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Update on Acceleration Activation:

I completely uninstalled my FSX and Acceleration install.  Followed the direction of article by PMDG on how to completely remove all  FSX entries.  The article can be found under the AVSIM FSX-FSX-SE Forum.  Reinstalled  FSX.  Activated FSX and ran the software to intialize FSX.cfg and check the program as instructed by PMDG.  Then installed Acceleration Expansion Pack.  It activated automatically with no error flags.



I have thought about your question.  I Have a Windows 7 system with a large investment in in FSX.  Wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.   Could have gone to Prepare 3D but decided to go ahead upgrade to Win 10 OS  be able to use all my investment in FSX and wait for FSX 2020 to come on line then make big change.

At this point I have little investment in setup of the Windows 10 system.  With the OS, FSX, and graphics card software being the only things installed.  Thus, I could uninstall Win 10 and go to Prepare 3D but want to wait an see if there is work around for acceleration activation.


Misty Moorings and Misty Flying Club Pilots,

I recently built up a Windows 10 computer (Win 10 pro 64bit, intel i7 4790K CPU, AMD RX 580 8GB graphics card, 32 GB Ram, Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 1 MB) to upgrade from my Windows 7 platform that I have been using for FSX for a number of years.  FSX installed without any problems and I was able to activate the software.   The Acceleration Expansion installed without a problem.  However, on running the software a flag came up with error#1-80004005 listed.  It said the activation screen could not come up and until Acceleration could be activated FSX would only operate for 30 minutes.  I have searched this forum and others and found posts indicating the same problem.  As yet a solution to this error has not been forthcoming.  I would appreciate any thoughts any of you may have.


William Butler Pilot #MFC0105 completed MFC0021 Alaska West-Sheldon Point (SXP) to King Salmon (PAKN) on 5/19/2020. 


William Butler-Pilot #MFC0105 Completed Tour MFC0020 Traveling the Yukon on 5/9/2020.  I enjoyed this Tour and look forward to the upcoming Tours in the Area.


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0019 Juneau Milk Run on 4/10/20.

I enjoyed this Tour and flying the Airplane Heaven C140.  The C140 is right up there with Ants T28, the Milviz Beaver, and the A2A cub as one of the best single engine simulations for FSX.  I am really looking forward to the Tour down the Yukon as I spent several years living in Bethel on the Lower Yukon in the 1980's and have never flown the River outside Alaska.  Thank you and the Misty Flying Club for this opportunity.


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0018 Mission into Glacier Bay on 4/5/2020.

The Misty Flying Club is a wonderful distraction in these trying times. I thank you and the others that help make it possible.


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 Completed MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabin Inspections Petersburg to Juneau on

Enjoyed the Tour and flying the PA18.


William Butler: Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0017 TF Docks & Cabin inspections Petersburg to Juneau on 4/1/2020.

An enjoyable Tour it was!


Thank for the good thoughts Norm.  I test flew the FlightSimware Widgeon and do not like its flight characteristics.  Like the Amphib. Beaver but would like to fly different aircraft.  Is it Ok to fly Cub on Tour 17?  I could either use the amphib. Scout on the first and last legs or Use the Cub and take off and land on nearby SPB's for the 1st and last leg's of Tour 17.

Thanks WilliamB

William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0016 St. Petersburg Sea Base Ops Exploration on 3/19/2020.

I enjoyed flying the Goose on this tour but am considering flying the Widgeon on the next Tour.


William Butler Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0015 SIRP Petersburg Exploration on 2/9/2020.

The more I fly with the Misty Flying Club the more I enjoy it!


William Butler Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0014 TF Docks, Cabins, and other POI Wrangell-Petersburg on 02/02/2020.  Enjoyed flying the Tour in the Real Air Scout.   


William Butler Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0013 Tongass PTF AI Helicopter Stations Wrangell on 1/30/2020.  One of the most fun tours yet having "off airport" landings with Leg #5 to Telegraph Creek being my favorite.


William Butler MFC1050 completed Tour MFC0012 TF Docks Ketchikan-Wrangell on 1/23/2020.  Really enjoyed the sceneries!


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