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Mike - Thanks for sharing your experience in this area.  Exactly the guidance I needed.  Brian

Changing the aircraft.cfg worked!  In the picture below I have the MILVIZ Pilatus PC6 Amphibian I am flying, and two MILVIZ DHC2 tail draggers with Tundra wheels which I inserted with AI schedules. They both taxied and took off from Misty's Place PF20.  Now they still taxied through buildings and one bounced off a mountain after take off, but that's progress.

Question... with the aircraft.cfg changes... will it make flying those payware models a problem?

For those interested, I am using AI Flight Planner AIFP to create the AI flight plans and BGL files.


Thank you... I did not have ORBX NR.  Downloading now!  Sorry I missed that requirement.  Brian

Thanks, for the confirmation. The wandering tail draggers are quite funny to watch, but it does appear tricycles are the way to go.  Brian

Any feedback on this one? I am about to complete all the flight plans starting with "C" and these are still on the bucket list  :)  Brian

This may be a question for Dexter... I have been able to successfully create a schedule of multiple flight plans for aircraft coming in and out of Misty's Place using the ORBX FTX GA aircraft. 

I should probably have stopped there... but I would prefer the added sense of realism of having some of the planes I fly (i.e. have downloaded or purchased) be in the mix for AI traffic.  While I can make my planes appear  (e.g. MILVIZ Pilatus or DHC2 - both wheeled versions), when their flight time comes they roam around the airports (Misty's Place and PANT) like they are lost.  They cannot find the taxiway or runway and roam around endlessly. The ORBX AI models do just fine.

Am I asking too much of AI?


I believe we need to update the arrival location for MFC0132A CAU6 to CRAF. After arrival for flight it says I still have 25 miles to go.  Thanks!  Brian

They look great!  How are we going to see these in the "real" world, i.e. RTMM world. Is this scenery we can download? Brian

General Discussion / Re: Henrik's Latest Release
« on: September 22, 2019, 02:49:22 PM »
Thank you for the location. I found the race off of Cardiff. Ships all look good here. Brian

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Cigar Box locking up mid flight
« on: September 22, 2019, 07:30:55 AM »
Just tried a charter flight manually entering the same locations I want to fly in an MFC flight plan, same results.

Guess I'll go back to searching for Henrik's new AI ships until we have a fix...

General Discussion / Re: Henrik's Latest Release
« on: September 22, 2019, 07:10:38 AM »
Brad - I also did the download and have been trying to find a good location to spot them.  I checked out San Francisco and found a  few ships including an aircraft carrier, but I wasn't sure if those were his traffic or P3D's. Those ships look fine.  Where in "our backyard" might I look to see if I can replicate your issue?  Brian

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Cigar Box locking up mid flight
« on: September 18, 2019, 10:36:22 PM »
For the first time (after 120+ flights) I am having a problem with Cigar Box locking up mid flight.  I have re-installed it and there is no improvement. Basically I get airborne and then it dies along the way. If I switch to the application Windows says the app is "Not Responding". My only option is to kill the task, but then of course I can't file the PIREP.  Any suggestions?  Brian

I just did a first-time install of Scum Lake.  When I launch the MFC0112A flight plan, it places the airplane in the woods.  When I look at the top down view, the runway seems to be in the wrong location as the runway lights are in a different spot where one would expect the runway to be - near buildings, etc. Could we put that airport and flight plan on the fix list? Thanks!

Thanks for the fix Norm! 


P.S. I just made my first donation to the site and I greatly appreciate all the volunteers who make this community fly.

There may be a problem with the Cape Scott Windfarm MFC0097A flight plan. In my experience it causes P3D to crash or lock up (with audio and no video).  The flight starts at CAW5 and I can start at that SPB without issue when NOT using the FP.  I just downloaded a fresh copy of the RTMM Flight Plans and problem still happens.

Also, in searching for the latest RTMM Flight Plan ZIP, I found we have two broken links to it on this page in the 'purpose' box at top and 'instructions' box at bottom.



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