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Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Re: Vertical Wakes
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:04:25 PM »
Norm - if the util is used does it remain necessary to rem out/delete the tempk and temprate entries?

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Re: Vertical Wakes
« on: November 29, 2019, 08:08:30 AM »
Thanks Steve and Norm.

Yes, I am aware this issue is an old chestnut and a few years ago I read the remedy was to 'rem out' certain tempk and temprate values - 109 and 0.01 respectively.

My procedure to do this is correction is exactly as Norm has outlined - obviously, what is crucial is identifying the vessel displaying the vertical wake. I posted because, as I stated, I could not ID the 2 vessels which means I can't find the cfg files to ID the wave effect.

Norm's advice re adding the ground decal line is new to me. I ran the utility Norm provided and that went well, but vertical wakes persisted.

Scratch head....It then struck me that I had not reviewed the wave effect files in the RTMM scenery packages, all of which I have added via the xml method!!!  :-[ :-[

So I had copies of various wake fx files that had not been changed and copies that had been changed. I identified all wave fx files added via the xml method last night, made the tempk and temprate changes, added the ground decal line and all seems to be good now.

Thanks again for your help guys. Another learning point for me to add to my checklist re the xml method. ::)


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Vertical Wakes
« on: November 28, 2019, 08:04:17 AM »
I am seeing a vertical wake from Coastguard vessel 245 that patrols Ketchikan Harbor and the Narrows.
I've tried 'remming out' the tempk entries in the coastguard wake fx file but no joy.

Also I see a vertical wake from the un-named vessel at N55 23.27 W13144.67 Time: 2223Z [see pics]

Could someone tell me which software adds these vessels to RTMM and/or where I can find the cfg file for each, please, so I can track down the relevant wake fx file.

I have installed RTMM AI Shipping & Henrik's vessels & v1.15 PAKT.

Thank you.

Misty's Place / Great videos of Alaska
« on: August 05, 2019, 04:27:09 PM »
If you are not aware of Aviation 101 or Angle of Attack and love Alaskan scenery, then head on over to YouTube and check out their vids - they are phenomenal and well worth a view.

This is a link to a flight over Denali at midnight to whet your appetite:



Hi Robert - that's great news. I'll uncross my fingers when it happens!!

Well I moved all my RTMM traffic files into the 'scenery' folders and most did not work. Misty Cruise ship for example.
So I moved them all back to 'layer 3' via P3DAO.

Steve - FWIW - I specify 'layer 3' for all traffic folders as part of the P3DAO procedure and P3DAO simply adds them as the next layer 'up'.
The traffic folders are all 'sandwiched' between layers 1 [default terrain] and 2 [default scenery] and Orbx Vector AEC [layer 25 in my case].
I actually have the Global Shipping AI at layer 3 and AS Anchorage at layer 4 then RTMM folders from layers 5 to 24 in alphabetical order. So if I add another traffic folder I will specify layer 3 but it will be added as layer 25 and the Orbx entry will be renumbered as layer 26 and the rest of the entries increment by +1 [to 689 in my case].
In the pic the Orbx Vector entry is not visible but it is the next entry above Bella Coola.


Agree. My buddy is a software engineer so I know all about one change leading to many more! I  remember he had to go to Boston from the UK one time on business to rewrite a program because some twit made a change in the code and neglected to realise the knock-on effect it had. Took him a week to sort out.

BTW-The one biggest thing I notice in EF for me is that I see much more mist now. Ketchikan Harbor was almost invisible the other day and the Dean River Run mountain scenery was superb with layers of mist halfway up. Is it the same for you? Just for that alone I'll cut REX some slack in respect of the wave issue.


Doug /Rod

For the sake of completeness:

I'm not sure, but I think the AI Shipping Project install creates a 'Scenery' folder in "Addon Scenery" for files SA01_ADEX_DWT.bgl and SA02_ADEX_DWT.bgl. I do not recall creating these folders but I have them plus the files.

RTMM also instructs users to put the following files into Addon Scenery\Scenery [so I did]:

From Egg Harbor Fish Camp AI Boats:

and from Yes Bay:

These files plus the others in my OP seem to be the only files I can find that reside outside of a location scenery folder. Doug - we can discuss what we should be doing to update the readme files later.

I plan to move these files into their respective scenery folders and delete the
Addon Scenery\ Scenery folder.  This will result in all RTMM files and folders residing in Addon Scenery\RTMM\"Scenery Folder Name". Nice and tidy.

Prepar3D-Version 4 / Re: Groundhandling v6.0
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:27:41 AM »
Thanks, Norm

Hi Robert
I didn't know this was a known issue. Thanks for that.

I have version 5.0.2019.0517 that REX EF tells me is the latest version, so I assume I have Update 2.
Is this the same version as yours?

Fingers crossed here that REX fixes this - and soon!

Kind regards


A quick query to check that my understanding of the 'correct' placement of RTMM traffic files in P3D is correct.

I understand that the files that RTMM instructs users to place in the P3D\Scenery\World\Scenery folder can now be placed directly into the location's 'scenery' folder [in cases where it exists] because we now know P3D will handle them correctly.

The list below shows the RTMM packages that contain traffic files - as far as I can ascertain:

Bella Coola
Egg Harbor
Garbage Scow
Iggy's Harbor
Lake Hood AI
Lake Louise
Little Port Walter

Misty Commercial 1 & 2
Misty Tourist
Misty Trawling
Log Barge
Misty Cruise Ship
Moresby Camp
Owikeno Lake Area

PAKT Ketchikan Project 144
The Landings
Tongass Narrows
Whiskey Cove
Yes Bay

I can now move the traffic files associated with the scenery in bold text from 'P3D\Scenery\World\Scenery' to their respective scenery folders in 'P3D\Add On Scenery \RTMM'?

Will authors include traffic files in the 'scenery' folder in future sceneries?


Prepar3D-Version 4 / Re: Groundhandling v6.0
« on: July 12, 2019, 12:12:10 PM »
Hi Norm

I have installed:

Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) 14.0.23026
Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) 14.0.24215
Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) 14.14.26429

I cannot download the 2015 (x64) version as the MS page tells me the newer version is installed.

Will it still work?

Well, I was hoping to contribute, Robert, but at the moment I do not see water movement unless I have EF running. If I have the "Water Waves' setting in EF on any value up to the max of 60, all I see are 'ripples' and a heavy swell even in the P3D 'Major Thunderstorm'' setting. There's plenty of lightning, thunder, wind, rain and bobbing up and down but no waves.
I'm open to suggestions.....

The Moorings - On the Water / Re: Pilotable Shipping
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:12:27 AM »
Jeff - I removed the offending post.

The Moorings - On the Water / Re: Pilotable Shipping
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:11:25 AM »
Quite right Jeff.  Apologies.

I have just found the zip file here:

Perhaps Doug can update 'The Marina' page?

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