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Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: Enhanced Atmospherics
« on: May 23, 2020, 10:52:23 PM »
P3DV5 HF2 next week sounds like.  Hopefully this issue might be addressed? We'll see.

Cigar box is operative. What is not working?

Yes it is a bit slow to connect initially when first started but once connected it is fine so give it time.

 Pirep filings are instant but the ping back doesn't come back fast enough so it shows as a timeout error but if you look on the site you'll see that your pirep has been filed everytime within 4 seconds or less. So if it doesn't work for you, what doesn't work?  Or is something on your PC correctly setup.

Install it, install fsuipc. And you're done and it works.

Manual pireps.. bad flight

the MFC of the flight number is already implied as default so don't use MFC as part of the flight number. 

PS there are connections issues using manual pireps.. Henry working in that one took. Be prepared to wait response for 4-5 minutes then a server error. But then check the site and you'll actually find that the manual pirep did go through.

When cigar box is in process of connecting it won't close. Open task manager, select cigar box and end task. That will close it. Just another issue with our connectivity issues going on as of the last month. Again working on trying to fix a few  connectivity issues but after cigar box fully connects it is fine.

Don't think I'll be bothering with msfs2020. Unless it's free lol ! And better be that any add-on, if they're necessary are also free and it looks so real that you can't tell you're in a sim lol then don't think I'll be wasting my time with it. Lol

It's Windows 10. Probably..  as long as it was not installed to a windows protected folder should be ok.. . But install as admin if you can. If yiu can't install due to the key .. FSX is/was their also their product band you have key so call them to reactivate your key..

Low n slow mostly with a few exceptions to summits: so not running along the tops of ridges but in the valleys or gorges between them and the up and over when necessary and only to get out or over  "box canyons" then a big climb to see the summit - to the top of the mountains and see Ranges. Lol . Oxygen at 12 thousand..then back down and usually follow natural landmarks: rivers, valleys,  or man-made landmarks like highways, power lines, etc.. lol .. hopefully a scenic trip..and a challenge to be able to reach a important landmark. Hands on the controls please as these trips are not exactly condusive to autopilot use for most part. .

General Discussion / Re: ORBX True Earth Washington
« on: May 22, 2020, 06:41:35 AM »
There is not much RTMM stuff in WA (There is the PNW Scenery collection piece which has some places in the very northern part) but wouldn't expect that they would conflict. TE actually looks a nice blend of LC plus a touch of photo real but have an eye notice that the TE WA product release announcement contains troubleshooting links?  Not a great sign.. just saying! but if you get it you can always yank it out or turn it off for the price. lol.

Yes I show your last pirep as KPSO/00C. Completed. (which was leg 5), not leg 6!!You should be starting leg 6. Now I know Henry was doing some work in the db and is to fix some of the site connectivity issues. Hopefully he'll be able to shed some light.

In the mean time, you can fly leg 6 via single flight # (if you're up to to it), then hopefully back on track for leg 7.

Arg, yes it helps so we can check what is going on. Thanks Jim.


General Discussion / Re: Re-install after OS crash...?
« on: May 21, 2020, 04:19:05 PM »
Sure go for it. Nothing to loose at all Tim. But if missing effects or other stuff if you find it's missing just yell.. and can send you a set of effects etc if needed.

General Discussion / Re: Re-install after OS crash...?
« on: May 20, 2020, 11:06:02 PM »
Ok Tim..   Scenery-World-Scenery contain traffic xxxx*.bgl files to generate ai traffic (AI air traffic and AI boats/ship traffic (which rely on AI simobjects\airplanes or AI simobjects\boats to function),

But even if you don't have that intact, no biggie for now. But you do need the all the RTMM Effects - needed for almost everything from boats wakes, to all the lighting effects, to smoke effects: chimney smoke, Fires, Orange smoke, all kinds of effects. 

You can go to Annette Island Airport (PANT) to test what you do have.

1. Just add those 9 library entries plus the test to your sim scenery lib.

2. Start your sim go to PANT and test your library/and some of the effects. 

3. If you missing anything noticeable here it will probably be some of the smoke effects  which means you probably missing all the rtmm effects.

You should see all of these buildings etc plus all the smoke effects. (If you don't see everything including the smoke as per the scenery test pic below, then you are missing lib pieces and/or the effects)

(Scenery tester page link(s):

Maybe your Effects might be in your folder RTMMv4 too?

Anyways might as well just send me an email ( and then I'll send you a set of effects and maybe a copy of the my rtmm add-on scenery entries from my sim scenery.cfg. Hopefully it might help.


General Discussion / Re: Re-install after OS crash...?
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:11:16 PM »
Ok Tim... If you have everything still intact - might be able to just update the scenery.cfg file to match your entries.. but just just to be clear what part(s) of the RTMM setup was outside the sim? All of it, or just the scenery part: IE:

-RTMM Object Libraries 1-2-3-4 (and what naming convention did you use? - full names or a consolidated?
-RTMM Medical-APP Library
-RTMM BWEP Library
-All the other Add-on scenery pieces (folders)

What about the:
Scenery-world-scenery files (Ai traffic files?), Rtmm Effects, Gauges, Simobjects, Sound  folders be?  - also outside the sim?  or gone?

What about Tongass? Did you have it? If so did it get wiped out? (*updates also are req'd for Tongass to be compatible for use in P3Dv4x+ as to the AI traffic models converting to FSX Native plus the 40 terrain.cfg entries that are required in the P3D terrain.cfg file).     

Lots of questions - it's one thing to have all the scenery but also need all the supporting components for it to display correctly. So if you have everything still intact- then just try the scenery.cfg route and it should all work.

Misty's Place / Re: DC-3 in Alaska
« on: May 20, 2020, 11:02:27 AM »
Right on Steve. and depressing for sure.  Like at present, 80 % of the world commercial passenger aircraft have been lined up and have no place to go: or should say, no demand to go anywhere. All was tapered off and then most commercial passenger flights grounded and now there is little or no demand to go anywhere especially with international borders closed.

Grounded. But speaking of cruise ships too- don't say grounded! (Very hard on the hull). But most of them are also parked - like they were drydocked-with no where to go and no-one to take. All are supposed to stay home! but spread keeps going.

Back to the airline industry.. sure there is a few planes up (riders infecting each other perhaps) but most are not.
But slowly, some stuff is opening and maybe in time, like a few years down the road the skies will be back to once they once were prior to the covid melt down.  We are personally affected in this as my son-in-law has been a pilot for almost 15 yrs and commercially for the last 8 years or so: Currently a pilot for WestJet flying the 737-800: well I guess I should say he used to be (past tense!).

Effective last month due to the covid situation and grounding and lock-down, He is in now in long term layoff status as are thousands and thousands of other pilots, flight attendants, ground crews etc etc etc. all over world.

At the rate this is going or by the forecasts or outlooks, many in this industry may never be employees of airlines again.  Cargo Ops would be an option (feelers/resumes already out) but a pilot has to very high up the totem pole to be able to get in especially at this time-like 25-30 years service and up to be able to get in, There is no demand for rookies. It's all senior pilots and there are plenty of them from the Commercial passenger that are also on lay off. 

So many are out on the street so to speak but they still have to live and to do that find work so many are looking for any alternate ways to make an income but all over as the unemployment rate climbs there is little employment out there due to the current situation. But others are no longer with us due to this dread.

Hopefully as our society is slowly "kick-started" or restrictions lifted, all of these things will somewhat improve but it will take a bit of time for sure. And the world as we once knew it will never be quite the same after this: unless perhaps there a total prevention type of vaccination developed and cure that removes all the social risks away from society but we have have little choice but to wait on that - and try to be hopeful looking forward that all will be worked out. 

Opening June 1st, 2020 >  The Rockies Series - MFC0042  Rockies 2:  Exploring the Rockies From Eagle, Colorado (KEGE) to Sedona, Arizona, United States - 944.7 nm in 9 Legs.

William Butler Pilot #MFC0105 completed MFC0021 Alaska West-Sheldon Point (SXP) to King Salmon (PAKN) on 5/19/2020. 


Well sir Bill, your old stomping grounds up in these parts. lol. (Might want to share some stories sometime about your life and time in spent in Alaska? - Very interesting and brings some real people experiences ito the area even as we fly all through it. (That personal touch so to speak).

In this trip, (MFC0021) you traveled almost 800 nm down the Bering Sea coast in your Piper PA-18 Super Cub from Sheldon Point (SXP) to King Salmon (PAKN). The completion award for this trip has been added to your pilot's page.  Nice job.


MFC0040 completed by MFC0019 on 5/19/2020. Really enjoying reconnecting with the PA24, but I have to say flying N7727P in real life was  easier to land  than the A2A PA24

Aye-see that you like that Comanche and lot of fun with it!  You made it from San Diego across Arizona and into NM to make it to Grants. Nice work. The award has been added to your pilots page. Hope you find it a nice change to fly in these different areas just to explore the areas and see the various landscapes.


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