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Is the "Return to Misty Moorings SAK Seaplane Bases AI Traffic" (developed by Dexter Thomas) the same file as "SAK - Sea Plane Bases V2.1"?  Do I need to look elsewhere for the SAK SPB AI Traffic? (I think I've checked everywhere at RTMM, but it is so big that I may have missed it...)
The RTMM Scenery page includes:

SAK - Sea Plane Bases V2.1 (Refreshed 06.10.2019) Scenery by Brad Allen and AI Traffic by Dex Thomas
Starting Positons: (See Locations Below)

The AI Seaplane enhancement this scenery is designed to work in tandem with is the Return to Misty Moorings SAK Seaplane Bases AI Traffic developed by Dexter Thomas.
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Help and Troubleshooting / Tongass Fjords X still available?
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:48:07 PM »
I purchased Tongass Fjords X from in Sep 2018.  Installed no problem.

Since then, PC crashed hard.  Lost all data.  I've attempted to contact FSAddon via multiple means; no response.  I am unable to get a download link to re-download the scenery.

I attempted to re-purchase TFX and my purchase is "rejected by vendor" (using Paypal). 

I saw on the website that TFX might be available from several other sellers; no joy at any of those sites either.

Is Tongass Fjords X still available?  Is still in business?


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Help and Troubleshooting / Missing smoke at Brad's BBQ
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:58:09 AM »
I'm brand new to RTMM and am excited to begin exploring!

I'm going through the installation steps and just finished installing the Object Tester at PANT.  Everything seems to be where it's supposed to be except there's no smoke at Brad's BBQ; the picture I'm comparing the objects to indicates I should see smoke.

I looked in the Effects folder at the Required Object Libraries FSXP3D Part III 02.25.2017, where the Object Tester says I should find Brad's BBQ components, but I see only "fx_shipsmoke..." there.  I reinstalled all of the Part III effects anyway, but still no smoke.

Please help.



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