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General Discussion / New maps for Little NavMap
« on: January 19, 2019, 02:23:17 AM »

I don't know if you have been using them already, but I have made a bunch of new maps, which make some widely popular map and chart data accessible from Little NavMap. I hope you'll find them useful too.

To install the maps, download and unzip the file, then copy and paste the folder data found inside it to the location where you have your copy of LNM installed. Say yes to overwrite, when asked. You'll find my maps in a drop-down list of available maps, below all other ones and marked Custom, as shown on the image below.

Maps included:
  • Google Maps (Default)
  • Google Maps (Satellite)
  • Google Maps (Terrain)
  • U.S. VFR Sectionals
  • U.S. IFR Enroute Low
  • U.S. IFR Enroute High
  • U.S. IFR Area Charts
  • U.S. Terminal Area Charts (TAC)
  • U.S. Helicopter Route Charts
Disclaimer: All map data is provided free of charge and publicly accessible.


Help and Troubleshooting / Huge fps drop in and around Ketchikan (PAKT)
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:07:30 PM »
Good evening, Captains!

After so many flight hours in and around PAKT (Ketchikan), I have a strange problem, which I've never had before.

When I start at rwy 11 for a southbound flight, particularly looking at any direction between 60-150°M, my FPS drop from 22-25, which is quite normal for my old rig with all FSX settings maxed, to... 1-2 fps. :(
I have the latest Orbx PAKT and RTMM sceneries supported by the latest libraries. I've so far disabled Ketchikan Harbor and PAKT Ferry, all traffic (both aircraft and ships), as well as all Orbx enhancements for the area to no avail yet...

Again, my fps drop drastically only at PAKT, nowhere else. I can still have a smooth flight in other mountainous areas with high mesh resolution setting. I've never had this problem before, as I'm a regular flyer in this area.

As an experiment, I've taken off from PANT (Annette Island) and PF20 (Misty's Place) several times heading to various directions other than those specified above. All goes OK up until I start turning and face exactly the angle between 60-150°M, even from a longer distance.

Is there any hidden or visible object in this particular location causing fps hit?

Any help is welcome, as I need to complete a couple of MFC tours focused on and around Ketchikan... :(

General Discussion / Cessna U206G Soloy v3.0 available
« on: January 28, 2018, 03:44:58 PM »
Finally, it's out!...  8) Expect to see many improvements over the previous v2.0.


General Discussion / RTMM Map for Google Earth (KMZ)
« on: May 31, 2017, 03:15:57 PM »

In case you haven't noticed yet, Google Earth KMZ map for RTMM has been updated. The good news is you don't need to re-download the map on each update: new or updated locations will be delivered to you instantly, as soon as you open RTMM4GE.kmz in Google Earth, each time getting more locations to explore in the vast RTMM wilderness... :)

NOTE: You DO NOT need to download the map (,
if you did so on or after Aug 23, 2017.

Complete changelog:

Code: [Select]
CHANGELOG: Feb 27, 2019
# Improvements for:
  A locations
  B locations
  USFS Cabins

CHANGELOG: Feb 14, 2019
# Improved BC Lighthouses (PNW)
# Improved Ryan's Cabins (PFJ)

CHANGELOG: Jan 29, 2019
# Improved Last Resort & Chitina-Kennecott Area (SAK)

CHANGELOG: Dec 14, 2018
# Added Nekite Lake Cabin (Oweekeno Lake Area)

CHANGELOG: Dec 07, 2018
# Added Spud's Beasley Creek Retreat (TF22)

CHANGELOG: Aug 07, 2018
# Added The Western Chugach: Part II

CHANGELOG: Jun 11, 2018
# Added airports FVM, PAPR, PF64, PF66 (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Added Allakaket Lodge (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Added Bettles Lodge (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Added Crevice Creek Lodge (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Added Flying Beaver Lodge (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Added Yukon Crossing (BWEP Dalton Highway)
# Improvements for BWEP and SIRP

CHANGELOG: Apr 09, 2018
# Added Cabins by the Lakes II
# Added Frances Lake Lodge
# Added Punchbowl Lake Retreat
# Removed duplicate Louise Lake Cabin from Cabins by the Lakes I

CHANGELOG: Jan 17, 2018
# Added Circle City Lodge for BWEP The Interior
# Added Spoilers Lodge for BWEP The Interior
# Added Wandering Lakes Lodge for BWEP The Interior
# Misc. fixes and improvements to decrease the file size

CHANGELOG: Jan 05, 2018
# Added Brenwicks (3Z5) for BWEP-SAK
# Added Chatanika Airstrip (PF59) for BWEP The Interior
# Added Cursed Hills Airport (PF63) for BWEP The Interior
# Added Hess Creek (PF60) for BWEP The Interior
# Added Livengood Camp (4AK) for BWEP The Interior
# Added Harbor Entrance Data Stations around Valdez, AK area
# Added Granduc Memorial at Stewart, Canada

CHANGELOG: Nov 18, 2017
# Added Adams Inlet Cabin (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Carol Glacier Cabin (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Carol Glacier Campsite (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Elfin Cove SPB
# Added Hawk Inlet SPB
# Added Johns Hopkins Cabin  (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Margerie Glacier Cabin  (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Muir Inlet Campsite  (Misty Gustavus)
# Added Sisters Island VOR station (Misty Gustavus)

CHANGELOG: Jun 25, 2017
# Added Chilanko Lodge (CBX3)
# Added Chilanko River Sales and Service
# Added Elkin Creek Guest Ranch
# Added Scar Creek Lodge (CBA7)

CHANGELOG: Jun 12, 2017
# Added Chaunigan Lake Lodge
# Added Scum Lake Airport (CAW3)
# Added Tsylos Park Lodge (CAG3)
# Updated Chilcotin Plateau Airfield (PF28)
# Updated Twin Lakes (CAG4)
# Updated some misplaced medical facilities

CHANGELOG: Jun 07, 2017
# Added Badger Lake Cabin
# Added Big Creek Lodge (PF61)
# Added Hidden Inlet Lake Cabin
# Added oil platforms in Kenai area (SAK)
# Added Ryan's Cabins
# Added Silt Lake Cabin
# Added Tsuniah Lake Lodge (CAF4)
# Added Very Inlet Cabin
# Added fly-to locations for better orientation (e.g. Twin Lakes, CAG4 and Sandspit, CYZP airports)
# Updated Alaska Power Project (APP) locations
# Updated Barnstormers
# Updated Bradley Lake Hydro
# Updated Keyhole Falls
# Updated PNW Expansion Collection
# Updated Snow Dogs Tours
# Updated Readme_KMZ.pdf
# Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

CHANGELOG: May 30, 2017
# Added Black Rapids Lodge
# Added Blue Cat Lake Cabin
# Added Bob's Bay Cabin
# Added BWEP + Richardson Highway
# Added Fortaleza Ridge Cabin
# Added Hidden Inlet Retreat
# Added Klutina Outfitters
# Added Lake Louise
# Added Landmark Gap Resort
# Added legend overlay
# Added Luelia Lake Cabin
# Added Magic Bus 142
# Added Port Refugio BBQ
# Added Roadside Cabin
# Added Rose Point Camp
# Added Season Switcher logo + locations
# Added Trans-Alaska Pipeline
# Fixed TFX coverage contours
# Removed asterisks meaning 'freezes in winter'
# Many bug fixes

CHANGELOG: Apr 02, 2016
# Added Snow Dog's Tour (SDT) Part I scenery
# Added Glacier Bay Tours (GBT) scenery

CHANGELOG: Feb 22, 2016
# Added Kasaan (KXA) Upgrade scenery

CHANGELOG: Dec 10, 2015
# Added Maloney's Tavern (CBMT) scenery
# Added Vancouver Island Project (VIP) scenery

CHANGELOG: Oct 11, 2015
# Added Annex Creek Hydro (PP13) - APP
# Added Takatz Lake Hydro (PP15) - APP
# Added Blue Lake Hydro (PP16) - APP

CHANGELOG: Sep 20, 2015
# Added Tezwa River Ranch (PF37) scenery

CHANGELOG: Sep 09, 2015
# Added Wood Lake (PAWL) scenery
# Added POI locations for the Alaska Power Project (APP)
# Added boundaries of the required payware scenery packages: PNW, PFJ, SAK by Orbx and TFX by FSAddon
# Fixed locations previously placed within incorrect scenery boundaries / folders

CHANGELOG: May 29, 2015
# Added locations of medical facilities at Bella Coola, Scud River, Vancouver, and Whitehorse
# Added SIRP locations

CHANGELOG: Apr 30, 2015
# Added Devil's Arse
# Added Moh Creek
# Added RTMM Medical Facilities
# Added The Western Chugach: Part I
# Added Wilson River Lodge

CHANGELOG: Mar 12, 2015
# Added locations for PNW Expansion Collection by Brad Allen
# Reduced size of KML by half by improving the styling of document

CHANGELOG: Mar 05, 2015
# Added Vancouver SPB (CAM9) and Whistler Aerodrome (CAE5) to Orbx PNW area
# Added Bear Camp Research airstrip (CZBC) to PNW area

CHANGELOG: Feb 20, 2015
# Added Yehiniko Lake Airstrip for Tongass Fjords X
# Zeroed out double floating point values for selected headings and ranges

CHANGELOG: Feb 11, 2015
# Updated some locations for Barnstormers scenery
# Added locations for Prince William Sound scenery
# Added locations for Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet scenery
# Updated location of the Endicott River Airstrip (part of Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet scenery) - thanks to a catch by a fellow RTMM member Dieter.

Enjoy!  ;)

Well, I've chosen MP as my "permanent" location for the next couple of months. Just love being there, the environment around Ketchikan is fabulous... Period.

The only problem is when I take Bob for a walk, or can't align the aircraft properly on the runway during the takeoff roll. I just crash as soon as it touches the grass.

I know, I can disable crashes in the Realism settings. But it's not what I really want to do each time reenabling crashes from the menu  once in the air.

Is it possible to somehow remove crashboxes from the grass with any scenery tools available? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!!

Screenshots / On my way to Sawyer Glacier
« on: October 13, 2015, 11:57:04 AM »
I took these shots enroute SRC 8 (Stikine Research Camp) today. I failed to complete the mission due to minimums, and worsening weather and returned to my base at Juneau after some 40 minutes (was almost there). Poor campers - they'll have to wait until tomorrow... hopefully!

Look at weather and altimeter and guess my feelings on the left seat... :)

Good bye, Juneau...

What a day...

Climbing to 6,500 ft...

Trying to find my way out of the Tracy Arm...

Getting lower foot by foot...

Alone in wilderness with Holger's calvings...

Enjoy! ;)

General Discussion / Inspired by Rod Jackson's utilities...
« on: September 10, 2015, 04:11:19 PM »

If you're reading this (sorry, couldn't find your name in the members area), can you please name the software / tools you've used to create those sexy RTMM control panels including the Medical Dispatch Selector? :)

I have some programming experience in VBA MS Excel being used just for the tools I need in my working environment. So it's gonna be sort of a new adventure for me be it C++ or smth else. This is to create a very simple control panel for Henrik's AI ships - similar to the Halibut Cove control panel holding just a few checkboxes to rename traffic files and move them to various folders if needed.




I've just noticed that YBL had been updated with higher & lower priority folders removed. Am I right in understanding that we don't need to care about the folder priorities anymore and it's just a matter of "replacing the old scenery completely with the updated one"?

Also, the NOTAM page says the Swan Lake Hydro is deleted. Can you pls advise which scenery package it is - I don't remember a separate scenery package with such a name. Was it included as part of an addon with a different name?


General Discussion / Norandex Mining to Last Resort (Bear Island)
« on: January 22, 2015, 03:27:11 PM »
Speechless... It was definitely one of the most interesting VFR flights in the mountainous area I ever had in my C172R! With the most spectacular landing, that is... :)

Added to the excitement of toddling between the thousands-ft-high ridges for two and half hours was my quest to determine the proper landing attitude. You had to see me flying over and over the resort trying to find the landing strip, aligning with the "runway", keeping the speed just a notch above 60 knots with flaps fully extended, and my eyes spinning on the instrument panel... whoo... :) I was so excited that couldn't get some screenshots to share with you guys but it was definitely worth "every penny"...

I didn't follow the "official" RTMM trip-ticket but instead had my own scenario - being a proud member of Misty Moorings Air Taxi team, I had to take a fellow of the National Geographic Society from Norandex Mining (SAK5) to Bear Island (RT01) who was working on his study of the historical background and geological impacts of mining operations in the vast area lying around the Prince William Sound.

My endless THANKS to everyone involved in the RTMM Project!!!

See you in Alaska!

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Jedway Base SPB
« on: January 12, 2015, 01:49:13 PM »
I'm a little bit confused as to whether I need to install "Lights SS v2" library by Sydney Schwartz which is part of Jedway Base SPB addon scenery. I found a post by ualani who says "both will be included in the upcoming library update".

Since the scenery has been recently updated (12.04.2014) without "Lights SS v2" library removed, am I right in understanding that I still need to leave the "Lights SS v2" as-is and install according to relevant readme?


General Discussion / skyLOGX: Your "push-button" navigation log
« on: November 28, 2014, 04:48:32 PM »
Hi there,

It's time to give back... This is for those of you who love to hop in "RTMM wilderness" aboard A2A's amazing Cessna 172R. :)

We are not always satisfied with what we're being offered. So am I! As an avid virtual bush flyer, I've tried many navigation logs till now but each of them lacked this or that feature. So, I've decided to make my own. Here is the result of this challenge - it took me quite a while to get what I want but I hope you'll like it too.

skyLOGX [skaɪ lɒdʒɪks] is a VBA-based Excel spreadsheet application to ease your pre-flight workload with A2A C172R although with slight modification in programming routine, the logic can be applied to any fixed-pitch propeller aircraft. Actually, I'm planning to release similar apps for Piper Cherokee and the newly released C182 Skylane, both from A2A. Stay tuned!

I've tried to keep user interaction as simple as possible - you essentially need to load your FSX/P3D flight plan and skyLOGX will do the rest for you.

There is no user manual currently (the user interface is quite intuitive, actually) and some improvements must be done before I release the stable version but I'm planning to further develop the app, if I can see a reasonable interest from the user community and spare some time from my real-world obligations, of course... :)

Two notes on user interaction although I've tried to make UI as friendly as possible:

* you can enter data to any of the "user cells" with green font color.
* you're absolutely free to add,  edit or delete data to/from the files inside "data" folder provided that the format is kept intact. Think of these files as freely expandable user database.
* currently skyLOGX is NOT compatible with the freeware Open Office Calc due to its poor support for VBA-macros. But I'll check the feasibility of Calc version in future...

Keeping short, please download and try skyLOGX and, most importantly, SHARE your thoughts, wishes, complaints, etc! I'm always open to constructive discussion. Currently, all discussion goes on A2A forum, so make sure to check that link once in a while.

* Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher
* Enabled macros
* FSX/P3D flight plan (in XML format). See a sample flight plan dispatched with the archive
* Stable Internet connection
* Free Time Zone API key from World Weather Online. This is basically required to ensure correct time calculations. You'll be requested to enter you API key upon the first launch of application.

DOWNLOAD v0.9.1 (beta)



General Discussion / Google Maps KML for RTMM
« on: November 28, 2014, 08:54:11 AM »
Dear all,

Inspired by the GREAT work of the RTMM Team, I'm happy to make my own humble contribution to this wonderful community...

This is a Google Maps KML covering the whole RTMM area and is constructed based on FSAddon/Orbx packages (PFJ, PNW, TFX, etc.) and RTMM sceneries incl. USFS cabins and the historical lighthouse sceneries shipped with these packages. I have tried to keep placemarks aligned with "RTMM style" - you'll find descriptions for almost all RTMM spots coupled with useful web-links, where possible.

Although not supported by RTMM yet, I have also included placemarks for the owners of "Barnstormers".

An asterisk (*) next to the placemark's title means "water freezes in winter".

You can view the map by downloading and opening it in Google Earth, or even simpler - launch Google Maps, then copy/paste my link into the address box and press Enter. :)


Please let me know if you find something is missing!



Help and Troubleshooting / Black aprons and missing object textures
« on: November 27, 2014, 02:24:50 PM »
I have some anomalies at PFJ Canal Lodge and Three Sisters Small Cabin (Owikeno Lake), in particular. Possibly the same is true for other sceneries as well but I haven't checked all of them, e.g. Aiken Creek Cabin also has the same problem... I can see completely black rectangular pieces on aprons and black boat and chair textures (see: the attached images).

I'm using FSX (without Acceleration) with DX10 Switcher. The sceneries work ok. I have tested install status with RTMM scenery tester - all objects are there except the black-textured (second) building which is supported in P3D anyway...

I use no other libraries than RTMM. And here is a cut from my scenery.cfg in ascending order:

Code: [Select]
Title=RTMM Locations

Title=RTMM Season Switcher Sceneries
Local=Addon Scenery\RTMM_SS


Title=RTMM Yes Bay Lodge Lower
Local=RTMM\Yes_Bay_Lodge\Yes Bay Lodge Lower

Title=RTMM Yes Bay Lodge Higher
Local=RTMM\Yes_Bay_Lodge\Yes Bay Lodge Higher

Title=RTMM AhzX Library

Title=RTMM CeyX Library

Title=RTMM EZ Scenery Library

Title=RTMM NAC Bases Library

Title=RTMM Objects Library

Title=RTMM RWY12 Library

So, what can cause this problem, any clue?  ???

Thank you!


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Google KML map of USFS Cabins
« on: November 19, 2014, 05:20:08 PM »
Just wondering - is there one which I'm missing on RTMM pages? I have the PlanG CSV file only but it's difficult to spot them all among other user waypoints...

If it's not available, I'll be happy to make one for our community.



The Moorings - On the Water / Installing RTMM AI Shipping v2.0
« on: November 18, 2014, 08:39:10 AM »

I'm trying to manually install RTMM AISP v2.0. The file unzips, finds and creates requested folders OK.
I just noticed that some of the boats folders do not contain .AIR files, only the models; yet some have SIM.CFG files instead of AIRCRAFT.CFG as is customary for aircraft folders.

Am I on the safe side with manual installation? Since I never had any experience with boat traffic in FS, I mean is this normal to not have these files?

Also, is it safe to install traffic files for the following locations to avoid duplication of files from RTMM AISP v2.0?:
* Egg Harbor Fish Camp (there is a file "trafficCoronationIsland.bgl" which is already installed with RTMM AISP)
* Halibut Cove
* Hollis Harbor
* Iggy's Harbor
* SAK Seaplane Bases
* Port Walter
* Waterfall area
* Westwood Boats
* Whiskey Cove



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