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General Discussion / ORBX sale Feb 2019
« on: February 14, 2019, 08:53:24 PM »
Not sure if/how such announcements are viewed here, so apologies if this proves to be a posting faux-pas!

Probably redundant anyway, as doubtless most RTMM'ers will be on their mailing list anyway, but just in case, ORBX are having a sale at the moment, 50% of a broad range of their stuff, including most if not all that fall within the RTMM area of interest.

Live now, lasts until 18th February 2019 at 01:00Z.

Now to decide if I want to PNW, or if I should grab Global Vector whilst its at 50% off...

Hi folks,

couple of quick questions:

I've been unable to find/figure out which other pack Ryan's Cabins to download.

I did a search of the RTMM that turned up a couple of .bgls for them (looks like some find of file library/archive, just file a directory displayed, not a download page like the others) - I installed them and they seem to work.

I get the feeling, however, that thses are some sort of retired files - should I uninstall them and look for the correct ones?  If so, which of the scenery downloads are they part of?

They are on Somerville Island, SE of PAKT, N of CYPR.  They don't appear to be part of the 'Missing Cabins' scenery (I have that one installed).

Also, the Google Earth KMZ map is an incredible tool - really handy for helping me to find my way around, and figure out which of the RTMM scenery I want to install for my next flight(s),

I have downloaded it and created my own folder, so I can copy/paste locations to it and switch the map to display only the locations I havve installed.

Sadly, each time I do this, I seem to be missing something, as when I come to fire it up for the next session all my copied map markers have reverted to the generic yellow pin marker.  I'm assuming there is a trick I'm missing for copying/saving this data, so does anyone have any pointers for me, before I try to rebuild my custom map markers list again?


Screenshots / Moonlighting for Misty Moorings:
« on: February 08, 2019, 07:54:16 PM »
Thanks for the warm welcome here at RTMM folks!

As I've mentioned I like to fly FSX(SE) with FSPassangers running, to give the whole experience a bit more substance than 'So, where do I feel like flying today?' (though sometimes, thats just the ticket!).

So in this thread I shall chronicle my flights for the Misty Moorings Taxi Service.

Todays flight picks up where the last on (here: left off, Ketchikan Harbour, picking up 4 members of travel company staff and about 400lbs of perishables/consumables to re-stock the cabins at Miller and Luelia lakes for the coming tourist season.

Return leg is transporting about 500lbs of trash, laundry and expired supplies left in the cabins.  Another flight in a few days will drop off more supplies and pick up the travel company folks.

FSPassangers doesn't like it if the trip is 'too short', so I took a slightly scenic route, looking for/at features on the way.

Take off Ketchikan Harbour:

Buzzing the Guard Island Light:

Miller Lake should be just over that saddle:

Here I forgot to hide the FSPassangers mini-panel.  You'd think the locals would be used to a little turbulence, but I guess not!

Comin' right at ya:

Ok, I think I see Miller Lake Cabin:

Yup, there it is:

Drop off, Miller Lake Cabin:

At the dock:

Taxi-ing up the lake for take-off, admiring the scenery:

Leaving Miller Lake:

Such a nice day for flying:

Scoping out Luelia Lake for a landing:

Coming in for the landing:

There's more room for maneuver over/on the lake than it first appears.

Taxi-ing up to the cabin:

Drop off Luelia Lake Cabin:

Leaving Luelia Lake:

Phocena Bay Cabin:

Passing Metlakatla, en route to Tamgas Harbour:

Touch down Tamgas Harbour:

Tamgas Dock:

Tamgas Harbour:

Not much here at the moment, I think this dock comes as part of the ORBX freeware Global Airport Pack (needs Global Base), but once I figure out how, I think I'll add an office and a few more structures here, make it home.

Cheers for looking!

Screenshots / Checking out Fleet Bay for the first time...
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:43:53 PM »
Hi folks,

kudos to all for the amazing work on all this additional FSX content!   8)

Here's a few shots of me checking out the newly installed 'Fleet Bay' scenery in my C185F floatplane.

Looks like someone is having a rough day:

Making new friends:

Flock of birds:

More new friends:

Overview of the dock:

Great scenery, off to check out some more :D

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