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Website Discussion / Dispatch 018 Flight-Seeing Flight Plans
« on: November 22, 2014, 10:07:50 PM »
Hello Gents,

where can I find the Flight-Seeing Flight Plans for Dispatch 018?
The links for the FPLs in Dispatch 018 are broken, at least for me!
Thanks for the help.
Cheers Rainer

General Discussion / Transfer RTMM folders vs. new installation
« on: July 08, 2012, 10:22:50 AM »
I´v a brandnew rig, with new OS (WIN7/64) installation, new installation of FSX etc...
Can I just transfer my RTMM folders and the needed Libraries to the Addon Scenery Folder in the new FSX installation, then activate it one by one in the FSX-Scenery-Lib
have I go the long way and install everything one by one again? (Would be a rather long way, cause I´ve  nearly all (?))

Thanks in advance

By the way, thanks again for the brillant work and the beautiful sceneries and all the other stuff. It opens a totally new dimension for my flight simming experience.

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / AI Traffic Bromley Peak
« on: November 05, 2011, 08:05:56 AM »
High Doug, Brad, Spud & the whole team,

congratulations for your CIRP-Project, phantastic work and a lot to explore (just (low & slow) installed a few things). Thanks a lot for the good work!
Just one remark concerning installation of AI Traffic at Bromley Peak:
to make the AI traffic (Maule) work you have to add the "Traffic_RTMM_PF43.BGL" in the "Scenery/World/scenery"-folder of FSX, not - as mentioned in the readme.txt-file  - in the  "CIRP PF43 Bromley Peak/scenery"-folder!!!
Cheers Rainer

Hi to all,
there must be something wrong with Hunter Bay Cannery (Version 1.0)(Added 1.29.11) (may be scenery itself or sound-files?).

Everytime when I tried to activate Hunter Bay in the FSX-Library (I´ve had the sound.bgl-files and the scenery.bgl-file in the same scenery-subfolder of the Hunter Bay Folder) I got an advice: There is no more RAM left, close FSX and change settings to lower values. Nothing more with FSX was possible.
I´ve to hit "ok" and FSX is closing; it wasn´t possible to open FSX again after that without gaining the same odd advice (no more RAM left...etc).

My RAM was tested with MemTest running: no errors, everything ok!!!
All other programms on my rig (for example Google earth) were running without problems.

Cost me one weekend to find a workaround how to be able to reopen FSX at least again (I´ve to delete the scenery.cfg completely and let FSX build a new one; without ANY RTMM-sceneries activated in there of course),
and to find out the culprit (Hunter Bay Cannery) finally.
This "runout" of RAM happened even when Hunter Bay Cannery was the very first scenery I tried to activate in the FSX-Library!!!

Cheers Rainer

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