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Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Remember - We are in Public Beta
« on: March 23, 2018, 05:00:56 PM »
Misty Flying Club is still in "beta" ....

Just so everyone knows, we are still in "public beta" mode. Lots of things are being fixed and changed daily, many of them because of the problems some brave people are pointing out to us. This is what "beta" is all about. There WILL be problems. If you want to risk "playing" with this, knowing you can have some problems, we appreciate you helping us (and we appreciate your patience), and we NEED your feedback to make it work. That feedback is helping us get everything running more smoothly each day.  For those folks that don't want to deal with the "beta problems" we encounter, we'll let you know with a real "grand opening" when things are all settled down. Just a reminder.


This TOUR is an excellent "overview" of the CIRP complexes.  Try to pick a day with some great weather like I had.


These tours Norm has created are absolutely beautiful and very relaxing.  We do fly in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet at RTMM.  I'm finding that I'm enjoying XPOI by FSDreamteam as an adjunct to the Misty Flying Club tours. It is a payware addon.  It puts markers and names on many of the key features as you are flying. So if you were taking a real tour "up there" around Misty Fjords, the pilot would be pointing those out to you.  This is a great way to learn the area for VFR.  You can turn it on an off within the sim as you are flying, so when you come to an area that is a little cluttered, (like Ketchikan), you can turn it off. But when things get a little boring, its fun to turn it on and learn about the area. There is a feature that hooks you directly to Wikipedia if you want to know more about a particular site. You will notice the computer chug for a moment as they "come in" ... but once in, I'm seeing no depreciation of frame rates. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Misty Flying Club (MFC) Plans
« on: March 14, 2018, 05:11:01 PM »
There are two "kinds" of plans for you to use with the Misty Flying Club:

The first are the TOURS and you can get those from the tour page at the MFC Tour Page site.

The second plan that work now with MFC is the newly numbered RTMM Flight  Norm and I are coming through the entire list fixing them up so you can fly to them using MFC.  We are completed through the "G"s on the list.  You can get the latest RTMM Flight file on the Here2There Page HERE.

You copy the MFC number and place that into the "Flight Number" box in the MFC "Cigar Box" ... it finds the flight  for you and fills in the cigar box. We will have this for all 800 RTMM flight plans. It will take some time, but you can always get the latest at the above link. The MFC number is to the right of the flight plan name.


PS: There is a readme that explains how to use the RTMM Flight grouping.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Misty Flying Club - Some Basics
« on: March 13, 2018, 04:39:51 PM »
Welcome to the Misty Flying Club Board.   Here is where we will discuss anything related to the new Misty Flying Club.  Please keep your posts "on topic" to make it easier for the moderators and the viewers. 

MFC Experts: Our two "VA" experts are Henry Kirk and Norm Richards. Both have extensive experience in working in the VA environment.

A "bush flying" VA: You will find this "VA" tailored for bush flying. The "rules and regs" are a little lax compared to most VA's, and there is some "seat of the pants" flying involved (just use common sense). This is why we are calling this the Misty Flying Club, it isn't, in the strict sense, a virtual airline. It is a place for bush flyers to meet and enjoy over 1000 scenery locations in the RTMM world. There is one Go/NoGo rule, you must land at less than 600 fpm or your PiRep will be rejected ... so learn how to make those smooth landings.  Most of the information you will need you will find at the RTMM MFC Website and the MFC Website.

Aircraft: We have many aircraft types involved in this project ... of course including helicopters. So leave your F-15 at home, you'll never make the turns! We have some beautiful repaints from Klaus Tröeppner that are in the "hangar" ... these make the RTMM/MFC bush flying experience come to life. You can find the repaints on the RTMM Enhancements page.

Multi Player:   Flying with other bush pilots is going to be part of the fun in this new experience. "HOW TO" get going on this aspect is clearly laid out on the RTMM MFC web page HERE. Try to keep the Multi Player discussions on the Multi Player board, but we know there must be some cross over discussion as both of these are so closely associated.

Questions:  Feel free to ask all your questions about the Misty Flying Club here. Many of you (like me) have not been associated with the VA environment before. You will find Henry and Norm very patient with your questions. So there are no "dumb" questions ... have at it. The key is for you to get the knowledge you need to enjoy this. As this effort was starting up, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience. We hope you will enjoy it too. If you have not tried this, the Misty Flying Club is a good place to start. Easy rules and a lot of help.

Summary: The Misty Flying Club is the perfect adjunct to Return to Misty Moorings. We have created hundreds of scenery locations, but very few people have seen all of them. The Misty Flying Club experience will give you (1) the pleasure of making the journey from Here2There, (2) will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, (3) introduce you to scenery locations meticulously put together by our scenery design team, and (4) as you fly, you will gain "Flying Club Logged Credit" and rank for your efforts.

Preliminary Status: As of this posting, we haven't officially launched the Misty Flying Club. Henry and Norm are still working on little bugs that show up, it is a very complex piece of software. So be patient with us as "we" learn along with the experts. We will keep you posted on this board as to its status.


Misty's Place / Eagle Cam - Live
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:23:59 AM »
I've been enjoying watching the Bear Valley (California Mountains) Live Eagle Cam. We've been watching them since the eggs were laid. Fun to watch how quickly these little guys grow up. If you like watching wildlife, this is a great live cam:

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Misty Flying Club Discussion
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:51:26 PM »
This thread is for discussing the new Misty Flying Club (VA). It will be launched soon, but you can discuss its usage here. Henry Kirk and Norm Richards are the key players that are bringing this to you. Hat tip to both for a great job.  We'll let you know when it is ready. But you can view the project at

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Misty Multiplayer is Active
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:33:43 PM »
The Misty Multiplayer is ready for use. You will find the web page for it at:

Look under Misty Multiplayer on the Page Index for details on software needed, etc.

The Misty Multiplayer was launched Feb 22, 2018.  The page is new and still under construction. Misty MultiPlayer is only one of two parts to this page. As you will soon see, we are also launching the Misty Flying Club (MFC). It is not quite ready yet, but you can download the software for it and be ready for its launch sometime soon.

You can discuss this new RTMM feature in this thread. Try to keep the thread subject to Misty Multiplayer. When we launch the Flying Club, it will have its own thread.

Thank you,

Hat Tip to Norm Richards for setting up the Misty Multiplayer on DISCORD for us.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Dalton Highway - Coming soon
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:32:15 AM »
We are doing some extensive work for the "outlyer" locations for the BWEP Dalton Highway segment.  As we finish these, I put them onto the scenery page, but the ZIP button is not active and won't be until the the Dalton Highway segment of the pipeline is ready.  But you can see the pictures (click on the thumb picture), and click on the README for the location where there will be more pictures and an explanation of what is coming. These are:

Yukon Crossing ... depiction of the Google Earth image
Allakaket Lodge ... updated airport, added lodge near the river
Flying Beaver Lodge ... updated WBQ Airport, updated Snow Dog Tour area, and new lodge

All four airports for this segment have been completed. 3 were updated significantly (as we are doing with airports we use along the pipeline) and one is BRAND NEW ... Winter Trail Supply. We found an abandoned airport on Google Earth and duplicated it as best we could turning it into a supply base for BWEP.  You will have a lot to do with this coming segment.   I'll be dropping some screenshots in this thread so you can get a better feel on what is coming. 

There is a LOT of pipeline that Brad is laying down, and he is working this in among his REAL duties of making a living. So this "coming soon" is not "tomorrow" ... it will take us a while, but I will keep you posted.

Here is a Google Earth capture of the abandoned airport that we found, and the second picture is what happens when BWEP buys the virtual unused property for $1 and acre and turns it into a supply depot!  You can see we duplicated the Google Earth image.


We are going to take a slightly different "strategy" for scenery locations in the northern segments of the pipeline. There are simply no lodges or nice little lakes ... it is just on-and-on tundra and rolling hills. Beautiful country, but not a great place for adding scenery locations. Yet flying this country is pretty amazing, especially with the expanse of it. You really get the "feel" of what it must have been like to build this amazing pipeline. Add weather and poor light and it is a very different kind of flying for us.

What there are many of are great little airports ... and that's how people get around up there. So we are going to feature the some these airports. Many are already built very well, good runways, taxiways, etc ...sparse on buildings, but solid locations. We are going to enhance some of these outlying airports (away from the pipeline), and put a lodge connected to them.  We will then "enhance" the airport and create a new scenery location.

The strategy will be to take advantage of what ORBX already has placed in these locations. One such example is Circle City Lodge.  In the pic below you can see how we are taking advantage of 1. A community, 2. and airport, 3. a lodge location. All three are connected with roads. This makes the overall addition more interesting for folks.  Mostly things are frozen up this way anyway, so most flying will be with skis, tundra or wheels (plus heli of course).

Here you can see how we placed a lodge on the Yukon River, near a great little community and fixed up a very "solid" airport PACR.  In "The Interior" there will be three locations like this.

PS "Click on the picture to enlarge it"

Screenshots / BWEP Dalton Highway Construction - High Noon!
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:13:24 PM »
Here's what "high noon" looks like in the dead of Winter in the Dalton Highway Segment of BWEP. This is flying south from Coldfoot to Bettles (Spending the night in the Bettles Lodge where it is nice and warm...the lodge is part of the Bettles Airport complex)! We are working on this new BWEP segment for you.  Brad, of course, Is doing all the "pipe work" ... and it is amazing he has gotten this far. Others on the team are working on the associated airports, which we now have completed for this segment. Dalton Highway will be coming, but there is still a lot of pipe to be laid.

We are paying careful attention to night lighting on the airport complexes, and you can see why ... stars at high noon? Yep. Welcome to one of the coldest places on the planet!


Screenshots / Cold and Clear!
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:53:11 PM »
Testing the newly designed airports for the coming Dalton Highway BWEP segment. A great night to fly ... cold and not a cloud in the sky!  Beautiful "high" tundra area.


Screenshots / No Smoke Here!!!
« on: December 16, 2017, 08:32:52 PM »
Smoke! Darn, I'm tired of smoke!  Over 300 "changes" at RTMM fixing the smoke objects for P3D V4 ... so, when finished, I took a break at one of my favorite places, Pakoo Harbor on Molokai in Hawaii. My route was Misty's Place to Juneau, Saab 2000 to Anchorage, Delta A320 to Honolulu, a taxi ride (Stalwart!) over to the PHNL SPB, jumped in my Misty Amphib and here I am.  I come here and just sit on the beach and inhale the FRESH air!  Going to stay here over the holidays, back to work after New Years'.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! (I hope Santa has floats on that sleigh!)


Website Discussion / Smoke Fix Update from Doug
« on: December 03, 2017, 06:50:18 PM »
I'm now down to the "S's" ... so we are getting there, about 3/4ths of our scenery locations are now P3DV4 ready for getting rid of the smoke problem.  If you see one with a problem, if it starts with S or higher (toward Z), don't worry about it, I'll get there. If you see something before "S" ... I need to know so I can put it onto the worksheet.

If you look at the scenery page, you'll see I am doing two other things as I come down the page. I'm putting in 4 digit lat/long starting position data for each scenery location. And for the "groups" I'm listing them in the scenery slot for that location. If you use those coordinates, your aircraft will be exactly where it needs to be to start a trip from that location.  I'm actually finding these are more fun, you get to revisit a pretty place, but they fly "back" to where ever you want by the seat of your plants, or "Direct" on the GPS.

The other thing you cannot see there, but you can see on the bottom of Table 10 (Installation/Getting Started Page), is the RTMM Remote Startup  This will only work for you if you have P3D, it does not work with FSX.  You add the contents of this to your Prepar3d V3 Files or Prepar3d V4 files folder. When you go to load a scenario, all of our locations (that I've done) can be found and loaded, putting you exactly where you need to be to start a trip.

Note that it is easy to "mess" with these. They all start with RTMM ... so if there are ones you don't want, just delete them. Or if you decide you don't like this, select all "RTMM - " entries and delete. You can always re-download them from the bottom of the Table 10.  I'm finding these are very helpful, you don't have to figure out where these things are.  You can look at our maps with VFR Flight, Plan G or KMZ and when you see then name of a place, when I'm done, you'll be able to load it. There are hundreds of them.

P3D/IS3 is about as shaky as a hula dancer wearing poison ivy.  You never know which way it is going to jump to next. Mostly it jumps to CTD. Then other times it will work for a couple of hours with no problems. I cannot find the pattern. When it doesn't want to work, I work in P3DV4 to find problems and add them to the worksheet, when it does work, I come through the worksheet problems and eliminate them.

If you have Owikeeno, you should probably download the new file (from the Scenery Page) even if you have P3D V3, V4 or FSX.  With the Mega_Yacht change that we had to make (to make it work in V4), it changed the route a tiny bit .. enough to put the boats at Owikeeno on the pier (disturbing! :-).  So I adjusted those piers. I also fixed the short waterfalls, that just do not work, and now that we can better see the waterfalls (thanks to Mike's effect upgrade), I did a better job of placing them. So if you like Owikeeno, download the new one. You will also see all of the major Owikeeno locations have 4 digit lat/long coordinates, and all of these are in the RTMM Remote Startup

More work to do, but we are plugging away at it.


Help and Troubleshooting / Using IS3 with the "BROKEN" P3D V3.4
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:12:08 PM »
Some of us MUST use IS3 now, we've been waiting for a fix from Lockheed Martin and Microsoft for over 2 months and we have to get on with our development work. For people finding themselves in this position, there is a way to use IS3 under this "broken" condition. It is not stable and it is not easy ... but it can be done. Here is the procedure:

1. Restart the computer
2. Go to documents and take out "Prepar3d V3 Files" (delete it).
3. Go to Apps/Local/Lockheed Martin and take out  "Prepar3d V3" (delete it)
4. Go to: IS3 ModuleInstaller.exe and UNINSTALL the IS3 Module
5. Go to: IS3 IS3 ModuleInstaller.exe and Install the IS3 Module
6. Start P3D V3.4
7. A white box appears:
   The module "InstantSceneryP3D.dll" has not been tested ....
   Select Check onlline
   When Updated information has been downloaded box comes up
   Press OK   
8. When the flight sim scenario comes up, select time of day and season
   Note: if it is on what you want, change it and then change it back
9. Press ok to load the simulator
   Sim comes up with Default Raptor Jet
   Select SLEW
   Select cockpit view
10. Go to Add-ons (top page menu) and click on Instant Scenery
11. After IS3 loads

   NOTAM: If the top bar menu for IS3 is missing, just restart your computer
   and start over ... there is nothing you can do to recover this infrequent menu problem.

   Next, I right click to "display as list" on my IS3 File Box and the My Favorites box.
   Go up to the checkmark in the IS3 top bar menu, click it
   Click on Add-on global libraries
   Click on Add-on local libraries
   Click on OK

   Click on the files folder in the IS3 menu bar and select the bgl you need.
   Let it load (and sometimes it will crash)
   Once loaded, click on the "list" (little square with lines) to open it
   In the list box, click on "move aircraft to selected object" ...  click on an object
   Let the scenery adjust
   Use IS3 as normal

To speed this process,
   1. create a folder for your desktop (Prepar3D Startup)
   2. Put short cuts for steps 2 through 6 into the folder
   3. When you "start P3D" go to that folder and follow the shortcuts.

   When loading starts getting VERY SLOW (around 29%), it is about to crash.

You may pass this link on to others who may need it: Startup.txt

Doug Linn / Return to Misty Moorings

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