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Not really a RTMM question but I don't know where else to ask; boating discussion on flight sim forums seems rare.

I've seen posts here where folks mention having Deltasim boats to include sailboats (I'm specifically thinking of the X55).  I'm curious: do you actually "sail" these things, as in, you have to trim the sails to the correct angle to the wind to make the boat go?  And then adjust sail trim as necessary with wind or course changes?  Or are the sails basically cosmetic, where they just swing around automatically?  The demo videos kind of look like the latter but I can't find any info..  could anyone who owns these models chime in? Thanks!

General Discussion / Milviz Beaver - updated flight dynamics
« on: May 27, 2018, 04:43:23 PM »

Just a heads up for those who have the Milviz Beaver: there's an updated FDE available on the Milviz support forum (released by MV themselves, not third - party).  The new flight dynamics seem to have "activated" propwash, and the plane will now allow its tail to be raised early in the takeoff roll, as well as held up during wheel landings. Good stuff...

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / STOL Contest?
« on: April 02, 2018, 07:37:28 PM »
Hey all!

I had a maybe fun idea; thought I'd throw it out for consideration.    :)

So,  I've been having fun with the new MFC (when I can sim which hasn't been often lately), and since one of the first tours has us visiting Annette island,  I loaded up the PANT fly in scenery which for some reason I'd never tried.   Very nice btw!  But, since I happened to be experimenting with the Flight Replicas Super Cub Ultra  (man,  what a better flight model than their original Super Cub), I started noodling around with the STOL contest line on the aux runway...

... which led to wondering how a group of simmers flying together online could hold a STOL contest,  how it could be fairly judged etc.  I thought about users installing landing distance gauges and self-reporting, but this wouldn't honor distance from a known point (threshold) nor would it disqualify early touchdowns (note that I'm not suggesting anyone would cheat; those things are just difficult to self- determine).  I figured we would need a judge / observer for this...

Which led to messing around with measuring and drawing lines across the strip in ADE to create a scenery with a grid of distance markings at the end of the runway.  Theoretically, a "judge" could set up a view position right on the threshold line to verify a legal touchdown,  then zap to an overhead view and count the lines on the runway up to the main gear once the plane stops,  for an accurate landing distance.   I've tried to draw the grid with accurate distance measurements so it should roughly match a landing distance gauge if a pilot might be using one..  but the important thing would be that competitors would all be against the same scenery grid.

Takeoff distance would have to be judged similarly,  probably using distance marker signs and a side view?

There would definitely be some logistical complexity to planning something like this,  and there would probably have to be a minimum level of interest expressed ahead of time to make it worthwhile.   It'd be a bummer to put in the time planning and have two people show up (says the guy who possibly wouldn't show up anyway since all my free time to sim is usually later at night lol).

For competitors though,  it could be pretty simple.  Just install a piece of RTMM scenery (with the runway markings) and show up and fly your best  ;-).

There are all sorts of fun options involving different classes of aircraft,  group fly - ins to pre-position etc,  if folks wanted... but it could be much simpler too.

 I've never heard of an online group doing something like this.   Thoughts?  Would anyone else find that fun?   ;D

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / 30+ minute legs?
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:17:00 PM »

Installed kACARSII last night, and I see a prominent notice that only 30 minute legs are allowed.   I'm just wondering if I've installed the wrong thing,  or if we're all still just waiting for the upcoming "cigar box" release?  I'm trying to figure out how to fly one of the tours with legs longer than 30 minutes?

Thanks for all the work on this!

General Discussion / Did you know Misty's Place was almost real?
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:32:25 AM »
Down the rabbit hole on flying boat history, looking to re-create some Pan Am clipper flights, I found a blurb discussing Pan Am's first visit to Ketchikan.  They brought a Sikorsky S-43 into the harbor on August 7th, 1938.  However, Pan Am was already looking ahead to the use of land airports where possible.  This was the statement on the Pan Am Historical Society's article:

"During the visit Pan Am and government officials also took time out to look at Bostwick Inlet on Gravina as the possible site for a land airfield, according to local aviation historian Don Dawson."

...Which, of course, is where you guys put the current Misty's Place.  Great minds think alike?  ;-)

But while still in the planning stages, WWII intervened, and by the end of the war, there was a handy AAF airport on Annette Island.  Pan Am used this to serve the Ketchikan area, and folks were shuttled to Ketchikan harbor by Grumman Gooses (Geese?) operated by Coastal Ellis, one of the operators to form the modern day Alaska Airlines.

Your dose of history for the day.  Maybe it's common knowledge around here... I thought it was cool though.  ;-)

The full article:

Screenshots / Weathered in at Telegraph Creek
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:05:34 AM »
I can hear my old boss now...

"Dammit Andy, it's not THAT bad.  Look.  Look how far down that tree line you can see.  You can see those trees, WAY over there!"     ;D

Screenshots / Cabins on the Lakes - Slideshow with video clips
« on: October 05, 2017, 08:43:46 AM »
Tried to hit most of the cabins from Burwash down to Atlin.  Thanks to everyone who put this package together,  it took me to some great areas!

Dezadeash Lake landing - 04:55
Dezadeash Lake takeoff - 07:12
Rose Lake Cabin takeoff - 12:55
Primrose Lake Cabin Landing - 15:15
LLewyllyn Glacier Cabin landing - 24:57

General Discussion / Ok, where am I?
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:46:06 AM »
 Guess where... I know some of you have flown the approach to the harbor over this bridge a few times ;-).
(Hope the pic ends up big enough to see. )

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Where to submit a new scenery?
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:56:16 PM »

I emailed the "contact" email address on the homepage last week, and realized today I hadn't heard back.   No hurry of course (or obligation to answer me at all for that matter ;-) ) but I just thought I'd check and make sure that that's the correct address?


Hello all,

You were kind enough to point me in the right direction after my last slew of questions, and you know what they say... no good deed goes unpunished.   I'm back...  ;D

I hope this is a straightforward one:   is there a way to exercise control over the "draw distance" of an object?   I mentioned earlier I was looking for some runway edge marker objects for rural runways, and sure enough I've found several I like in the Misty's object libraries (I won't be distributing elsewhere).  But they all disappear when you get just a little distance away, and then "pop" into existence in pairs while you're on short final.   It's distracting and causes micro-stutters (on my machine, anyway). 

I see other sceneries that have similar objects that are visible from as far away as the airport is.   How do developers accomplish this?   Is there an easy parameter to tweak somewhere, is it a function of the size of the bounding box etc?

Thanks.. and thanks for the earlier advice.   In addition to learning object placement and autogen annotation by polishing up my sloping jungle strip in Papua New Guinea, I've managed to create a fictional sloping, uneven gravel runway high up a mountain valley in Misty's world with an intentionally tough approach.   Even have a little storyline idea for a series of these strips if it should turn out to have any merit.   Great fun!

Object Libraries for RTMM / Scenery design / objects questions
« on: January 24, 2017, 09:00:06 AM »
Hello all,

This should possibly have gone in the "object libraries" subforum, but it doesn't seem very active and seems more geared towards helping users with library install issues, so I'm going to try it here.  Feel free to tell me to move it.

So, I've been bitten by the scenery design bug.  It all started innocently enough - I was cheating on Misty's in warmer climes, flying around Papua New Guinea playing with Air Hauler, running a bush operation in my trusty Beavers in and out of ORBX's completely awesome sloping, slanting, rough mountain strips that come with the Tapini and AYPY "experience" packages.  The Tapini strips had AFCADs but no runways in the AFCADs so I learned how to add a zero-width runway using ADEX.  Easy nough.  But the AYPY strips are even more fun, and had no AFCADs at all, so I learned to make an AFCAD from scratch.  Also easy enough.  And then I realized via Google Earth that there are a couple "missing" bush strips around the Kokoda track that ORBX didn't build.  So... I learned how to create photoscenery using SBuilderX.  I thought it would be a real challenge to build an accurately sloping, slanting strip, but it turns out that if you place the photoscenery in its real-world location, ORBX's mesh is accurate enough that it just works perfect, clings to the mesh.  Of course blend masks, autogen annotation, and object placement went along with that.  Annnnnd... now I'm hooked ;-).

So I was going to attempt to build some similar sloping, slanting rough mountainside bush strips in Misty's world.  Of course if I end up with anything worth sharing I'll be glad to, though that may be questionable lol.  I'm just in the scouting location phase now, but I'm wondering about a couple things:

1.  These won't be real-world strips so I can't just use photoscenery for my runway image.  I assume creating a custom texture poly in SBuilder using satellite imagery of a gravel or dirt runway is the way to go for this?  Or do you guys use a different technique? 
2.  Along those lines, is there a collection of runway photosceneries somewhere that I can use for textures?  Or am I making my own out of actual gravel runway imagery from Google Earth?  That's fine too, would be fun.
3.  Objects:  now this is where I'm fuzzy.  I've been using Misty's scenery for a year or two so I have the object libraries installed.  To use objects from those libraries, would I just add them using the Sbuilder Object Library Manager? 
4.  General question about objects:  does the end user (if it's not me) need to have the library installed?  Or, if I just use a couple objects from a library, can I include them in my scenery folder somehow?
5.  Is there a catalog somewhere of the objects available in each library, or is it a matter of adding them to SBuilder and just browsing thumbnails?
6.  And lastly (whew), can anyone recommend a good runway edge marker object - like a nice white cone or something - that I can use on my PNG strips?  I've been sticking with default FSX objects thus far for convenience, but there doesn't seem to be anything suitable in default FSX... just an orange traffic cone which is invisible from any distance.

Thanks much for any guidance on any or all of these.  Newb questions, I know... I've done my best to search but just can't find these answers.

A good old fashioned biplane barnstormer airshow, on a nice blue sky fall day...  (will have to add screenshots later):


Thought some of you might enjoy a couple snaps I grabbed today at work, descending on the RNP 29 into Ketchikan.  I don't know if anyone's posted real pics of the area here before...

First one taken over Annette island looking NW, second one taken a little further NW, looking right up Bostwick inlet. 

I guess it'll look familiar to most here ;-).

General Discussion / Found a couple uncharted strips with cabins...
« on: March 22, 2016, 04:52:52 AM »
Hi all,

So I was flying one of the Alaska Adventures tour flights tonight, taking a DC3 from Yakutat to Wood Lake research center.  I decided since the weather was decent, instead of using the AKA route, I'd stay low and just run down the coast to Cape Spencer and follow the water in to the northeast, then pick up the valley into PAWL.  Figured I'd get some great views and I did...  Harlequin Lake and the Yakutat glacier, down over Dry Bay, past the Grand Plateau and Fairweather glaciers, over the La Perouse glacier, great shot of Mt. Fairweather, then left past the Brady glacier and on in.  Great fun.  (Wood Lake is awesome scenery btw.)

Anyway, over the southeast corner of Dry bay, I found a couple uncharted dirt strips with cabins / buildings.  There are quite a few strips and cabins near there, but these don't appear on a sectional or on the RTTM Google Earth kml.  (Actually the cabins are on a sectional, but not the strips).  The strips look to exist in real life though, if you zoom into google earth on these coordinates you'll see them both:
N59 5.989 W138 25.173

They're modeled very true to life in the scenery; ORBX continues to amaze me... 

Anyway, if someone was looking for more unmarked but existing strips to play with ala "Navmans retreat", these might be fun.  Scenic flight out from Juneau, Gustavus, Wood lake, or down from Yak.  Not that I'm meaning to put you guys to work or anything   ;) ... just throwing these out there in case no one's noticed them before.

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