up the logs there and you cannot edit them. So this is becoming my "casual log" for my casual flying.

If you've never tried a VA, or have and hated all the rules and schedules, then you should give Misty Flying Club a try. In minutes, you'll be "in the club" and "in the air".  I've got two readme files in the (...Here2There/RTMM Flight Plans). One discusses using the flight numbers with MFC, the other discusses how to use the flight plans "manually." I've also put a lot of information on our MFC page.

Come give it a try, I think you'll find this a very different and rewarding experience for your hobby.


Here are a couple of screen shots of what Brad is working on. This is the Cabins by the Lakes part II.  These are "ruins" ...and what it looks like when you build too close to the lake and the water level changes with a big storm.

Latitude/Longitude/Heading - Discussion

When we "start" at a dock or a remote locations, sometimes the "position" of the aircraft is critical so you don't start with a pontoon on the dock, etc. To make your start position literally perfect, we use latitude and longitude inputs with 4 digit accuracy instead of the default 2 digit accuracy.  Also the "heading" positions the aircraft in the right "alignment." 

To "place" your aircraft in the exact position at a remote dock, you use the MAP feature in the sim. On our scenery page and on the startup page, the "start location" is given, mostly using the 4 digit accuracy.  Once you know the lat/long/heading, you put those into the "MAP" tables. Be sure to set you altitude at ZERO and your speed at ZERO. Once you add these and "ENTER" you will be positioned exactly where you need to be at the remote position. You do not need to make any changes in your sim to make this happen. Just copy the 4 digit accuracy position into the MAP fields and it will work.

NOTAM: For scenery development, if you want to force your simulator to read out with 4 digit accuracy, this is how you do it: (I use CTRL-F to "find" "MAIN")

4 Digit Accuracy ...

The sims are basically set up for 2 digit accuracy. It is "ok" for land, but not so good for starting water positioning (as most of our are). If you want to set your sim to always read out in 4 digit accuracy, here is what you do.  Look in your simulator's config "cfg" file (found under users/"computer name"/Apps/Roaming/Simulator Name/). (P3D is Prepar3D.cfg) Open the cfg file and search for [MAIN]  and make this change:

FractionalLatLonDigits=4   <- add this line under [MAIN]

NOTAM: Housekeeping on cfg changes. It is always a good idea when you make a change to put in two slash marks // and your initials at the end of an altered line. So this is what it would look like with my initials:

FractionalLatLonDigits=4 //jdl

Decimal Latitude Longitude Setup

Some applications need "digital" latitude and longitude. It is a cumbersome (but possible) procedure to use a conversion program to change from standard "digits" (Nxx xx.xxxx) format to decimal. But you can make your sim "switch over" to decimal by doing the following:

Again, go to your simulator's "cfg" file. Look under [MAIN]

If you have FractionalLatLonDigits=4 (or =2) then put two // in front of this and add the following:

//FractionalLatLonDigits=4 <two slash marks ahead of this line
LatLonFormat=Degrees //jdl <- Add your initials
FractionalLatLonDigits=6  /jdl <- Add your initials

Now your sim will give you DECIMAL lat long to 6 digits.

Going back

Returning to the original configuration is easy. Put slash marks in front of the lines you have added and take them off the line you had previously added them to. So it will now look like this:

FractionalLatLonDigits=4 <- Take out slash marks
//LatLonFormat=Degrees //jdl <- Add slash marks to deactivate
//FractionalLatLonDigits=6  /jdl <- add slash marks to deactivate

Now you will be back to 4 digits (or 2 if you want) in "digit" format. But leaving the other two lines in place with the slash marks makes it easy for you to change back in the future if you need it. Also, if you've put in your initials, the next time you want to find any change you have made in the cfg file, just use CTRL-F (find) and enter your initials, it will take you right to the changes you have made.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Short Fields Glacier Tour
« on: March 24, 2018, 10:51:30 AM »
This is a TOUGH tour, big planes, short runways. You need to fly a "big boy" ... C47 or DC3 on this tour. I'm using the C47, (first time I've flown it). To land at Bronson Creek, off the river you must make a sharp turn about 100 degrees to the right upon approach. But there is a back way in. If you look carefully at your map, you can come in over Monsoon Lake. Just don't hit the tree or the diggers at the leading end of this runway. I'm not used to the big planes, this is real white knuckle flying for me.

 Here's what it looks like on approach.

As you can see, this is not for the "feint at heart". :-)

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Remember - We are in Public Beta
« on: March 23, 2018, 05:00:56 PM »
Misty Flying Club is still in "beta" ....

Just so everyone knows, we are still in "public beta" mode. Lots of things are being fixed and changed daily, many of them because of the problems some brave people are pointing out to us. This is what "beta" is all about. There WILL be problems. If you want to risk "playing" with this, knowing you can have some problems, we appreciate you helping us (and we appreciate your patience), and we NEED your feedback to make it work. That feedback is helping us get everything running more smoothly each day.  For those folks that don't want to deal with the "beta problems" we encounter, we'll let you know with a real "grand opening" when things are all settled down. Just a reminder.


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