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DX10 and Prepar3D Discussions / P3Dv2.3 Available!
« on: August 11, 2014, 06:08:44 PM »
I just read that it P3D v2.3 has been released.  I can't wait to hear if some of the big bugs have been fixed.  The list does show a fix for object effects which I really hope will solve the regen of effects issue.

Here is link to announcement:


Hi all,

I am planning to take a close look at Hollis Harbor, Ketchikan Harbor and Halibut Cove as time permits to make sure they are revised as required for our "FSXP3D" environment.  I am in and out over the next month but will hope to get done as much as possible during that time.

Meanwhile, I need to make a quick comment on the superb work that Doug and Spud are doing as they look at the bulk of the  RTMM scenery library to clean them up for our new "FSXP3D" paradigm where FSX, FSX DX10 and P3Dv2 users can all see the exact same sceneries with no extra work!  When they are done with a Scenery, you will the little red light turn green.

Doug has been carefully following a process to review each scenery, find problems and make changes while Spud does the "QC" work making sure the revised scene is clean and the documentation is correct for our current environment. 

Great job, Doug and Spud!!!!


Hi all,

The RTMM P3Dv2 Object Project (POP), which is the conversion and consolidation of all of RTMM non-payware required libraries into one single download set that contains only FSX models and .dds textures is now in Beta test and almost ready.   With only FSX models and .dds textures, not only should the scenery drawing be a bit quicker but, for all practical purposes,  the objects in the new library will display in FSX, FSX DX10 and P3Dv2 with no further object model or texture conversion necessary.

All RTMM users will need to upgrade to these libraries, once they are ready, since these libraries will be the core object library set for our sceneries of the past as well as our sceneries into the future.  They also contain a few added libraries and objects for future scenery development.


Hi all,

Hopefully you have been watching this link: to keep tabs on the RTMM team's effort to convert the freeware object libraries that we require our users to have to be compatible with FSX, FSX DX10 and P3D (all available versions).  The POP Status Report will be/has been updated to show that we are in the final stages of preparing the converted object libraries and plan to have them available by mid-May.   

With the impending release of the ORBX PFJ triple installer, all of the ORBX regions we operate in will soon be able to be loaded into P3Dv2 including Tongass Fjords FSX which can be installed in P3D (per Holger Sandmann) using the "FSX To Prepar3D Migration Tool" by NGO Flightsim Estonia.

RTMM is on target to make sure that you will be able to choose FSX, FSX DX10 or P3D (all available versions) for your RTMM flying environment and be able to see our sceneries as we intended for you to see them.

As we approach completion of the POP initiative, I too am looking forward to moving to P3D in a few months.  It's going to be a great summer!


Hi all,

The landing at Fillmore Cove by Murray Bremner (Yardreamer), RTMM's newest contributor, is an excellent fly-in starting point and hub for several inland wilderness camps located on the Canadian and US border encompassing the southern edge of the Misty Moorings Alaska.  There are many lakes, streams and rivers that are still quite pristine and close to Fillmore Cove that provide for a very productive fishing experience. 

The landing at Fillmore Cove was once a logging operation during the 1970’s through to the mid 1980’s with some of the buildings and equipment remaining and utilized today. The main wharf and fuel dock have been repaired and a new cabin built to be used as an operations center.  Within the Cove, one of the three camp bunkhouse barges that had partially sunk is still present. There are plans to repair and renovate the barge incorporating the bunkhouse as a lodge staging facility and restaurant.

The fuel barge is self sufficient with its own gen-set to provide power to the  fuel tanks and pumps. Fuel available to the public is Jet and AV 100LL.  Marine Diesel is for the generators only and only available to the public for emergency use.

Phase two (coming in the future) of Fillmore Cove will incorporate guest facilities and other amenities.

The Fillmore Cove scenery features all custom-built objects using GMax and is DX10 Ready.  The detail of the objects is fantastic with little effect on frame rates.

Note:  You will need the latest version (1-22-14) of the RTMM Object Library in order to see Murray's wonderful customized models.

See below for additional pictures.


Hi all,

In order to support the imminent release of Fillmore Cove created by Yardreamer, the RTMM Object Library has been updated to include Yardreamer's custom Fillmore Cove object models.  The new version (1-22-14) of the RTMM Object Library is now available for download from the Scenery section of the site by clicking on the Object Libraries link and scrolling down to the RTMM Objects Library link. 

Fillmore Cove should be available for download shortly.


General Discussion / ORBX Releases PAJN (Juneau)!
« on: September 09, 2013, 04:03:28 PM »
Hi all,

I just landed at PAJN with the new ORBX PAJN addon scenery and it was beautiful.  This is a great new airport from ORBX.   Fantastic airport ground detail and nice People Flow animation of a an Alaska Air employee throwing suitcases onto a moving belt going into the plane.


Hi All,

The community of Halibut Cove, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, lies in a protected stretch of waterway called the narrows, which runs between the hourglass-shaped Ismailof Island and the south shore of Kachemak Bay. Many of the houses sit on pilings (due to regular tidal variances of almost 25 feet), and the only transportation is by boat - there are no cars. There are no roads.  There are no runways.  Halibut Cove can only be reached by ferry, floatplane or amphibian.

The surrounding water of Kachemak Bay provides the livelihood of many Halibut Cove residents. Local men and women fish commercially for salmon, halibut or cod. There are also a number of artists in the Cove, and it’s not unusual for a resident to be both artist and commercial fisherman.  In the summer, Halibut Cove is a vacation destination for many Alaskans as well as visitors to the State.

RTMM Halibut Cove features:

            •   Hundreds of hand-made changes to terrain elevations, textures & autogen
            •   Many custom modeled objects to provide key photo-similar structures to real-life
            •   All AI Boats and AI Floats feature photo-similar repaints and depart according to set schedules   
                that vary by season*
            •   Foliage/ground textures & people change according to the season*
            •   Static and animated Wildlife
            •   Fully-featured RTMM Control Panel to give the user maximum flexibility in what objects are
               displayed to either improve frame rates, better match a given season or just suit the user's
            •   Hundreds of feet of Boardwalk\Piers\Pilings that rise above the extremely tidal water
            •   A logical base of operations for your Kenai Peninsula adventures
            •   An incredibly unique location where taxiing to a dock or doing some casual boating is an exciting
               visual experience

*RTMM Season Switcher required for this feature

After many months of work, the RTMM Staff and Beta Testers are extremely pleased with this new ground-breaking piece of scenery from Return to Misty Moorings.  Some think it is our best effort yet.  If you haven't seen the 5 minute video feature of this scenery, and want to watch it,  Click Here.   

In order to use this scenery and make sure you have all the new custom modeled objects, you should have already downloaded and installed the brand new versions of the CeyX Object Libraries and the RTMM Object Libraries which were posted to the RTMM site on July 18.  Now you can download the Halibut Cove scenery package itself from the RTMM Scenery section under "H".

The requirements for Halibut Cove are:

Microsoft FSX (with Acceleration Pack)
Tongass Fjords X (Numerous Tongass Fjords X Objects are used in this scenery)
The latest version of all of the Return To Misty Moorings Object Libraries (Note: only the 2 mentioned
            above have recently changed)
RTMM Season Switcher v3.3 (Optional but it really makes a difference)
I have posted a couple of new pictures below.



Hi all,

Stay tuned this evening (for those of you in the States anyway).  The countdown to the release of Halibut Cove has begun.....

10, 9, 8, 7.............


Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that Halibut Cove is now in Beta test.   This is going to be a great scenery addition to our library.  Sometimes reality is even cooler than fantasy.  Halibut Cove mixes in a bit of both. 

Please click on the " Halibut Cove by RTMM" link below to see a new video showing off "Halibut Cove".  Don't forget to watch it in full screen mode.  You can choose HiDef also but don't know if that makes a difference in video quality.
Halibut Cove by RTMM   

Rod Jackson
Halibut Cove Project Leader

Hi all,

SAKAISP has been released - By Brad Allen, Dex Thomas and Rod Jackson.

Return To Misty Moorings (RTMM) is proud to bring you the Southern Alaska AI Shipping Project (SAKAISP). This is part of several extensive AI shipping enhancement projects for the Regions that RTMM covers. Conceived and mapped by Brad Allen but made possible by the combined talents of Dexter Thomas (AI Creation), Jan de Jong (Repaints), Rod Jackson (Installer & Package Assembly), and now Henrk Nielsen (Additional Ship Models), SAKAISP will add many ships to the Southern Alaska region.

Besides placing 65 new ship tracks featuring numerous cruise ships, various cargo, container and other commercial shipping vessels in the ORBX SAK region, Dex has also added a few specific ship departures from the Skagway & Anchorage docks.  And just for a bonus, there is even an AI Floatplane doing Touch ‘N Go’s in Skagway Harbor.

Special thanks to the Beta testers for this package:  Guy "Spud" Maricich, Klaus Troeppner, Jeff Greene, Dieter Linde & Rob Abernathy.

 There are a couple of pictures at the end of this announcement.

Here is a link to the Shipping Page where you can download the Southern Alaska AI Shipping Package:

Have Fun!


Hi all,

PNWAISP (Shipping Traffic for Pacific Northwest) has been released - By Dex Thomas, Rod Jackson and Brad Allen.

Return To Misty Moorings (RTMM) is proud to bring you the Pacific Northwest AI Shipping Project (PNWAISP). This is part of several extensive AI shipping enhancement projects for the areas of coverage we do.  Conceived by Brad Allen but made possible by the combined talents of Dexter Thomas, Jan de Jong and Rod Jackson, PNWAISP will add many ships to the Pacific Northwest region.

You'll see custom ships that Jan repainted and used for this project as well as default FSX and other models. Dex has put together many new traffic routes (tracks) that will populate the larger bodies of water throughout the area. With this enhancement, you will see numerous cruise ships, various cargo, container and other commercial shipping vessels bringing tourists and goods to the area.  There are a couple of pictures at the end of this announcment.

Here is a link to the Shipping Page where you can donwload the Pacific Northwest AI Shipping Package:

Have Fun!


Hi all,

We have shipping traffic for PFJ!!!!!   The RTMM AI Shipping Project for PFJ  (PFJAISP) is ready for download.   This enhancement will require Tongass Fjords FSX as well as ORBX PFJ.   This is a massive effort by Brad, Dex and JJ to place all kinds of shipping on the larger bodies of water in the Pacific Fjords Region....a very large area.    This ehancement includes 128  new individual shipping tracks made with Google Earth.   Most of the ships you have already seen in the Tongass area if you are using TFAISP though you might spot one or two new ones.  Right now most of us have empty waters in PFJ....not anymore!

The map below shows the enormous area that PFJAISP covers.   Get ready to do some ship spotting!  Here is a link that will take you directly to the RTMM AI Shipping Page:


Hi all,

A new version of TFAISP (TFAISPv1.1) is now available for download from the RTMM Enhancement AI Shipping Page section.  The  download file is called TFX AI Shipping Project   This version includes Dex's corrections to some of the tracks that inadvertently grounded some of the TFAISP Ships.  In addition, some of the repeated ships have been replaced by some new and stunning repaints by JJ.

The new ships are:

Norweigan  (NCL) Sun Cruise Ship
Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship
Cap San Augustin Cargo Ship
JJ Tongass Pride Cruise Ship
Dexter Thomas Tanker Ship
Francois Dumas (FSAddon) Cargo Ship
Holger Sandmann Cargo Ship

If you already have v1.0 installed ....just download v1.1 and install it.....the installer will just write over the top of v1.0 (no need to uninstall anything).  If you haven't installed TFAISP yet, then just install TFAISPv1.1 and it will provide you with the all the files you need to begin enjoying enhanced AI shipping in the Tongass Fjords area.  Just a reminder.....this enhancement requires Tongass Fjords FSX (from FSAddon) and ORBX PFJ..........and coming soon.....under Brad's guidance,  Dex and JJ have been hard at work creating that great RTMM AI Shipping experience for the ORBX PFJ and PNW regions.

Here is a quick link to the AI shipping page .....


Hi all,

Bet you didn't see this one coming............

Little Port Walter (LPW) Marine Station is a research unit of Auke Bay Laboratories located 110 miles south of Juneau near the southern tip of Baranof Island. LPW is the oldest year-round biological research station in Alaska and has been host to a wide variety of fisheries research projects since 1934.

LPW marine station is located on U.S. Forest Service land in Tongass National Forest and is accessible only by boat or floatplane. The station is in a small estuarine bay adjacent to Chatham Strait near the open Gulf of Alaska and is ideally suited for a broad range of studies on Alaska's fisheries. Sashin Creek with natural runs of salmonids flows into the head of the bay where daily counts of salmon entering and leaving the stream are made.

The Little Port Walter Marine Station

This entire scene has been created to match real life as closely as possible while using non-custom object libraries. AI Boat and Seaplane traffic has been added by Dex.  Animated and static waterfowl and shorebirds are also present. Rod has created pathways to the PWR floatplane facility across the small peninsula to the cove in Port Walter. In addition there is a pathway that passes a small hidden waterfall and treks up to the Little Port Walter Weir, a unique two-way weir system that was constructed at Sashin Creek to help count the spawning Salmon and their progeny -- as they migrated to sea. If you follow the Sashin Creek to Sashin Lake, you'll see a small pump house that allows spawning Salmon to enter the lake through a set of four pipes.

Looking towards the Sashin Creek Fish Weir

This little piece of gorgeous scenery has been a real team effort with Brad in the lead doing the main station and the pump house area at the head of Sashin Creek, Rod doing terrain work, Sashin Creek and the fish weir and Dex doing some AI.   Also, thanks to Jeff and Klaus for testing.

Have Fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This scenery requires the  "Tongass Fjords X" scenery region. You will need to have that installed in FSX to use this scenery properly. DO NOT use this scenery with the default FSX scenery or any other payware such as Ultimate Terrain, as it will not align correctly.

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