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Help and Troubleshooting / Re: skipping over water
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:06:09 AM »
OK Addy,  I don't have the A2A Cub - it's on the shop list! - nor the Scout.  However, I do have crash detection turned off, though at the point of "water contact" FSX should throw the aeroplane back into the air automatically, and I don't get that.  I have a couple of images in an archive of the ultralight water skimming.  I will try and dig them out, and get some of a cub.  I'll post them here sometime next week.

Have you asked the "cofig" question on the Scout support forum?

Help and Troubleshooting / Re: skipping over water
« on: September 05, 2011, 03:48:10 PM »
Addy,  I tried the 'skipping' with the default ultralight - no mods to config file - worked OK.  Also done it with the FR Cubs with big tires - no mods required.  Have you tried your 185 as is??  It may not require any mods.

The Moorings - On the Water / Re: Help required, please...
« on: August 25, 2011, 02:38:20 AM »
Thanks Jeff,  those are the ones.  I hear what you say about the "zips" - that one slipped through the net.  Thanks again...

The Moorings - On the Water / Help required, please...
« on: August 24, 2011, 09:28:05 AM »
Before my steam-age 'puter and FSX started disagreeing with each other a little while ago, I had some additional AI Boat traffic files which placed a Coastguard Cutter, Container ship and some "leisure traffic" in the vicinity of Orca's Island - KORS - down in the PNW area.  Regrettably, I failed to make a backup of the "zip" download and have now lost it...

I realise that this is outside our "play-pen" but would be grateful if anyone could point me in the general direction of a download link.

Thanks in advance...

Screenshots / Re: Dispatch #007 Metlakatla to Kincolith
« on: August 20, 2011, 09:27:57 AM »
"Menu Bar" - you can also turn it off/on by pressing the Alt key  ;)

Doug,  I have another mail run for you - this time to the NW.

Mail Run 2 - Northwest

Start at Misty's PF20/21 to:

PAKT/PAKX to collect mail for delivery, calling at -

KCC Coffman Cove - Note:  KCC is in the Tongass Fjords area; I don't know what KCC looks like in default FSX, if it even exists there.  Tongass Fjords for FSX is recommended.
KTB Thorne Bay
PF08 Thorne Bay Resort - an excuse for lunch!!! ;)
HYL Hollis
KXA Kasaan

Return to PAKT/PAKX to drop collected mail then,

RTB at Misty's

Option if Dan is in residence at "The Hideaway":

after PF08, route to KSA, then HYL and "DANS" before return to PAKT/PAKX.

Routing  is "as required", just keep off the granite.  Equipment is again the Cub Floats/Amphib or similar.  If you take the Cub, there's a copy of this flight schedule on top of the glareshield - left side - and a box of in-flight cookies in a bag on the back seat.

Doug,  #9 is a "biggy" - what would you recommend?  C-130 on Floats???  8)

By contrast, here is a "dinky" little Postal Service run out of Misty's/PAKX.

I used the Flight Replica Super Cub (IFR) which has an optional Baggage Pod fitted under the cockpit area - I keep mine as a permanent fit.  Fuel at start was 120lbs.


Misty's Dock to

PAKX - Collect Mail deliveries - approx 160lbs; I strap some into the rear seat! 

Head to, for drop-off/pick-up:

13Z - Loring
KBE - Bell Island Hot Spring
84K - Meyer's Chuck

Return DCT PAKX to drop-off collections, then...

Transit-RTB to Misty's with any deliveries that may be waiting at PAKX.

#8 looks good Doug - not exactly as I planned, but I like the additional routing through Klinkwan and Hunter Bay.

I'll put together a "short Mail run" trip Sunday morning - Cub on floats or amphib required.  I have the Flight Replica Super Cub pack, but a "small" Cessna on floats would be a good alternate platform.

Quick addition:

If any surface traffic is sighted W of Annette Island, or in the Nichols Passage between Annette and Gravina Islands, please conduct a quick recce to ensure they're not chucking stuff "over the side!"  Thanks...

Hi Doug,  It looks like this development is gaining pace.

I have a tasking - regret, text only as I have to get stuff together for tomorrow morning.  05:00Z start and an 80mile drive to my new office!!

Task is a joint parts delivery, pollution and fisheries recce then a return with the U/S - duff parts.

Charts required:Ketchikan Chart on the "SkyVector" site - link on Maps Page

Start from Misty's Place to Totem Bight Ops (TBO) for parts/pax pickup.  2 pax and 550lbs of drive shafts and a gear box casing for Fleet Bay.

Depart NW from TBO then turn left to 180 at N end of Gravina Island - Vallinar Point

Land fall on Prince of Wales Island at Chasina Point

Turn left again heading 155 - follow coastline to S tip of Prince of Wales.  Report any signs of Pollution on shoreline.  A Bulk Carrier is suspected of doing an unauthorised tank wash about a week ago and some pollution has been reported around Kasaan Bay and Skowl Arm.

Deliver Parts/Pax to Fleet Bay.

NOTAM:  Small pod of Dolphin reported in the approach channel to Fleet Bay Dock plus higher than usual seabird activity.

Refuel at Fleet Bay may be required!

Return with duff parts to TBO - there MAY be 1 or 2 pax to bring back also!

Return route is from Fleet Bay - Cape Chacon - to Cape Northumberland at S tip of Duke Island - heading approx 055.  Follow coast lines to E of Duke Island, Mary Island.  Again, any reports of shoreline pollution are welcome.

Pax may require drop-off at PAKX - or go direct to TBO, and they can get the ferry launch.  Depends what time their flight out of PAKT is. 

Weather is fairly marginal currently, but "doable" -


######################## Weather for PAKT ########################

     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ METAR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PAKT 311453Z 00000KT 10SM FEW003 SCT026 SCT048 12/11 A2996 RMK AO2 SLP147 HARBOR WND 28003KT T01170106 53009

Zulu Time:   14:53 (day 31 of month)
Wind:      Calm
Visibility:   8.67nm
Cloud Cover:   Few at 300ft
Cloud Cover:   Scattered at 2600ft
Cloud Cover:   Scattered at 4800ft
Temperature:   12°C
Dewpoint:   11°C
Humidity:   94%
Barometer:   29.96hg

Remarks:   AO2 SLP147 HARBOR WND 28003KT T01170106 53009

     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAF ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PAKT 311432Z 3115/0112 VRB03KT P6SM VCSH FEW010 BKN035 OVC050 FM311600 00000KT P6SM SCT015 OVC035 FM312100 14008KT P6SM SCT020 OVC040 FM010300 13004KT P6SM VCSH SCT015 OVC025 FM010900 14003KT P6SM BCFG BKN015 OVC025 PROB30 0109/0112 P6SM -RA OVC015

Zulu Time:   14:32 (day 31 of month)
Valid date:   31. 15:00 through 01. 12:00
Wind:      Variable at 03
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Conditions:   in the vicinity Showers
Cloud Cover:   Few at 1000ft
Cloud Cover:   Broken at 3500ft
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 5000ft

***** Changing *****
Beginning:   31. 16:00
Wind:      Calm
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Cloud Cover:   Scattered at 1500ft
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 3500ft

***** Changing *****
Beginning:   31. 21:00
Wind:      140/08
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Cloud Cover:   Scattered at 2000ft
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 4000ft

***** Changing *****
Beginning:   01. 03:00
Wind:      130/04
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Conditions:   in the vicinity Showers
Cloud Cover:   Scattered at 1500ft
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 2500ft

***** Changing *****
Beginning:   01. 09:00
Wind:      140/03
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Conditions:   Patchy Fog
Cloud Cover:   Broken at 1500ft
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 2500ft
Valid date:   01. 09:00 through 01. 12:00
Visibility:   more than 5.20nm
Conditions:   light Rain
Cloud Cover:   Overcast at 1500ft

Recommended equipment - Beaver Float or Amphib.

Good Morning Doug,  I'll get something together:  Mail runs first.

I've just had a look at the goggle earth PFJ locations for the cabins - the inspection trips will need to be modified as there are a lot more cabins featured compared to FS9 MM.  The RTMM cabins will also need to be incorporated.

I see most trips starting at Misty's Place, but picking up FR8 or SLF - Self Loading Freight - at PAKT, PAKX or Ketchikan Harbor.  The mail runs should probably go through PAKT/PAKX.  Trips in support of the Fishing Fleets could go through the workshop at Totem Bight Ops.

Another "out'n'back" idea are pollution survey trips.  Easiest of all, probably!  Take a Floatplane low'n'slow for a trip around the islands, up the creeks, wherever....  A variation on that tasking:  go find the container ship, fishing fleets, ferries, etc., and survey them to ensure they're not putting stuff over the side.

If I could use "Plan-G" I would do a lot of this myself, but for some reason it slows my computers to almost a stop!  There seems to be a conflict with some other application - I also use XP Pro because I some of my apps will not run even in the "XP modes" in VISTA/7.  I have to keep on laptop running XP RTM for one application - it doesn't even run under XP SP*, but that's another story...

Do you want the routes posted here, or e-mailed direct?  Could have something by tomorrow evening.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Re: Snow Dog Tours addon
« on: July 29, 2011, 04:20:05 PM »
Tried it - didn't work for me.  Too many conflicts...

Awaiting PAKT from FSAddon or ORBX...

Doug,  nice idea.  I put something like this together for a long defunct "VA" based at PAKT and using the original sceneries from FS9 MF/MM.  We expanded into the TF area for a short while.

The VA - can't remember the name - was a bit of a dogs breakfast as far as operations and schedules were concerned.  I put together 3 "mail runs" originating from and returning to PAKT - it was our base.

1. went around the lodges, canneries, settlements, etc., to the S and SE, as far as P.Rupert and Stewart.
2. same facilities to the W - Craig, Fleet Bay, Klawock
3. ditto to the N and NE. Wrangell, Pete, etc.

There were also the "Cabin Inspect/Maintenance" trips; similar geographic breakdown as above.

Then there were the Fishing Fleet Support flights direct to the canneries and Fleet Bay.

Also the ad hoc charters to the cabins and other locations/drop offs, very similar to the original demo/training flights featured in FS9 - Alaskan C208 trips.

I am starting a new job on Monday - involves significant travel - so I'm not going to have much time.  However,  I'll see it I can put something along the same lines together next weekend.  It will probably only be a list of "stops" but a starting point, at least.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Re: Snow Dog Tours addon
« on: July 22, 2011, 06:42:24 AM »
Thanks for the link, Jeff.  I had SDT installed a few years ago but it was one of the sceneries that got moved to the trash when Tongass X came along.

I think that PNJ and RTMM have the seaplane docks pretty well covered - apart from Ketchikan.  Murphy's, Penn Pullout, PAKX (sort-of) are OK as is Totem Bight, but Ketchikan Harbour SPB is not at all "well done".  One small dock tucked away in a creek corner of the scenery,  compared to the image of the area on certain imaging sites with at least 7 sites between Misty Outfitter's and the airport ferry dock - most have multiple seaplane docks and piers.

I'm downloading SDT now and I'll have another look when I get back home Sunday/Monday.

Does anyone have any info on a "new PAKT"?  I recall seeing something re FSAddon; also ORBX, but have not been able to track down those forum pages...

Hi folks,  I have Tongass, PFJ and PNW.  I've been reading stuff on other "fora" re FTX Central settings, i.e., NA or "World" (default).  On my steam-age system I see a marked difference in tree and vegetation cover when going from, e.g., PAKT (ORBX) to Coffman (Tongass) when the scenery setting is set on "North America".  When I get to Coffman for the comfort break, and swap the FTX config to "World" (default) then continue to PASI, the amount of tree/vegetation cover in the Tongass area is back to normal.

No great shakes...  If you folks don't see the join, fair does.

Enjoy your session Thursday  ;)

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