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General Discussion / Re: Graphics Card Upgrade
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:29:35 PM »
Welcome back Steve!.

Well a big question. If one wants to be part of any conventional VA, at least for now, then need to maintain either FSX or P3D for that VA world where most modules and scenery, planes etc are compatible while they are not compatible in MSFS2020.

But over time do expect that MSFS2020 will be future of sims with the best graphics etc.  MSFS2020 is getting better with every upgrade and the graphics are better in 2020 than any other previous sim but it still has a way to go to be the end all to end all sims- and there is no compatibility.

You already have FSX-SE set up and working fine so no real reason to go to P3D. That upgrade is ok but sure may not be worth the bang for the buck now that 2020 is in the picture. Personally would probably keep your FSX-SE as is since already setup and working fine but make room or add another SSD and put on MSFS2020.

Already there is a brand new sim generation that has emerged with the release of MSFS2020. Many have never simmed before this sim version and find that many are attaching to the "multiplayer" or "community events" side of things and less and less of flying alone or at a VA. It does have the best graphics out there and will only get better developed. So depends on what you might want looking forward.

Most associated here on this site have been simming for a very long time and many have their sim(s) as well are getting into MSFS2020- so at least a couple of sims (or more).  If you think about it, you might consider two sims- so you can keep what you are doing at present in FSX-SE with all your add-on products compatible but continue to expand and get into the latest MSFS2020 if you wanted to do that - but that might take adding a 1TB SSD to have adequate room.  So all depends on what you might want to do looking forward and then work towards setting it up.

Would be interested other's opinions on this discussion.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Littlenavmap shows Irregularity
« on: December 01, 2020, 03:59:59 PM »
Yes Kind of.. Ryan's file AF2* doesn't establish the airport location in the sim hence the error in LNM is generated. I was debating whether to yank it out of the add-on but decided to leave it in since there is a cabin and there is no harm except that LNM can't scan it's location.

Ryan's Cabins - (Refreshed V2.0 - 06.02.2019)
Storyline by Ryan Padgett

Summerville Bay: N54 46.85 ... W130 13.67 ...Mag 353 ... Water ... R

The land in and around British Columbia is very beautiful, with tall mountain peaks and low valleys filled with lush rain forests. Many people come to the area to enjoy the wilderness and have fun outdoors. There are many places to stay at, from expensive lodge's to campgrounds, where you can use as a home base for your adventures. One of these places is a few cabins north of Prince Rupert on Somerville Island. These cabin's are maintained by Ryan, one of the scenery designers at the Return To Misty Moorings. Ryan lives in the largest cabin, and keeps the other two nearby cabin's in good condition for the RTMM people to stay at. You are welcome to come by sometime. Just get the key from me at my cabin, get yourself over to them, and enjoy the wilderness!

You can fly in from Prince Rupert airport in a wheeled plane, and land on the sloped strip, or fly your float plane (or drive a boat) from the nearby Kincolith Seaplane Base. Flight plan's have been included from both of the options. Landing in a float plane is fairly simple hear, just fly over and check the windsock near the dock for my cabin, and then, landing into the wind, touch down in the bay. Landing on the airstrip is a but more challenging, as it is 540 ft. long and sloping. With the slope, you only need to touchdown on the flat spot and let your airplane roll up the hill. I recommend, after you slow down, applying full power an taxiing to the top of the airstrip, as this makes it mush easier to takeoff. If you land and stop on the uphill, carefully let the airplane roll backwards, and then go to takeoff power to climb up the hill. Once you have parked at the top, either walk on the dirt path or start up the ATV and drive down to me. I'll give you what you need to stay here. There are two cabin's in which you can stay, one right on the beach and another on a short path a ways up. There is an old trapper's cabin on an island, but that is the stations for the NDB and not fit for staying in. You can tune the NDB in applicable planes on 476.0. Lastly, there is a Canadian government lookout station up on the nearby mountain side above the cabin's. It is somewhat hard to find, and they don't like lot's of traffic, but you can still fly over it and take a look. Come by anytime, and enjoy what mother nature has to offer!

This is the December 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards:

Greg Gordon got 2 Year Service on 2020-12-01


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / Re: LOIJ near where I live
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:05:55 AM »
Hey there Karl - there is two versions of LOIJ on the site:

You'll have to give both a try and let us know which one is closest to the real thing? then we can come and meet you there at the right St. Johann Airfield!

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: RTMM Complete Setups
« on: November 30, 2020, 07:45:49 PM »
Doug's Hawaii and Brad's Bahamas are not exactly part of the RTMM territory so aren't included in the RTMM add-on.   (those other packages also require a gamut of other developers content that we can't package)


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: RTMM Complete Setups
« on: November 30, 2020, 10:15:31 AM »
Thanks sir. Glad you liked it Karl..  Yep, its a huge one shot addon that is the complete works!. A "drop in and go" addon so to speak. No work at all for the end user.

It took a bit of time to pre-assemble every piece then get the add-on.xml done. (Probably the one of the biggest addons (freeware or payware) out there with over 250 xml entries but works like a charm.

Once it was all done, Rod worked on the AI traffic installer piece for the addon to tie into Tongass and ORBX and the sim to create all of the RTMM AI traffic... then all the documentation!!  Works great and no matter what sim (FSX, P3Dv1-2-3-4x-5x) saves hours to set up.  And free for the RTMM sim community!
(We don't even charge a nominal fee to a non-RTMM user as an one time initiation fee to start using RTMM, that is, IF they buy the first round at Misty's! lol.).  Thanks again Karl.


This is the November 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards:

Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0010 Timuquan on 2020-11-29.
Bernard Nieberg got MFC0001 Misty Triangle on 2020-11-28.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got MFC0047 Rockies 7-Boise on 2020-11-28.
Steve Canham got 2 Year Service on 2020-11-27.
John Dean got MFC0046 Rockies 6-Redding on 2020-11-25.
Danny Rice got 800 Flights on 2020-11-25.
Steve Canham got MFC0018 Mission Glacier on 2020-11-24.
Bernard Nieberg got New MFC Pilot on 2020-11-24.
Danny Rice got MFC0043 Rockies 3-Grand C on 2020-11-23.
Rob White got 100 Hours on 2020-11-23.
Steve Canham got MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabin on 2020-11-20.
Norm Richards got MFC0047 Rockies 7-Boise on 2020-11-19.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0036 Olympic Park on 2020-11-18.
Patrick Fabard got 300 Hours on 2020-11-17.
James Smith got MFC0047 Rockies 7-Boise
William Butler got MFC0029 Merrill Air Svc on 2020-11-15.
Jim Ryan got MFC0047 Rockies 7-Boise on 2020-11-13.
Jerry Stanbrough got MFC0009 CIRP Circuit on 2020-11-11.
Thomas Menzel got MFC0047 Rockies 7-Boise on 2020-11-10.
Jeff Greene got MFC0028 Kenai-Valdez on 2020-11-06.
Buddy Nix got MFC0019 Juneau Milk Run on 2020-11-04.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got 1000 Flights on 2020-11-03.
James Smith got MFC0046 Rockies 6-Redding on 2020-11-02.


Hi everybody. MFC0127 pilot, Carmelo,  has just finished MFC0010 RTMMs The Lost Treasure of Timuquan.

Regards and take care


Hi there Carmelo, the completion award for MFC0010 RTMMs The Lost Treasure of Timuquan. has been added to your pilots profile. Nice work.


Ok Andy, I am "nbrich1" in MSFS2020 and am usually on (but not limited to) the USA East server..but switch whenever groups events require.  There is literally 3-4 multi flights a day going on in 2020.. all over the world- outlined on the official MSFS2020 site- calendar and community flights section:

LINKS:  MSFS2020 Calendar of Events:

Community Events Page/Forum:

MSFS2020 Servers and comms channels and FP for event are usually contained in the Event Post or on Discord.

For comms there is discord and/or TS3.

I have flown only one Alaska trip so far: in MSFS2020: From Wasilla to PAVD. But have flown in many group trips/events in 2020 all over the world for far- ie:  Australia, NZNI,  South East England, South Coast of England, Idaho Bush Strips, The Outer Banks-East Coast USA, Morocco Africa, Tuscany Italy, 3 trips in Japan after the Japan update, , Nepal (Lukla area), Utah Parks Tour (Bryce Canyon), Austria-Highs and LOWS of Osterreich, Brazil, Chile, East coast USA PA-Washington DC,  so getting a much better feel for the sim, the controls, aircraft and the graphics in various areas. (I have done quite a bit of group flying in previous sims now flying more and more group flights in MSFS 2020.

I still use the previous sim for Misty Flying Club VA excursions as well as 4 or so other flight groups that I fly with during the week (if/when time permits) - but they flying all over the world.

Will watch for you Andy (SpatialProf), (And will send you an invite). (We are 5 hours time difference. (I am on Eastern time zone -5:00 hrs to GMT/Zulu).  What server do you usually use in 2020? 

All are welcome to fly.. lots of group flying events out there for the previous sims as well as many new flight groups out there for MSFS2020.


Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: CTDs with V5.1HF1
« on: November 27, 2020, 07:48:27 AM »
Oh boy.. well that 5.1 HF1 didn't go well Karl.  Much time and effort spent only to have you revert back to the previous version. So frustrating! Hope you write LM on your troubles. Maybe it will find a dev there who might fix this problem in 5.1 HF2? ARG!!

MFC0046 completed 11/25/20 by John MFC0016  8)

Yes sir John: Your completion for excursion MFC0046 Rockies 6-Redding to Boise is in the books and the award has been added to your very fully award page. Way to go sir!


(PS: A very Happy Thanksgiving to the all of the US flyers here!)

Indeed Brian: you have lots for Alaska and well done. (Have all of them!!).

Search summary of our "normal" flying area:
There is also a few more in Alberta, Yukon as well as Washington(PNW)/Oregon(PNW). (slow site but does warehouse a few other freeware scenery pieces for Alaska that no other site has IE: PAVD, PAUN, etc)

Don't think pavd ever appeared.. yet..
The OFFICIAL MSFS2020 USA update appears to have nada for our regularly scheduled flying area!

But 3rd party freeware are out there.. PAVD appears but without the freeware pavd scenery add-on piece by
Haeriphos on the site...( being the most popular)
Site/Page Link:


PS: There is lots of freeware airport enhancements out there for MSFS2020 out for Alaska (and BC) on half a dozen freeware MSFS2020 addon sites. 

So far: (43 scenery freeware addons/enhancements pieces for Alaska, 1 Alaska Payware, (plus 59 freeware pieces for BC).. Most add something like an airport or if there is an airport, an enhancement!!
And all easy to pop in and out of the community folder to try..

Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: CTDs with V5.1HF1
« on: November 25, 2020, 05:23:58 PM »
Hmmm... Not sure what is going on Karl. Might try to delete your default prepar3d.cfg as well as the shaders now that the new studio driver is installed.. and try to give it a run it in default configuration before doing anything else. Sure sounds like there something that is messing up the GPU..

Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: CTDs with V5.1HF1
« on: November 25, 2020, 08:17:49 AM »
Karl - do that TDSR timeout thingy to stop/reduce the device hung errors. It's that TDR delay in response that is causing the "HUNG" error. So if you fix put in those few reg edits, it should stop those device hung errors.

On P3Dv4.3 and above on Win10 64bit, Nvidia GTX/RTX and latest drivers.

The problem: a thing called TDR checker monitors the computer’s hardware, particularly the GPU. When the GPU stops responding with the computer for 2 seconds TDR checker restarts the driver. The TDR checker was good on paper but did not work in the real world as a GPU can stop responding when it is working hard.

Here is the solution that worked- it requires an extra sub key entry into the Windows registry, so please only implement if you feel OK with editing your registry!

- Exit all Windows based programs,
- Click on the Windows Start button, type regedit in the Search box,double-click regedit.exe from the results above.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation,
- Browse to and then click the following registry subkey:
- On the Edit menu, click New, and select the QWORD (64-bit) value from the drop-down menu,
- Type ‘TdrLevel’ as the Name and click Enter,
- Double-click TdrLevel and set the value as 0 (it is set to that by default, but double check) and click OK,
- Close the registry editor and restart your computer for the changes to take effect!

I saw this fix mentioned earlier in this thread, but make sure you create a Qword (64bit) key for Windows 64 bit OS and NOT a Bword (32 bit) key because that wil not give the right result.

If you encounter a DXGI hung/removed error again please make sure that this key still exists in your registry!
It happened to me once that the key vanished after a Windows Update, resulting in the dreadful DXGI hung error once again.


(PS: I lost my OS drive 3 weeks ago.. it was an old drive that was starting to fail. So yanked it and redid everything from the OS on a new SSD to putting in 2 more SSD for the sim stuff, then while I was at it redid/moved all the drives in the case and cleaned up the wiring to create more breathing room and better air circulation. The RTX GPU's run fairly hot so they need as much room and ventilation as possible. Took a bit to do every thing but all good now!!)

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