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Prepar3D-Version 4 / Prepar3D-Version 5 - Coming Soon
« on: April 07, 2020, 10:41:32 PM »
Prepar3D-Version 5 - Coming Soon to a theater near you!

Lockheed Martin announced the launch of the new version of Prepar3D 5 next week, @ April 14th.

They introduce it as the first big step “in the development of an all new platform”. It will support DirectX 12, allows the airports designers to make sloping runways. There are also two major improvements integrated : “Realistic sky, clouds, and atmosphere with Simul trueSKY integration.” and “Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0″.

Their announcement lists also the new aircraft and enhancements : for example, the “F-35B and F-35C variants with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, Updated F-35A model with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, and Updated F-22 model developed by IRIS Simulations.”.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>



But don't switch to it on day 1 - or even on Day 30+ - That is unless all the devs have all their 3rd party apps/produces ready and compatible for use P3DV5x that you use now in P3Dv4.5x. IE: Active Sky, EZdok, Spad, FSUIPC, Simconnect, ORBX Central  4.1.99! REX, etc etc etc. (They may all need updates before being compatible for use P3Dv5x!  so wait until all required is updated)


And where might MS2020 be in this equation? A bit delayed but really no one knows for sure other than
it is still in the alpha testing phase so it will be a while! 

Today after much collective work by RTMM scenery designers since the fall, we release the add-on scenery and enhancements for Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Adventures.

They are meant to be used with an amazing base scenery of the Northern Bahamas by Gregory A Goodwin.
Gregory has created a highly accurate representation of this area of the Bahamas with custom water class, land class and vector data.

The scenery covers the following island areas of the Northern Bahamas: Andros. Bimini. Nassau. Grand Bahama, the Abaco Islands. The Berry Islands, The Exumas and Ragged Islands. It's a large area of the Caribbean Sea that focuses on the Northern Bahamas islands. (He's planning on completing the rest of the Bahamas in a future release that will cover Eleuthera, Cat Island and the remaining east and southern chains.)

Scenery LINKS/Requirements:

Bahamas Scenery Pack v2-3: Northern & Western Bahamas, Turks & Caicos
(by Gregory A Goodwin)

FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Custom Object Library:
(by Steve Weinkamer)

FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library:
(by Chris Carel)

MCA North Bahamas Scenery v1.0:
(By Brad Allen)

AI Seaplane and Fishing Vessels Traffic:
(Sounds and Effects by Dexter Thomas, AI Seaplane Bases Scenery by Brad Allen).

Misty's Caribbean Air Custom Aircraft Repaints:
(by Klaus Troeppner)

Carenado C185F: LINK:
Default FSX/P3D Maule M7: LINK:
Milviz Bell 407 Helicopter: LINK:
Tongass Fjords X DHC2 (AI Aircraft): LINK:

Stay healthy out there and perhaps enjoy some blue waters, sun, sea breezes and relaxation in the virtual Bahamas!

Norm  (For Brad Allen)

2020-03-03: Added two aircraft into the MFC Fleet:

Lockheed Lodestar  >> (Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar) >> (ICAO C60)
                      Will show in Cigar Box as >>>   NC60MM - C60 - LODESTAR C60

Lockheed Electra Model 10 (Amelia's Plane) >> (Lockheed Model 10 Electra) >> (ICAO L10)
                       Will show in Cigar Box as >> NL10MM - L10 - ELECTRA L10

These aircraft were used by the Canadian RCAF: No. 164 and 165 Squadrons RCAF.
and Canadian commercial airlines:
    Trans-Canada Air Lines - 12 Model 18-10s delivered new
    Yukon Southern Air Transport - Two Model 18-10s delivered new.
    Canadian Pacific Air Lines (purchased Yukon Southern Air Transport in 1941).

In the USA: US Military Corps:
    United States Army Air Corps
    United States Navy
    United States Marine Corps
    United States Coast Guard

and commercially used by Alaska Star Airlines (renamed to Alaska Airlines in 1944).

Norm (Vice James Smith MFC0010)

Comms: (Voice Communication)


We do have our own voice and text server on Discord for MFC/RTMM and plenty of Voice rooms as well as informational text rooms, photo rooms, MFC tour releases and help rooms/text and voice for any who may want to fly together in a group environment. Discord 's text rooms have direct drag & drop capability form small files to photos etc as well as multiple voice rooms for group comms plus capability for person to person calls etc.

Discord Application (Comms):     
(There is a software version or browser version but software version preferred/better)

MFC Discord Server address (Comms):
(I have set up multiple text rooms, multiple posting channels, help channels as well as several voice channels for group flying comms)


Referring to the above, some prefer Teamspeak (TS3) over Discord or for whatever reason cannot run Discord. So recently (2020) have set up a MFC-RTMM voice room on TS3 - under the TS3 digital theme Park server: 

To get to the MFC-RTMM TS3 Comms voice room: Install TS3, Go to Manage Bookmarks> Add bookmark >
Bookmark Name: MFC-RTMM Group Flights, Server Nickname or Address: and click Apply to save the book mark. Then run it.

First time use on this digital theme park server: you will be in the Welcome room and an Staff/Admin will give you security for the digital theme park TS3 server. Once done (it only takes a moment), in TS3 navigate to:  Flight Division > Aviation Groups & Clubs > WFT We Fly Together and voice room: MFC-RTMM Group Flights MFC-RTMM.  Any in this room are voice connected. Server 24/7.


Multi-Clients for group flights

To run Group Flights you also require a Multi-Client is required. This joins most sims FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1-2-3-4 and X-plane to a universal network for group flying.

There are two good multi-clients out there. (There is also vatsim/vpilot but that network is not really used for VFR bush flying).

1. FSCloud (Multi-Sim Client):  Install when the sim is running and Done. (Can be used to tune aircraft radio channels for Radio Comms and has it's own map system).  Run to connect and you're on the FSCloud network.

2. JoinFS (Multi-Sim Client Alternate):  Install then set a bookmark to access the Digital Thempark Server*  (server =  Start JoinFS, navigate to the by use of the bookmark and you're on the JoinFS network.


Screenshots / Welcome to 20/20
« on: January 02, 2020, 06:43:47 AM »
Happy New Year - This is 20/20!

Welcome to the next decade!


General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving to the US contigent
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:44:08 PM »
Warm wishes to all of our US contingent RTMM & MFC pilots and their families for a Happy Thanksgiving and celebrations commencing tomorrow. Truly a blessed people.

Prepar3D-Version 4 / Groundhandling v6.0
« on: May 31, 2019, 08:02:42 AM »
There is an updated (late 2017) - Groundhandling v6.0 which has updated code definitions for P3Dv4 and also contains the newer XMLsound files used in P3Dv4x). (But still contains updated files that still support  FSX/P3Dv2/3).

Groundhandling V6.0 Links:

(Perfect flight) -

Note: Groundhandling 6 gauge requires the installation of Microsoft "Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable:

Groundhandling window definitions have to be added to each aircraft's panel.cfg file that you want the groundhandling to be available: these entries/format are all contained in the Groundhandling 6
README GroundhandlingV6.txt file: It contains a full readme: the install, notes and all the definitions (copy/paste) and how to - for the panel.cfg. 


PS: (But make sure you leave RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB files in your gauges as it was used in the CIRP  tricked out Stalwart). (There is no conflict between Groundhandling v5.0 and Groundhandling v6.0).

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Orbx Sale May 2019
« on: May 01, 2019, 07:22:07 AM »
If any are in short of ORBX pieces that are required for the prime RTMM  or you want to add other ORBX pieces to your collection, you can at almost 50% off for the month of May 2019.

For more info:

(I think Orbx should pay RTMM a small portion for our advertising of their products on this site!lol.)

Snow River Railroad Bridge is part of The Western Chugach (Part 1). Great view at dusk. Here is a few pics: (Nice job ROD!).


PART 1    A-K

Following will be an updated listing of the updated/refreshed RED Exclamation Mark scenery listing as well as the GREEN Check Mark scenery listing. 

Explanation:  When you see a RED Exclamation Mark beside scenery pieces on the scenery page it means there is a new, refreshed version of the scenery available that you can download using the zip button at the scenery location.  (* If your favorite scenery has a RED Exclamation Mark, it doesn't mean that what you already have will stop working. It simply means that there is a BETTER version available for you to re-download.)   

NOTAM IMPORTANT: For RED Exclamation Mark scenery: Previous installations of any location that has been refreshed/changed (RED) needs to be uninstalled completely before installing the newer/updated edition.

When you see a GREEN Check Mark beside scenery pieces on the scenery age, it means a change was made but the scenery files were not affected. Usually this means we have updated the Readme text files. So there is no need to re-download the scenery files. If you have the location, you have the latest version.

For more information on the Refreshed Scenery updates see Doug's PDF:

Addon Scenery

Below is an updated listing of the modified/refreshed scenery pieces - A-K. (Color of the text of the scenery name below will identify the listing as either a new/refreshed version RED Exclamation=Red text or a GREEN Check Mark=Green text colored scenery name.  (Black text=scenery to update)

Object Libraries Requirement NOTE:
NEW Libs PART IV 02-12-2019 >> has been updated again 03-20-2019) which includes changes to textures and contains updates to previous Libs)-(Red)

Scenery Listings

- Aiken Creek Camp (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)
- Alaska Power Project - See Alaska Power Plant Page (Refreshed V2.0-02.25.2019-(Red)
- Allakaket Lodge 6A8 (Refreshed V2.0-03.05.2019-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Annette Island Fly-In (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)

- B -
- Badger Lake Cabins (Refreshed V2.0-01.21.2019)-(Red)
- Baird-LeConte Glacier Tour (Refreshed V2.0-01.21.2019)-(Green)
- Barnstormers (Refreshed V1.0-01.07.2019)-(Green)
- Barnstormers Seasonal Files (Optional) (NEW 01.06.2019)-(Red)
- Bear Camp Research (Refreshed V2.0-01.21.2019)-(Green)
- Bear Observatory at Anan Lake (Refreshed V2.0-02.01.2019)-(Red)
- Bettles Lodge/PABT (Refreshed V2-0-03.05.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Big Creek Lodge PF61 (Refreshed V2.0-03.01.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Big Fall Hydro (Refreshed V2.0-03.05.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Big Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-03.06.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Black Rapids Lodge (Refreshed V2.0-01.22.2019)-(Green)
- Blue Cat Lake (Refreshed V2.0-03.06.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Updated Seasonal
- Blue Wave Energy Partners: See BWEP Page (No changes yet)
- Bob's Bay Cabin (Refreshed V2.1-03.06.2019)-(Red)** Re-updated Updated Seasonal
- Border Lake Provincial Park (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019-(Red)
- Boya Lake Provincial Park (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)
- Bradley Lake Hydro (Refreshed V2.0-01.23.2019)-Red)
- Brad's Bait & BBQ Skeena River (Refreshed V2.0-02.16.2019)-(Red)
- Brad's Bait & BBQ at Stewart, BC (Refreshed V2.0-01.23.2019)-(Green)
- Bronson Creek CAB5 (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)
- Burnett Inlet Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.05.2019)-(Red)
- Big Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)
- Border Lake Provincial Park (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Red)
- Boya Lake Provincial Park (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019)-(Green)
- Bronson Creek CAB5 (Refreshed V2.0-01.04.2019-(Red)
- Burnett Inlet Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.05.2019)-(Green)

- C.I.R.P. Ice Stations (Combined)(Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Red)*See note next post
- C.I.R.P Blowing Snow Effect (Refreshed V1.0-01.22.2019)-(Red) ** NEW Add-on
- C.I.R.P. Bear River Lodge- (Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Green)         
- C.I.R.P. PAKT Office for stock PAKT-(Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)- (Red)                         
- C.I.R.P. PAKT Office for ORBX PayWare-(Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Red)
- C.I.R.P. Premier Gold Mine- (Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Green)
- C.I.R.P. Soule Glacier - (Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Green)
- C.I.R.P. Stewart Ops Center (Refreshed V2.0-01.14.2019)-(Green)

- C.I.R.P. Ground Vehicles- See CIRP Ops Page:
- C.I.R.P. Hovercraft–New/updated: Now compatible with FSX through P3Dv4x-(Red)
- C.I.R.P. Stalwart Vehicle–New/updated: Compatible with FSX through P3Dv4x-(Red)
- C.I.R.P. AS350 Repaint by Klaus Tröppner- (NEW 02.17.2019)-(Red)

- C -
- Cabins by the Lakes I v2.0 (Refreshed V2.0-01.06.2019)-(Red)
- Cabins by the Lakes II v2.0 (Refreshed V2.0-01.06.2019)-(Red)
- Canoona Fish Camp (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Cape Spencer Lighthouse-By Doug Linn (Refreshed V2.-10.23.2019)- (Green)
- Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Green)
- Charlotte Lake Lodge (Refreshed V2.0-01.23.2019)-(Green)
- Chaunigan Lake Lodge (Refreshed V2-01.23.2019)-(Red)
- Chilanko Lodge CBX (Refreshed V2.0-01.24.2019)-(Red)
- Chilanko River Sales & Service (Refreshed V2.0-01.24.2019)-(Red)
- Chilcotin Plateau Airfield (Refreshed V2.0-01.24.2019)-(Green)
- Circle City Lodge at PACR (Refreshed V2.0-01.24.2019)-(Green)
- CJ's Bed and Breakfast (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Green)
- Crevice Creek 1AK1 (Refreshed V2.1-03.09.2019)-(Red) ** Updated/Fixed Bridge
- CU Ranch (Refreshed V2.0-01.24.2019)-(Green)
- Mike Mann's British Columbia Lighthouses UPDATED BC Lighthouses File: ( (This also requires the RTMM Library and Objects 02.11.19 update):

- D -
- Dan's Hideaway (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Darb Lake - (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Daredevil's Roost (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Green)
- Dean River PF32 (Refreshed V2.0-02.28.2019**)-(Red)** Re-updated Seasonal
- Dean River Run - (NEW Added V2.0-02.28.2019)(Red)** NEW Add-on
- Desperate Moose Lodge PF33 (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Devil's Arse (Refreshed V2.0-01.25.2019)-(Red)
- Dog Salmon Creek and Village (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Doug's Outfitters (and Lodging) (PF29) (Refreshed V2.1-04.06.2019)-(Red) ** Now Seasonal Textures
- Dora Bay Log Transfer Facility (Updated V2.0-04.07.2019)-(Red) ** Pier/Boats Updated                              
- Downdraft Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)     
- Driftwood Depot (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)

- E -
- Eagle Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Egg Harbor Fish Camp (Refreshed V2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Elkin Creek Guest Ranch (Refreshed V2.0-01.25.2019)-(Red)
- Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake (Refreshed V2.1-01.04.2019)-(Red)**See note next post

- F -
- Fairfax Lake Campsite (Refreshed V2.1-01.12.2019)-(Red)
- FedEx Terminals (Refreshed V2.1-01.15.2019)-(Green)
- Fleet Bay Parts Dock (Refreshed V2.1-01.14.2019)-(Red)
- Flying Beaver Lodge (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)-(Red)
- Forrester Island Research Outpost (Refreshed V2.1-01.14.2019)-(Red)
- Fortaleza Ridge Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-02.06.2019)-(Red)
- Fountain of Ute River Run (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)-(Green)
- Frances Lake Lodge  (Refreshed V2.1-01.14.2019)-(Red)

- G -
- Gilbert Bay Airfield  (Refreshed V2.1-01.14.2019)-(Red)
- Glacier Bay Tours (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)-(Green)
- Gokachin Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.1-01.15.2019)-(Red)
- Goose Bay Cabin (Refreshed V2.1-01.15.2019)-(Red)
- Granduc Camp (Refreshed V2.1-01.15.2019)-(Red)
- Gwent Bay Cannery (Refreshed V2.1-01.15.2019)-(Red)

- H -
- Halibut Cove (Refreshed V2.0-02.06.2019)-(Green)
- Hang 'Em High Resorts (Refreshed V2.1-03.14.2019)-(Red) (**Updated Seasons)
         - Updated Par-Motor Object (Compatible FSX-P3Dv1234x)-(Red)
- Herring Bay Cannery & SPB v1 (Default- PAKT) (Refreshed V2.1-01.17.2019)-(Green)
- Herring Bay Cannery and SPB v2.1 (ORBX PAKT) (Refreshed V2.1-01.18.2019)-(Red)
- Hidden Inlet Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-02.06.2019)-(Red)
- Hidden Inlet Retreat (Refreshed V2.0-02.06.2019)-(Red)
- High Lake Cabin (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)-(Red)
- High Mine (Uncle Skeeter's) (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)- (Green)
- Hollis Harbor
- Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)-(Red)
- Hunter Bay Cannery (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)-(Red)

- I -
- Iggy's Harbor (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)- (Red)
- Iskut Village Airstrip (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)-(Red)

- J -
- Jedway Bay Sea Base (Refreshed V2.0-01.27.2019)-(Green)
- Jordan Lake Cabin v2 (Refreshed V2.0-01.20.2019)-(Red)

- K -
- Kasaan KXA Upgraded (Refreshed V2.0-02.07.2019)-(Red)
- Ketchikan Harbor
- Khutze River Lodge (PF17) (Refreshed 2.0-01.09.2019)-(Red)
- Khutzeymateen River Bear View Lodge PF01 (Refreshed V2.5-01.20.2019)-(Red)
- Kildala Pass (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)-(Red)
- Kimsquit River Logging Camp (Refreshed V2.0-01.26.2019)-(Red)
- Kimsquit River Run (Refreshed V2.0-01.27.2019)-(Green)
- Kitsault Gold Camp (Refreshed V2.0-02.02.2019)-(Red)
- Klawock Snow Dog Tours Ops Base (Refreshed V2.0-01.27.2019)-(Green)
- Klinkwan Fish Camp (Refreshed V2.0-02.02.2019)-(Red)       
- Kloo Lake (Refreshed V2.0-02.02.2019)-(Red)
- Klutina Outfitters (Refreshed V2.0-01.27.2019)-(Green)
- Kowesas River Lodge (Refreshed V2.0-02.02.2019)-(Red)
- Kwatna River Airstrip (Refreshed V2.5-02.02.2019)-(Red)

Object Libraries Requirement NOTE:
NEW Libs PART IV 02-12-2019 >> has been updated again 03-20-2019) which includes changes to textures and contains updates to previous Libs)-(Red)

For next stage of updates please refer to Doug's new maintenance page at:

General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving USA
« on: November 22, 2018, 11:34:36 AM »
Wishing all the USA contingent here at RTMM a very Happy Thanksgiving

Screenshots / FOREST FIRE!! 23nm NW of PASI
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:19:57 PM »

While flying Leg 6/Leg 7 MFC0017-TF Docks & Cabin Inspections Petersburg to Juneau: have found large forest fires - 23nm Northwest of Sitka (PASI/A29) near the area of the Suloia Lake USFS Cabin.

Call out the troops, the fire boats and the water bombers - these are no little fires and it's so dry - they will spread very fast!! Heading back to Sitka to drop off this little C185 for a Canadair CL215 (Water Scooper) to help fight the numerous forest fires!!.


General Discussion / Happy Holiday
« on: July 04, 2018, 10:08:11 AM »
Happy 4th of July Holiday - Independence day - to the USA Contingent of pilots here at RTMM.

The forum posts in this section will be for notification of upcoming tours or excursions at MFC.

As I plan the routes and work on finishing them them off will just pop up a notification here with tour page images and the corresponding completion award. Stay tuned


NOTAM Tour Bids & KACARS Delay

Posted by Norm Richards on 03/19/2018


Tour Bids & KACARS Delay:

We have noticed that the tour bid flights generated are not immediately being recognized or drawn into KACars and as a result KACars may be loading a previous tour bid/fight leg.

In an effort to minimize these previous bids being loaded in KACARS, please close the KACARS after flying a flight leg bid then generate your new bid before restarting KACars.

Once KACARS is running and the flight leg bid is loaded, make a quick confirmation that the bid flight in KACARS has the correct departure and destination ICAOs you are intending to fly.

The developer of our KACars has been notified and is working on a module fix for the KACARS.



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