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General Discussion / Hurricane Dorian - Freeport Bahamas -09.02.2019
« on: September 02, 2019, 05:16:30 PM »

I've never been able to fly a helicopter successfully in the sim ... but today I got the "feel" for it anyway. This is a video of me sitting beside the runway at Freeport during the height of Dorian. Flew like that for a while actually, kinda' fun (with the crash off of course :-)


PS ... Mandatory evacuation order as of noon today for Hilton Head Area of South Carolina because of Dorian. Our governor calls these things WAY too early. The tracks are good, but they always pick the worst possible track for the warning. So our whole "gated" community is not closed. I can get out, but can't get back in if I leave. (Sort of the opposite of Hotel California). All amenities are shut down.

It takes about 2 hours to put up the hurricane shutters for the house, I've done it now 4 times. What I learned from the 4 "events" is to way about 6 hours before it the thing is supposed to hit and make a decision on shutters. All of these for times we did all the work for 3" of rain and an occasional 45 mph gust of wind. So we are 'staying put' ... no shutters up, lovely day.

Help and Troubleshooting / Rotating Beacon in P3D V4
« on: August 15, 2019, 03:22:36 PM »
In V4 (not V3 or FSX), there is a ground reflection for the green/white rotating beacon lights. In my setup, only the green one is seen, but the white reflection doesn't happen. I'm using the identical library of others with V4 that are seeing the ground reflection. Let me know if you have an idea for correction. You can see and MP4 of the problem HERE.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / MOVED: 404 Error
« on: August 14, 2019, 08:32:08 AM »
This topic has been moved to Website Discussions.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Snow Dog Tours #2 "B" updated
« on: August 10, 2019, 04:17:26 PM »
SDT Problem at Nome - There is a difference between P3D V3 and V4 autogen. STD-2B looked perfect in V3 ... (with IS3, it was built in V3). However, V4 puts in different autogen buildings and in different positions ... the SDT objects where being overwritten by the V4 autogen. To solve this, I moved all of the Alaska Airlines and Snow Dog Tours objects to an area where no autogen for either V3 or V4 comes up.  So this problem is solved. To get it, you need to redownload Snow Dog Tours and put in the new SDT-2 "b" group. If you are using "a" there is no difference.  Here's the new layout for Nome.


PS ... to know if any update is for YOU, click on the refreshed date for the location. The Location Maintenance Table comes up. In this case, it tells you a change was made in SDT-2B ... so if you are using 2A, you do not need to redownload. Let the maintenance table tell you what's happening. Any change like this is also on the Site Maintenance Page.  You can always peruse the Site Maintenance Table to see any and all changes being made on the site. This is a handy way to keep up to date.

Also, anything you see in RED means if you want the change, then you must re-download the file.

The new BWEP page is ready for viewing and downloading.  We took the airports out of the Pipeline Segments. So there is now a BWEP Airports folder that contains two folders, one for PAVD PAYWARE and one for DEFAULT PAVD. To use the new information properly, click on the readme NOTAM at the top of the new page. You will have to delete your old BWEP add on entries and also in your sim's Scenery Library. (DELETE do not OVERWRITE).

Download the new files and activate them.

We have also updated the BWEP AI Traffic. There were some problems at SAG Sagwon, we eliminated the helo traffic at that airport and temporarily solved the problem.

All of the BWEP airports are now included, we added those airports in the last two unfinished segments. So you can fly to them and use them easily.

Be sure to keep an eye on the site MAINTENANCE page. When something needs to be re-downloaded, you will see it in RED on the log. Also there will be a "refreshed" date on each item. Make sure you have the latest. (We have made some changes in just the last 2 days as the page came up).

A special thanks to Garry for all the editing on the BWEP page. It reads a lot smoother and the organization we've developed should help you navigate the page better.


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / BWEP - Flying the Pipeline
« on: August 01, 2019, 03:21:36 PM »
We are getting ready to launch a new & improved BWEP web page. This will be a lot easier to navigate. It is also easier for us to update things for you. (This is a part of the 2019 Refresh Program).

I'm presently flying the entire length of the finished sections of the pipeline looking for any breaks (mis-matches in object alignment).  I've flown at 250-400 feet above the pipeline from Valdez to Winter Park and have found no breaks yet. I'm doing this without ANY 3rd Party Mesh. There are no problems so far.

Watching the pipeline alignment and keeping the plane at the correct altitude is a lot of hands-on flying (no autopilot with this!). And it can make you a little weary ... until you realize that Brad put every one of those sections there perfectly ONE BY ONE!!!  And when you get done being awed by that ... then think about the REAL pipeline and the men and women who built it in this BARREN landscape with unforgiving weather. An amazing feat for all.


Help and Troubleshooting / SimObjects Question (P3D V3 and V4)
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:01:36 PM »
When you look in C:/Users/(name)/Apps/Roaming/Lockheed Martin ... you encounter a SimObjects folder there. I noticed this when deleting the AI Hawaiian Airports planes. They were all gone in P3D, but if you go to the above folder, they are all in there.  Anybody know what that folder is for? Is it used?


Website Discussion / Garry Scanlan - New RTMM Team Member
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:28:38 PM »
I'd like to welcome Garry Scanlan aboard the RTMM team. Garry's job will be Quality Control, he is an expert in editing and already plays a key role in our 2019 Refresh campaign. We are going over all of the web pages and documents, editing them and bringing them up to date. This is a tedious and rather thankless job, because when Garry "gets it right" ... you won't notice it! You can always watch the Maintenance Page to see the updates he is making for us. All changes are now documented there.

Welcome aboard Garry.

Doug/RTMM Team

Help and Troubleshooting / AI Aircraft - No landing gear/wheels
« on: July 04, 2019, 03:30:04 PM »
This is from the Hawaiian Airports package (Hawaii PhotoReal). All of the AI aircraft put in by the program are missing landing gear. Anybody ever see something like that before?


PS...update ... I added the picture

From Here to There - Missions, Trip Tics and VA / Medical Dispatches
« on: June 09, 2019, 05:15:25 PM »
When you are looking for something to do, try the Medical dispatches. It is a different kind of flying ... no routes ... just a waypoint you put into your gps (instructions on the webpage). Basically, you ...

(1) Download the RTMM Medical Facilities and activate it ... just like you do any scenery. This will give you 35 Medical facility locations that fit right into your present scenery packages. 

(2) Download the RTMM Automated  This gives you all of the automated Medical Dispatches and all of the Maintenance Dispatches for BWEP (Blue Wave Energy Partners). Inside this is a "selector" that when run, allows you to control scenery for the dispatch.

The one depicted below is E012B ... There was a car wreck on the Skeena River Bridge. You are dispatched from the Prince Rupert Area with the waypoint for where you must land. When you arrive, you will see all the medical people ... the car wreck, wreckers, police, on-lookers, etc. You then fly your patient back to the CBF6 Medical Facility (there is a way point for that for your GPS.). When you arrive at the dock there, the medical people will be waiting for you with stretchers an ambulance, etc.

When you turn OFF the dispatch E012B, if you fly to the Skeena River Bridge, nothing is there but normal traffic. And at the CBF6 dock, just the dock, no medical people.  The dispatch selector turns on a customized scenery package for the Emergency waypoint and for the Medical Facility ... then turns that scenery off when you are finished.

I'm currently going through these giving them the 2019 Refresh Check. So watch for any "updated" versions. (You can click on the maintenance log at the zip link and it will tell you the latest "happenings" for both the Medical Facilities and for the Automated Dispatches.


Website Discussion / Refresh 2019 continuing
« on: May 28, 2019, 05:11:42 PM »
You probably caught this NOTAM post:

"Version.txt" and "Maintenance Logs" ....

As a part of REFRESH 2019, we are adding a couple of things you might not notice. When you download a scenery folder from RTMM now, inside the /scenery folder of the folder you put into your addon area is a tiny "version.txt" file. You will find it in with the bgl files.  As we standardize on location NAMES ... we are getting rid of the "version number" and other misc entries that have been a part of the name. We do this so when you download an update, the folder will be titled something like (example) Misty's Place ... (Not Misty's Place PF20 or Misty's Place Version 4.0 ... just Misty's Place). All you then have to do is delete the old Misty's Place folder and replace it with the new and not have to redirect your Scenery Library to find a new name. But it doing this, you lose the ability to know which version you have. Now you will know. If you go to the /scenery file (where the bgl files reside) you'll find the version.txt. Click on it and the date of the location update and version are always there for you.  This is now in every RTMM scenery download.

Also, all of the maintenance logs are now installed on ALL scenery locations. If you click on the REFRESHED DATE link at the top of each locations entry box, that link opens the maintenance log for that scenery location. So if you see there's an update, if you click on the link, you will see what we updated, when it was updated, and who did the update.

With all the changing, we'll have some typos and screwy things happening here and there. We have everything "in place" but now we go after those pesky details.  One note for you, on the Maintenance Log ... you do not need to "do" anything if the text is in black. If the text is in RED, you should re-download and re-install the scenery. 

If you look in the RTMM Flight in the README folder, you will find a spreadsheet entitled: 4_RTMM-MFC Flight Plans Listing(date).xls.  First of all if you want to see how much work Norm has done with MFC, open that spreadsheet and look at the REAMS of data it contains. That is the spreadsheet I used for this project.

Cruising Altitudes adjust for all 700+ flight plans.

We have been paying a great deal of attention to RSA (safe altitude) and the routing of the flight plans, but one thing we neglected was the cruise altitude for the plan. Plan G and VFR Flight sort of assigned them randomly. So you could be making a 5 mile hop and the cruise altitude could be 12,000 feet!

Over the past few days, I've used Norm's spreadsheet to put in the VFR flight altitudes that he uses with MFC. All 700+ flight plans were changed to match the MFC spreadsheet. So now that same small flight will have a cruise altitude of (probably) 1500 feet.

If you are using Plan G, Little NavMap or VFR-Flight for your flight planner, you can now better see the ELEVATION profile for the flight with the new cruise altitudes. Before, most made little sense with 10,000 and 12,000 foot (and other random) cruise altitudes.

The new RTMM Flight (put up yesterday) has all of the new cruise altitudes in it. So if you are using this ... please delete the old flight plan set you have and put in this new one.

Below is the elevation profile for the Anon Bear Observatory flight plan.

Website Discussion / Maintenance Logs for Scenery Locations
« on: April 09, 2019, 08:56:13 AM »
Each scenery location now has its own "maintenance log." Any time a change is made on that scenery location, you will be able to see what change was made and who made the change.

To see the log, you click on the DATE for the location (Refreshed/Updated/Added). All of these are now hot linked to a location-specific maintenance log.

Literally, we are almost daily making adjustments in the locations. With many people flying RTMM, any problems hopefully are reported on the forum. We can then go after these, fix them, and now DOCUMENT them.

The logs will be cumulative ... the next "fix" will be listed right under the last one with the date and the person's name making the fix. So these, later, will look like a history for the location. This is all part of the 2019 REFRESH project that we are doing. 

All of the logs are now in place.


Help and Troubleshooting / Lorby Addon Organizer for P3D V4 Discussion
« on: April 03, 2019, 10:00:45 AM »
I'm curious about this addition and was hoping someone on our forum might be using it and could answer some questions for us.  Our whole area is "extensive" to say the least. Then add on the other things you might have around the world, and it goes from "extensive" to HUGE. But we aren't flying all those places all the time. So we only need to have turned "on" the area or group we are flying. This would help with loading time, etc.

That seems to be a main reason for this addition, that you can form groups and switch them on and off.

My situation is a little unique because I am continually tweaking and modifying the locations to make them better for everyone. We had to adjust the smoke at 600 of them last year, we are working on routes this year. We are almost finished with the 2019 Refresh Updates ... but all of these cause me to change the bgl for the scenery. Since I'm doing this, literally, on a daily basis ... is this Lorby Addon Organizer viable for me? Is this thing going to get "confused" when I change a location's bgl, etc?

If we have some folks that are using this with RTMM ... I'd love to hear from you and discuss this application in this thread so we can all get a better handle on it.


Screenshots / Blue Cat Lake
« on: March 13, 2019, 10:37:18 AM »
Flying MFC0057A.  Date: March, Season: Spring.

The only surprise was the lake was frozen ... it is a higher altitude lake so this is normal for this time of year. You can really get some "picture post-card" screenshots in RTMM, no matter the season!

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