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Help and Troubleshooting / Kacars issue
« on: June 03, 2019, 03:04:01 PM »
Hey guys,
been a long time since i was last here, so i finally managed to get the sim back up and running again and was so excited o get back to the club, but i am fighting this kacars issue. Whenever i start kacars my sim goes from ok to very bad twiching constantly and i have been unable to identify the cause of this.Its making me very sad beacuse now i have to fly all alone in my sim:) which is half the fun lost:). The very exact same thing happens with the AKA bluebox so something must be wrong in general with this kacars thingy...
Though i have already installed all the addons which took me like 2 days and then,at the end of course, i stumbled upon this problem, i would gladly reinstall all of fsx if i would know that would solve the issue, but i hope someone here might have some info what and why this is happening. I was running win7, issue was present at the very start and with fresh copy of windows with almost nothing else installed on this rig. I upgraded then to win7 SP1, fsx as it seems runs the same as before the update, but unfortunately the kacars problem persists...
Please help me:), i am hugely annoyed by this and already missed like 30hrs of flight:)...

thank you for any info...

Cegnar Miha

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