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This is the May 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards

Harry Yang got MFC0013 Tongass PTF HELO on 2020-05-27.
Norm Richards got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-05-27.
Vincent Kaczmarski got MFC0023 Kodiak Island on 2020-05-27.
Jeff Greene got MFC0025 Chitina-Kennecot on 2020-05-26.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got MFC0035 Island Hopping BC on 2020-05-26.
Harry Yang got 100 Hours on 2020-05-25.
Jeff Greene got 300 Flights on 2020-05-24.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0029 Merrill Air Serice on 2020-05-24.
Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0005 Barnstormers on 2020-05-24.
Henry Kirk got 60 Hours on 2020/05/24.
John Dean got MFC0035 Island Hopping BC on 2020-05-23.
Carmelo Bernaola got 30 Hours on 2020-05-22.
Jim Ryan got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-05-22
Henry Kirk got 100 Flights on 2020-05-19.
Jim Ryan got MFC0040 San Diego to Grants on 2020-05-19.
William Butler got MFC0021 Alaska West on 2020-05-19.
Henry Kirk got MFC0010 Timuquan on 2020-05-19.
Harry Yang got MFC0012 TF Docks-Ketchikan on 2020-05-16.
Brad Allen got MFC0033 Sitka-Haida Gwaii on 2020-05-16.
Jeff Greene got MFC0024 Kodiak-Wasilla on 2020-05-16.
Vincent Kaczmarski got MFC0022 King-Aleutians on 2020-05-16.
Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0004 Misty Air Service on 2020-05-15.
Harry Yang got MFC0011 Tongass National on 2020-05-14.
James Smith got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-05-14.
Jim Ryan got MFC0039 Bowerman-San Diego on 2020-05-13.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got MFC0034 Vancouver Island on 2020-05-13.
Rick Lechow got MFC0022 King-Aleutians on 2020-05-09.
Carmelo Bernaola got 30 Flights on 2020-05-12.
Gerald Limpert got 60 Hours on 2020-05-11.
Danny Rice got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-05-11.
Miha Cegnar got MFC0019 Juneau Milk Run on 2020-05-11.
Norm Richards got MFC0040 San Diego to Grants on 2020-05-11.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got 600 Flights on 2020-05-10.
John Dean got MFC0034 Vancouver Island on 2020-05-10.
Thomas Menzel got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-05-10.
Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0003 Ketchikan SBO on 2020-05-10.
William Butler got MFC0020 Traveling the Yukon on on 2020-05-09.
Jim Ryan got MFC0038 PNW ORBX Bowerman on 2020-05-09.
Harry Yang got MFC0010 Timuquan on 2020-05-05.
Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0002 Misty Hub on 2020-05-06.
Alan Goodrich got MFC0021 Alaska West on 2020-05-05.
Bill Kunzler got MFC0006 Short Fields-Glac on 2020-05-03.
Jim Ryan got MFC0037 PNW-Olympic Penin on 2020-05-02.
Harry Yang got MFC0009 CIRP Circuit on 2020-05-01.
Carmelo Bernaola got MFC0001 Misty Triangle on 2020-05-01

Years of Service Awards:

Carl Scott got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-16.
Simon Dix got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-15.
Simon Doyle got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-12.
Miha Cegnar got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-10.
Jean-Michel Cordonny got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-10.
Vincent Kaczmarski got 2 Year Service on 2020-05-08.


Hello, MFC0023 Kodiak Island Run it's done. MFC0038 Vince
Another great visit while flying low. Thank you for the little Kodiak Island Airfields scenery which nicely decorates the area. However, I was not bothered by the bears .......  ;)
See you soon

Kodiak run done! (And thanks again to Thomas for the little scenery touches on the island!). No Bears- there is lots of Kodiak's (or Alaskan Brown Bears up there). Maybe just starting to come out of their hibernate!)
The award for tour MFC0023 has been added to your pilots profile. Nice job.


PS: Heading back to the mainland and some civilization in the next excursion.



MFC0025 completed.   8)

That was a fun set of landings.  :)

lol. All safe landings they were too in your trusty Beaver!  The award for MFC0025 Chitina-Kennecot has been added to your pilot's profile. (Next up is the Kenai Peninsula a fun little trip between Anchorage and Seward!).


Screenshots / Re: cross under the bridge
« on: May 26, 2020, 11:25:34 PM »
lol.. Always have to go UNDER!

Thanks guys that will help. (Always a bit of a pain rebuilding/or re-adding the add-ons stuff in a new sim but hopefully each time an upgrade is made, it's a progression to a better sim as usually the sim get better and better in both graphics quality and performance).

What sim are you guys using - Brad & Greg?  so we might be able to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges.  P3Dv4.x? or P3Dv4.5 or P3Dv5?

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Strange things happening
« on: May 25, 2020, 10:20:45 PM »
Yep, weird that cigar box when starting a flight (that is already set up in the sim), is actually causing the sim to reload the scenario. No idea why.  Maybe we're offering free Avgas and we're filling the tanks free of charge? Nice thought but nah. not idea why. But at least after finally connecting and after the scenario reload, it working fine for the duration of the flight.

(Just figured out why the sim would restart when the user Started a flight in Cigar Box.
(It is a matching time setting in Cigar Box which forces the sim to change/match the starting time as is outlined in the flight schedule.  It got turned on after Henry reloaded the Cigar Box Module). (I turned that switch off so there will be no sim adjustment of time to match the flight schedule)


Whew.. good Bill. Glad that worked.  So in your case sounds like FSX did not install correctly from the onset  (never correctly registered) hence Acceleration would not correctly install or register.

(Any FSX install or any or P3D version) has almost the exact same 3 sim admin/cfg folders (slightly different in path but really are all the same folder structure which are all on the OS drive which are not uninstalled when the sim is uninstalled.  On in c:\users\yourname\Appdata\Local, one in c:\users\yourname\Appdata\Roaming, and the other in C:\Program Data.

(Also there is the the "Files" folder which is in the documents folder that will also not be removed when the sim is uninstalled).  So if uninstalling any version of these sims- best to remember to manually remove those folders before reinstalling or installing a new version.


MFC0029 Valdez-Merrill Air Services   
tour terminé très belle variété de paysages....super
best regards

Yes Patrick. this was a fun one due to various scenery/terrain. Nice work and the award for MFC0029 Valdez-Merrill Air Services  has been added to your pilots awards.


MFC0006 completed 05/243/20 by Carmelo, #MFC00127.



Yes sir Carmelo, MFC0006 Short Fields-Glacier Region completed and the award has been added to your pilot's page.


MFC0035 completed 05/23/20 by John  8)

Yes sir John, MFC0035 Island Hopping BC completed and indeed the award has been added to your pilot's page. Well done John.


MFC0041 completed by MFC0019 on 5/22/2020. Even with the hiccups. Never gets old with going into KASE always a new wrinkle

Aye Jim, even with hicupps, (we'll eventually get over them - or move to a different but in the meantime we are still in the air.  MFC0041- completion award has been added to your pilot's page.
(I hope to finish this one this wrrk as well!). Maybe. Nice work.


Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: Enhanced Atmospherics
« on: May 23, 2020, 10:52:23 PM »
P3DV5 HF2 next week sounds like.  Hopefully this issue might be addressed? We'll see.

Cigar box is operative. What is not working?

Yes it is a bit slow to connect initially when first started but once connected it is fine so give it time.

 Pirep filings are instant but the ping back doesn't come back fast enough so it shows as a timeout error but if you look on the site you'll see that your pirep has been filed everytime within 4 seconds or less. So if it doesn't work for you, what doesn't work?  Or is something on your PC correctly setup.

Install it, install fsuipc. And you're done and it works.

Manual pireps.. bad flight

the MFC of the flight number is already implied as default so don't use MFC as part of the flight number. 

PS there are connections issues using manual pireps.. Henry working in that one took. Be prepared to wait response for 4-5 minutes then a server error. But then check the site and you'll actually find that the manual pirep did go through.

When cigar box is in process of connecting it won't close. Open task manager, select cigar box and end task. That will close it. Just another issue with our connectivity issues going on as of the last month. Again working on trying to fix a few  connectivity issues but after cigar box fully connects it is fine.

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