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PS: All of the RTMM Libs and RTMM add-on scenery pieces were re-done in the last year so check your install and make sure you have everything updated.

Two more pics:

Hopes this helps Karl.


Great, thank you!

But why can I see it when flying over it? Also in the RTMM4GE.kmz it is listed. Is it just present in the .bgl's and not in any ICAO files?


Eutsuk Airstrip is in the Barnstormers scenery, (Either the standard Barnstormers V1.0 or the Barnstormers Seasonal v2,0 - File is: Photo_CL16_EutsukAirstrip.BGL. 

It does not have an ICAO reference file (It is only a small strip-no ICAO exists that that airstrip.)

So you need Barnstormers scenery the latest v1.0 or v2.0 active.

Pics of the airstrip:

This is the April 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards

Gerald Limpert got MFC0009 CIRP Circuit on 2020-04-06.
William Butler got MFC0018 Mission Glacier on 2020-04-05.
Steve Canham got MFC0015 SIRP on 2020-04-05.
Alan Goodrich got MFC0020 Traveling the Yukon on 2020-04-04.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0024 Kodiak-Wasilla on 2020-04-04.
William Butler got 200 Flights on 2020-04-02.
William Butler got MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabins on 2020-04-02.
Vincent Kaczmarski got MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabins on 2020-04-02.
Harry Yang got 60 Flights on 2020-04-01.

Years of Service Awards:

Steven Almendinger got 1 Year Service on 2020-04-06.
John Sanders got 2 Year Service on 2020-04-04.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got 1 Year Service on 2020-04-03.


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0018 Mission into Glacier Bay on 4/5/2020.

The Misty Flying Club is a wonderful distraction in these trying times. I thank you and the others that help make it possible.


Indeed Bill. Thank-you. Not exactly fun times having to stay in lock-down but the sim to the simmer does fit the bill. (Not so great for the spouses.. unless they sim too) but good for the simmer.. (Until supper time). lol.

The completion award for MFC0018 Mission into Glacier Bay has been added to your pilot decorations! Nice job Bill.



MFC0015 SIRP Petersburg Exploration Completed 4/5/2020,  Steve Canham, MFC0077.


Nice to be back flying in Alaska.  Spent time in Hawaii (Doug's) , which I enjoyed and then I flew all the standard airports in the Bahamas (Goodwin).


A warm welcome back to the more rugged RTMM bush territory again Steve (after your long time off gallivanting and sunning yourself in those warm holiday getaway areas of Hawaii and the Caribbean).lol.

You managed to get a trip back here andin the SIRP. Nice work Steve. The completion award for excursion MFC0015 SIRP has been added to your pilot's page.  Welcome back again sir.


General Discussion / Re: vfrflight on mac os x
« on: April 06, 2020, 08:32:57 AM »
Refer to the vfr 2.3.1 documentation file located on their site:

Well it's about time you got back Karl!. lol.  You went MIA for a long time. lol. But nice you see your return to the RTMM/MFC air!.

Eutsuk Airstrip is not a registered airstrip in your sim and does not have a a valid ICAO that can be seen identified in your sim airport listing.

In that flight plan, the Eureka location was not used in the route of that flight plan so your sim doesn't see as a route point.

Eutsuk Airstrip is located at N53° 17' 56 W126° 49' 13.67"      

You can get to it by using that lat/long in your GPS.
(Refer to the FAQ: GPS: LINK:

I have added Eureka as a waypoint on a FP for you so easy navigation to get to it. It will now bee seen as a way point location but is still not identified as a valid ICAO in your sim.


General Discussion / Re: vfrflight on mac os x
« on: April 06, 2020, 07:46:32 AM »
1. Before you try to run the VFRflight v2.3.1  -  It requires Installation of Java 1.7 or later.
(If you are not sure if you have java: the LINK:   to download).

2. Turn off your Virus scanner so it doesn't eat the VfrFlight.exe executable file.

Then try to run the VfrFlight.exe  (Run as admin).

Opening May 1st, 2020 >  The Rockies Series - MFC0041  Rockies 1:  Exploring the Rockies From Grants, New Mexico (KGNT) to Eagle, Colorado (KEGE) - (1282.0 nm - 08 Flight Legs)

Tour MFC0020 Traveling the Yukon - completed on 4/4/20 by Alan G Pilot# MFC0083.  Long tour, but enjoyed the sights along this great river.  Even found Andy Bassich's homestead near PAEG.  He's on "Life Below Zero" NETGEO series, one of my fav shows :D.

Yes sir Goodrich - the trip was a tad lengthy but that river is kind of a long one and once you start it there's no turning back. lol.  Nice work Alan and the award for your MFC0020 Traveling the Yukon completion has been added to your growing list of decorations. 

Life Below Zero great show! (Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on National Geographic). A tad of trivia: Andy Bassich, Gal Denise and his 25 sled dogs live along the Yukon River in Calico Bluff @ 12 miles downstream from Eagle, Alaska: (Nearest town 14 miles away!)


Life Below Zero You tube preview:


Tour 24 finished ... a magnificent tour for its varied landscapes. plain, sea and mountain everything is there even the very high altitude with the Denali.
Super a real treat. Thank you to the creators of all the scenes encountered during the trip.
Best regards.

Glad you enjoyed it Patrick. Very rugged territory but so scenic. Tour MFC0024 Kodiak Island to Wasilla completion award has been added to your pilot's page. Nice work.


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Bahamas
« on: April 04, 2020, 06:39:56 AM »
It's in Addon Scenery and Enhancements section of this forum.

Direct LINK to that page:

And that page contains all of the various links to the Bahamas Libs and the add-on scenery pieces.



Screenshots / Re: Milviz Otter in the Florida Keys
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:43:57 AM »
Cool pic Rick!!  (and all of it documented is documented as charter flights at MFC!.. And kind of have some extra time these day being lockedup! (or in lock-down) so have followed your route as you flew from Deadhorse to the Bahamas (and back into Florida) in your DHC3 otter. Your trip was over 5300 nm!

I made some notes as I'm trying to think down the road when we might be in the correct position/location in the MFC excursions at MFC to start flying eastward across North America to get us to the Bahamas as you just finished doing in your charters to see this area and investigate the new Bahamas scenery pieces that have been created.

So for everyone's benefit (and mine) here is the details of Rick's trip: from Deadhorse and the airports used to get down to the Bahamas. (Just one route whereas there are thousands of different routes that can be taken):

Rick's Route: (Part 1): PAVD > PAJN > PAKT > CYPR > CYVR > KGTF > KMCI > KATL  > MYGF >

Rick's Route: (Part 2): MYGF > MYBS > MYAX > MYAW > MYAT > MYBG > MYNN > MYAK > MYBC > MYGW > KLAL > 61FD > KMTH

So I have tabled this stuff and plotted it into Great Circle Mapper as well as in Skyvector: the Links are blow to see the details:

GC Map-Getting to the Bahamas: LINK (1):

GC Map-Exploring the Bahamas and into Florida: LINK (2):

Skyvector Map LINK (Part 1):

Skyvector Map LINK (Part 2):

Thanks for flying at MFC Rick which allowed me to plot your route and put this little summary of your trip  together.


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 Completed MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabin Inspections Petersburg to Juneau on

Enjoyed the Tour and flying the PA18.


It's like a few of you have just finished Tour MFC0017 in the last few days!! Maybe you're in a MFC world race or something? The award added to your pilot's profile Bill. Nice landings with that PA-18 too, smooth and a very soft touch. Nice job.

PS: And Bill one more thing: while you were flying the last leg of this excursion you reached the MFC 200 flights milestone and yes there is an award crest for that! So the award for reaching 200 flights is also added to your list of pilot's awards and decorations. Nice work and hope you continue to enjoy these trips. Norm


Salut la belle équipe

MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabin inspections Petersburg to Juneau done under the beautiful April sun. A magical tour as always in fabulous landscapes.
Thank you again for all.

Aye Vincent (MFC Pilot MFC0038), Tour MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabins completed and the award has been added to your pilot's profile. Nice job.

Sir MFC0038

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