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Screenshots / Oooops!
« on: October 01, 2020, 03:02:32 AM »
After taking some close up shots on finals and short finals, I buggered up the landing. I just love ATC's response...

Msfs 2020 that is.

Darn that sim is annoying! Worse than the tax man. Making repaints is easy enough for many people because they are happy just changing the colours of the "decals" and likewise adding the pretty but simple to do airliner liveries. But when it comes down to "Eagleskinnering" it starts to get complicated. One of may favourite liveries has always been the American flag fluttering down the sides of a fuselage. Remember this? I did it for the A2A C182 - the second one below it is the result of hours and hours of fiddling with the flag split over 16 different parts of the wireframe (so far) and I have only just covered the front half of the fuselage.

But the learning curve doesn't just end with locating the split lines on the model - has anyone seen the fun and joy involved with creating an repaint set of folders in msfs 2020? Deep joy!

Still - I do think the third party devs that I am speaking to (and who are still listening) are making more logically structured texture sheets.

Anyway, the two lower specimen images are very much w-i-p, but I am getting there, so doing a mod for Misty shouldn't be too difficult once we get some decent aircraft on offer.

Misty's Place / Is your pit a tip? MSFS Encounters of the first kind...
« on: August 28, 2020, 01:52:16 PM »
Well, Old One-Eye's is becoming homelier by the day. One day, once I have understood the dark and arcane art of creating liveries, I may even add some of the features you see here. Dogs optional of course.

Yes, that is a very fine 19 year old single malt - I have run out of Uncle Elmer's number 5 (that was something One-Eye used to smug... erm... deliver to any bush field from his days at Emma Field for those who remember)

Three monitors? Yup - all connected to a dual Geforce 1070, so all work in harmony. But as we have all already discovered, the Fjords are currently very poorly populated, Perhaps there's a secret deal between MSFS and ORBX - have you seen what they have produced already?

As for MSFS - there will be a few grumbles and complaints for a while yet, but the weather and that fraught butt-clenching flying is here already. Just select a typical alaska type day and fly around PNW looking for Cushman and Bear Gulch... some lovely One-Eye delivery weather there! Won't catch the rev'noo in the air on days like that!

Which is why we need a Beaver (The DHC2 kind, ya dirty minded lot!) Half a ton, anywhere, any place, any time.

Have fun until someone get's into Alaska - but never forget - the crash average in real Alaska is between one and two aircraft a day.

(probably mostly folk avoiding that Beaver "Dirty Gertie" that keeps dodging around with no lights on and below the radar...

Misty's Place / Kicks the door in...
« on: August 26, 2020, 02:51:05 PM »
"Honey, I'm Hoooome"

Hi everyone, Old One-Eye is back after years of retirement. Unfortunately with msfs 2020 though, and I am pretty sure most of you active folk are a bit miffed (to quote John Cleese) that the 2020 version of our "Airspace" means a lot of work.

So, how are you all? Surviving I hope. Any plans for 2020 activities? It may all seem like eye candy at first and I am experiencing too many bugs for my liking - but it will get better and our home could probably benefit from a bit of polishing.

Or at least a couple of good bottles of 15+ year old single malt of your choosing...

Misty's Place / A fresh sign of life.
« on: January 10, 2017, 01:57:02 AM »
I need to clean out my cookies, I really do! my RTMM login details are still active when I open this forum page...

Morning all! Here's a greet from out of my retirement into obscurity. In the words of my all-time favourite author, (Sir Terry Pratchett):

"I aten't ded"

And in the word of One-Eye: Yet!

Thanks, Brad, for reminding me that the Moorings haven't come unravelled yet, either. I retired from flight simulation quite some time back, because there was just nothing happening to keep my interest. Oh sure, A2A and OrbX addons filled my world out, but there has been no real improvement in the basic sim software since Microsoft gave up. The license on P3D was too restrictive (I read software licenses - still) and Micosoft 'Flight!' was such an unmitigated disaster...

Sour grapes? Not really. The thing is, the older I get, the more time I seem to have on my hands - but strangely I have less time in which to do it all. Especially since my health has started to argue with my body about my age.

So when my last PC configuration gave up the ghost, I just sort of faded away - until Brad woke me up the other day. So what am I up to these days?

Well, I am still flying, but now I do it in the fresh air - all that sitting at the PC is in disagreement with my doctor's suggestions. So instead of sitting down in front of a PC all day, getting Carpal Tunnel Syyndrome, stiff back and arthritic joints due to not moving; I now spend a lot of time in the open air (at this time of year - freezing my whatnots off) not moving much, staring at the sky till my eyes are watering from the strain and flying remote control airplanes with my thumbs.

In other words, I still get the CTS problems and the only movement excercise I get is recovering fragments of balsa and styrofoam because my last landing was hampered by that bloody mole

So what am I flying these days? Take a look at a couple...

The Ryan STA on ground run - 10cc OS 61 two stroke.

The Klemm 25L resprayed for Old One-Eye - this one runs a 15cc four strok OS 90

My small Tiger Moth (6 foot span) - just before strip down and re-skinning. The new livery is going to be VH-CES - a real world version that a friend of a friend built in Australia. I also have an unbuilt 9 foot span Tiggie awaiting my hands on

One of my more favourite liveries - you'll may have seen a few of my uploads of this livery for a Mustang, a Bell 206 and a few other planes

The Fieseler Storch - currently undergoing "electrification". 6 foot span

So yeah, I'm still aviatin', but just not on the computer these days. And yeah, RW crashes tend to be a little more 'spensive than on the PC - i still haven't found a flight reset button on my RC control box.

I still have fond memories of my days here and it's good to be reminded you still live with my paints. Thanks for the good times.

Blue side up!

Screenshots / Finally!
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:53:21 AM »
Yes, I have finally re-installed one RTMM scenery, and unfortunately it's the one I made just for me - PF22 - just a stones throw over the ridge from Ketchikan...

One thing that does hold me back from re-installing all the stuff is the fact that there are soooo many object libraries and I haven't yet found my way around the RTMM library to actually find a "single source" packet for scenery objects - I've just been away too long ;)

PF 22 - accessible by air and sea - but in stealth mode for all but Old One-Eye ;)

Taking of our intrepid duo, have you ever wondered what they look like? Well here's a selfie. One-Eye is the grizzled old git in the driver's seat at the back and his spanner-wielding sidekick, Limp, is the "aanorak" type grinning all over his face in the "You have" seat in the front:

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / I've really been away too long...
« on: June 03, 2015, 11:43:52 AM »
I have forgotten how to install addon sceneries - well, either that or I have done something wrong.

Let me see, in the FSX Acceleration opening window I go to the settings pane and select scenery library.

Up popps the list of available sceneries.

Click on add area. select Addon Scenery and then on a scenery folder of my choice. Click OK

Then the view in the pane opens. I see the scenery folder name in the "look in" box and I see the scenery and texture folder in the main part of the pane. I see the directory path and the scenery area title.

Click on OK

I see only "No items match your search" But try as much as I can, I can't actually cause the scenery to appear in the "Available scenery area".

Anyone have a clue what I have forgotten in the past three years?

Misty's Place / Prodigal son?
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:42:26 AM »
Nope, it's just old One-Eye reporting for duty again. I've been away for a few years but I've finally managed to find myself time to return to my favourite old haunts.

I do need to reinsall everything - and that includes Misty Moorings - from scratch! It'll be a while before I am truly back, but I am alive, aware, well and kicking.

Misty's Place / Another Farewell
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:39:03 AM »
It's finally gotten that far. My wrist problems are just too big so I am going to have to retire from "active service". As you can see by now, I have removed the MM team image from my signature - it wouldn't be fair to claim "team status" if I can no longer contribute actively.

Painting is just too painful I'm afraid and has become a painful chore rather than the fun it used to be. It takes me weeks to get anything done at the moment.

Even flying gets painful after a while.

I am not completely leaving the FS world, but I am definitely reaching a stage and state of inactivity. And I am still fighting the insurance companies for recognition of my problamy as a work accident.

I'll be around still, but I can no longer promise or offer any active roles. For the time being I hope, although it does look like it could be permanent.

Misty's Place / Unhappy Teddy
« on: May 12, 2011, 04:23:17 AM »
...which I most definitely am.

The move and the unpacking were a kind of "last straw". The wrist is definitely no longer going to heal and the fusing is not my idea of maintaining functionality. I am going to be wearing a wrist brace for a month or two anyway so that I can relieve whatever pain  I can.

Then to cap it all I crouched down to fit new number plate to my BMW scooter and both knees made a loud "pop" and strange bulges appeared there. More doctors visits needed! I am a wreck!

I am having to cut down all "creative" work for a while and even then it is an effort to keep up my beta testing commitments - but at least I can "fly" still. For an hour or so at a time.

So I hate to say this, but you probably won't be seeing all to much of me during the next few months. I'll drop by from time to time, but otherwise...

Misty's Place / What ho chaps!
« on: April 28, 2011, 01:09:55 PM »
I am back online... still got a whole garage-load of unpacking to do, but I have my priorities more or less right - PC set up, 32 MB connection to the web running, TV working full digital, blah blah blah...

Basically it's a case of:

"Honey, I'm hoooo-ooome!"

Screenshots / Early morning paint drying
« on: April 05, 2011, 12:57:44 AM »
Yet another insomniac night so I went real time flying in the Maule. There wasn't much to see the first hour - it's more or less a black hole around my neck of the woods (really must finish off that scenery too).

Still, as the sun crept over the horizon it was really fun. Mind you - that early in the morning, it's still rather dark at ground level - in the shadows of those 2 and 3000 footers that line the valleys.

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Misty's Place / I got pretty broad shoulders to look over...
« on: April 01, 2011, 02:10:25 AM »
When you pick up one of the ACES default planes and start an external textures paintkit, you begin to realise just how good the MS default aircraft are for detail. Even if it currently looks like Old Rafferty's Motor Car right now, with all those shades, you can see just how far ACES went into modelling detail parts for their planes.

Just take a look inside the engine intake - there's bits modelled right inside! And as for the tail gear... I think the Maule is also begging for the "Redux" treatment, i.e. new air file, new bumps and definitely new skins!

[attachment deleted by admin (size over 300k)]

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Misty's Place / Once more over the shoulder, once more...
« on: March 29, 2011, 05:31:46 AM »
Tease anyone?

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Another C185 coming off the boards
« on: March 26, 2011, 05:30:38 AM »
...but at the moment all I can say is eeeuuuwwwww...

[attachment deleted by admin (old)]

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