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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / MSFS Add-ons - Site Links:
« on: March 12, 2021, 09:35:20 AM »
Neat sites for rtmm like scenery pieces for MSFS:

(the #1 site: >>  (World)     

(Search Users: DADGAMETIME, PropellerBC, CptMoustache, Photosbykev. Or search "Alaska", "British Columbia", Alberta, etc.  (or anywhere else in the world for that matter! as there is much on this site!).

Other sites: (Canada) (Alaska) (Canada, USA + many others ) (world)


March 10, 2021: Microsoft and Working Title Announce Partnership:

Microsoft and Working Title Partnership FAQ:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / AI Global ships v1 for MSFS Released
« on: March 06, 2021, 01:50:27 PM »
AI Global ships v1 for MSFS just released just a few mins ago.



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / MSFS Wake Effects ? VOTE
« on: March 05, 2021, 09:16:00 AM »
MSFS Users:

Wakes for AI Ships >> Please vote on the official site in favor of bow/wake effects in MSFS2020 - In this case specifically in favor for the ability for working wake effects for AI Ships in Henrik Nielson's Global AI Ship package.


More will also come as a result of the ability to create these wake effects like float/amphibian aircraft having wakes upon landing and/or take off, and perhaps also water effects crashing on shores etc.

Global AI ship package is one of the best packages ever in previous sims and it is the bow/wake effects that make it!

Please vote in Favor as we sure need this in MSFS2020 as ships looks static without wake effects. 


PS: Thanks Henrik (et all) for all your work to creating the previous Global AI ship package for FSX/P3D and hopefully again in MSFS with the full compliment of effects.

[UPDATE] MSFS2020 Release Notes ( Update #5 Now Available!

Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.

    Improved sensitivity and twitchiness of control surfaces for the Daher TBM 930, Cessna 152, Cessna 152 Aerobat, Cessna 172 classic and Cessna 172 G1000

    Improved autopilot behavior for pitch management, altitude capture and stability for Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, Cessna Citation Longitude, Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and Daher TBM 930

    Fixed Zlin Shock Ultra caution amber light which was always on

    Fixed Cirrus SR22 windshield deicing not working

    Fixed Cessna 152 flood light always ON during tutorials

    Fixed aircraft avionics screens going blank in certain conditions

    Fixed Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner APU fault light behavior

    Unlocking longitudinal position of elevator to allow for “Canard” airplanes


    Press any key to start screen is now automatically skipped at launch

    Option added to the Misc menu to switch between Metric and US standard units

    Performances has been improved in plane selection menu and marketplace

    The TrackIR can be enabled/disabled in the camera panel during flight

    Cockpit tooltips can now be deactivated in the Accessibility options menu


    Metar data refresh issue has been fixed


    Solved several installation issues that were affecting edge cases

    We now display the download speed and amount of packages that are being downloaded


    Support for Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition

    Ability to move the origin of the sensitivity curve and change the sensitivity value on both side of the origin

    Fix input values when using deadzones


    All Landing challenge scores should now be properly tracked in the leaderboards


    Quality of life updates for the marketplace


    Motion blur has been added

    New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been implemented

    The temporal upsampling has been fixed (when TAA is active with the render scale below 100%)

    Night lighting has been improved

    Water night reflections have been added

    Huge hole in Brazil has been fixed


    VNAV can overshoot the climb speed. Disconnecting the AP after take off and re engaging it will limit the overshoot impact

    The Cessna Citation Longitude can be slightly below the glide slope as you get close to the airport

    Once activated, the Switch to Mach units knob won’t return to knots on the Airbus A320neo

    Live weather fails to save properly after restarting the game

    UI fails to refresh after you Buy & Download any item, letting the download button appear

A 30-Mile Canoe Trip Through Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Many might be interested in this little gem article.
Brought to you by the NY Times - Photographs and Text by Christopher Miller.

Thanks for the Link (Buddy Nix MFC0071/Lazyeight)

Found this today: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 SDK Tutorials  (Tutorial in video format).

(Interesting stuff. Hopefully might help those in the new 2020 world! lol)


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / MSFS 2020 Patch#2 Coming
« on: September 15, 2020, 10:37:08 AM »
(It is written that - Flight Simulator Patch #2 to be released within 10 Days:

Written September 11, 2020 by

In today's developer update Asobo announced the next patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator to be available within the next 10 days. Detailed patch notes will be released when time comes, but for now they highlighted some of the most important changes made. It is expected that all patch notes and the patch itself will be released along with the next developers update on September 17, 2020.

    Performance improvements
    ATC updates
    UI updates
    Aerodynamic updates
    Aircraft updates
    Cockpit visuals and animation updates
    General aviation system updates
    General aviation avionic updated
    Airliner system updates
    Airliner avionic updates
    Live Weather updates – (e.g. 225/3kt wind fixed, persistency fixed, etc.)
    Upgraded multiplayer servers
    Marketplace updates
    Content Manager updates
    Localization updates
    Accessibility updates
    Camera updates
    Bush Trip updates (e.g. completion trigger fixed/Completionist achievement fixed)
    World updates

Furthermore the team has been working on new videos for partnership and feature discovery series, expecting an updated timeline for new content next week. New content to the in-game marketplace has already been added this week and can be checked out in game.
Top-voted issues the team is aware of

    225/03 wind issue
    Wind Testing
    Live Weather not accurate
    Live Weather not working
    Garmin G100/G300 & Autopilot related issues
    Turboprop Engine Logic Issues
    ATC Incorrect Phraseology
    Baron G58 Missing ALT Knob
    Upvoting for removing ‘Press Any Key to Start’
    Night lighting – Terrain emits light?
    Dreadful Performance
    Reflections look grainy, even if reflections are on ultra
    Garmin Avionics missing RNAV approaches
    Lack of Real Time Traffic
    Cessna Citation Longitude Performance issues
    A320 swaying left and right

To fire an add-on contents in P3Dv4 or v5 from other than the default  xx:\Documents\Prepar3D xx Add-ons
folder add a Discovery Path entry in the add-ons.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D vx):

IE:To fire up the new RTMM add-on (or any add-on for that matter) from any alternate location on your PC:

1. Move the contents of the add-on (as is) to your desired location.
2. Open the add-on.cfg file (notepad) (in  hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 or 5
3. Add a "Discovery Path" Entry in the add-ons.cfg file (number accordingly), ensure the path is correct. Save.

IE: For P3Dv5 - Edit the add-ons.cfg file located in folder: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 (add-on.cfg edit with notepad).:

PATH=F:\Add-ons\Orbx Library\p3dv5
TITLE=Orbx Main Library

(Add a new discovery path:) 
PATH=F:\Add-ons\RTMM Add-on (P3Dv5)
TITLE=RTMM Add-on Scenery Package

When Prepar3D v5 is started it will read the add-on.cfg file and see that the RTMM Add-on (P3Dv5) is located at F:\Add-ons\RTMM Add-on (P3Dv5) and it will fire the add-on.xml file that is in the folder
"RTMM Add-on (P3Dv5)"

So by using a discovery path entry, you can place any add-on anywhere and as long as the add-on.cfg entry matches the path - then the add-on will be seen by the sim- and an enable window to load that add-on will appear during the sim load.

RTMM Add-on was released here on the site today. (One for P3Dv4 and the other for P3Dv5. They are different! so if you're going to use them, ensure that you download the correct version for you sim). 

This add-on will be recognized on startup of the sim if the RTMM Add-on folder is simply placed is in the default x:\documents\Prepar3D Add-ons vx folder, or be found at an alternate location if a discovery path entry is used so that the sim is directed to find and load it, as is shown above. So the add-on (and all of it contents inside the add-on), can be configured/directed to run from the default add-on location or from any other location as specified by the user. 


Prepar3D-Version 4 / Prepar3D-Version 5 - Coming Soon
« on: April 07, 2020, 10:41:32 PM »
Prepar3D-Version 5 - Coming Soon to a theater near you!

Lockheed Martin announced the launch of the new version of Prepar3D 5 next week, @ April 14th.

They introduce it as the first big step “in the development of an all new platform”. It will support DirectX 12, allows the airports designers to make sloping runways. There are also two major improvements integrated : “Realistic sky, clouds, and atmosphere with Simul trueSKY integration.” and “Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0″.

Their announcement lists also the new aircraft and enhancements : for example, the “F-35B and F-35C variants with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, Updated F-35A model with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, and Updated F-22 model developed by IRIS Simulations.”.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>



But don't switch to it on day 1 - or even on Day 30+ - That is unless all the devs have all their 3rd party apps/produces ready and compatible for use P3DV5x that you use now in P3Dv4.5x. IE: Active Sky, EZdok, Spad, FSUIPC, Simconnect, ORBX Central  4.1.99! REX, etc etc etc. (They may all need updates before being compatible for use P3Dv5x!  so wait until all required is updated)


And where might MS2020 be in this equation? A bit delayed but really no one knows for sure other than
it is still in the alpha testing phase so it will be a while! 

Today after much collective work by RTMM scenery designers since the fall, we release the add-on scenery and enhancements for Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Adventures.

They are meant to be used with an amazing base scenery of the Northern Bahamas by Gregory A Goodwin.
Gregory has created a highly accurate representation of this area of the Bahamas with custom water class, land class and vector data.

The scenery covers the following island areas of the Northern Bahamas: Andros. Bimini. Nassau. Grand Bahama, the Abaco Islands. The Berry Islands, The Exumas and Ragged Islands. It's a large area of the Caribbean Sea that focuses on the Northern Bahamas islands. (He's planning on completing the rest of the Bahamas in a future release that will cover Eleuthera, Cat Island and the remaining east and southern chains.)

Scenery LINKS/Requirements:

Bahamas Scenery Pack v2-3: Northern & Western Bahamas, Turks & Caicos
(by Gregory A Goodwin)

FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Custom Object Library:
(by Steve Weinkamer)

FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library:
(by Chris Carel)

MCA North Bahamas Scenery v1.0:
(By Brad Allen)

AI Seaplane and Fishing Vessels Traffic:
(Sounds and Effects by Dexter Thomas, AI Seaplane Bases Scenery by Brad Allen).

Misty's Caribbean Air Custom Aircraft Repaints:
(by Klaus Troeppner)

Carenado C185F: LINK:
Default FSX/P3D Maule M7: LINK:
Milviz Bell 407 Helicopter: LINK:
Tongass Fjords X DHC2 (AI Aircraft): LINK:

Stay healthy out there and perhaps enjoy some blue waters, sun, sea breezes and relaxation in the virtual Bahamas!

Norm  (For Brad Allen)

2020-03-03: Added two aircraft into the MFC Fleet:

Lockheed Lodestar  >> (Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar) >> (ICAO C60)
                      Will show in Cigar Box as >>>   NC60MM - C60 - LODESTAR C60

Lockheed Electra Model 10 (Amelia's Plane) >> (Lockheed Model 10 Electra) >> (ICAO L10)
                       Will show in Cigar Box as >> NL10MM - L10 - ELECTRA L10

These aircraft were used by the Canadian RCAF: No. 164 and 165 Squadrons RCAF.
and Canadian commercial airlines:
    Trans-Canada Air Lines - 12 Model 18-10s delivered new
    Yukon Southern Air Transport - Two Model 18-10s delivered new.
    Canadian Pacific Air Lines (purchased Yukon Southern Air Transport in 1941).

In the USA: US Military Corps:
    United States Army Air Corps
    United States Navy
    United States Marine Corps
    United States Coast Guard

and commercially used by Alaska Star Airlines (renamed to Alaska Airlines in 1944).

Norm (Vice James Smith MFC0010)

Comms: (Voice Communication)


We do have our own voice and text server on Discord for MFC/RTMM and plenty of Voice rooms as well as informational text rooms, photo rooms, MFC tour releases and help rooms/text and voice for any who may want to fly together in a group environment. Discord 's text rooms have direct drag & drop capability form small files to photos etc as well as multiple voice rooms for group comms plus capability for person to person calls etc.

Discord Application (Comms):     
(There is a software version or browser version but software version preferred/better)

MFC Discord Server address (Comms):
(I have set up multiple text rooms, multiple posting channels, help channels as well as several voice channels for group flying comms)


Referring to the above, some prefer Teamspeak (TS3) over Discord or for whatever reason cannot run Discord. So recently (2020) have set up a MFC-RTMM voice room on TS3 - under the TS3 digital theme Park server: 

To get to the MFC-RTMM TS3 Comms voice room: Install TS3, Go to Manage Bookmarks> Add bookmark >
Bookmark Name: MFC-RTMM Group Flights, Server Nickname or Address: and click Apply to save the book mark. Then run it.

First time use on this digital theme park server: you will be in the Welcome room and an Staff/Admin will give you security for the digital theme park TS3 server. Once done (it only takes a moment), in TS3 navigate to:  Flight Division > Aviation Groups & Clubs > WFT We Fly Together and voice room: MFC-RTMM Group Flights MFC-RTMM.  Any in this room are voice connected. Server 24/7.


Multi-Clients for group flights

To run Group Flights you also require a Multi-Client is required. This joins most sims FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1-2-3-4 and X-plane to a universal network for group flying.

There are two good multi-clients out there. (There is also vatsim/vpilot but that network is not really used for VFR bush flying).

1. FSCloud (Multi-Sim Client):  Install when the sim is running and Done. (Can be used to tune aircraft radio channels for Radio Comms and has it's own map system).  Run to connect and you're on the FSCloud network.

2. JoinFS (Multi-Sim Client Alternate):  Install then set a bookmark to access the Digital Thempark Server*  (server =  Start JoinFS, navigate to the by use of the bookmark and you're on the JoinFS network.


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