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William Butler, Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0028 Kenai Peninsula to the County of Valdez-Cordova on 9/6/2020.  Looking forward to the Central Alaska Tour.  It will take some adjustments to transition from the Cub to the C47.

The last time I donated to Return to Misty Moorings, Doug Linn told me that none of the donation is used to support the MFC.  I was not aware that was the case.  I would like to support MFC as well as RTMM.  Is there a way my donations can be used to support MFC?

Thanks, Bill 

William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0027 Western Chugach TWC 1-2 on 08/24/2020.


Thanks Norm,

I did have some trouble negotiating all the valleys but I found both cabins just did not see any lakes to land on.  I will check the RTMM Missing Cabins.  I don't think I have the most recent refresh of the RTMM Cabins which may solve my problem.  Its been a while since you helped set up my scenery but I think I should be able to work it out.


I just completed the referenced Leg of Tour MFC0027.  All the scenery was present at the stop over locations except was unable to locate landing lakes at the cabins at ECUC and DEVP.  I thought I had all the required scenery but am now unsure of: Plan G Users: CSC waypoints for the Chugach - (RTMM Scenery locations for Plan G - (By Dieter Linde):
TWChugach1 - Adds locations for The Western Chugach Part 1 (05.05.2015)
TWChugach2 - Adds locations for The Western Chugach Part 2 (Updated 07.26.2018). 

I submitted the Pirep but would like to refly the Leg if I did not have proper scenery installed.

Thanks for your help.



I have flown the PA-18, DHC2, and DHC3 on the last several Tours.  I am flying the Real Scout amphibian on Tour MFC0027, as I wanted to fly a different amphibian.  Wanted to let you know that I selected the PA-18 when I signed up for Tour27 as the Real Air Scout is not an available option.


William Butler-Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0026 Exploring the Kenai Peninsula on 8/14/2020.


William Butler, Pilot #MFC0105, completed  Tour MFC0025 Exploring Chitina-Kennecott on 8/1/2020.

Continue to enjoy the flying!


William Butler Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0024 Kodiak Island to Wasilla on 7/10/2020.


William Butler: MFC Pilot #0105 completed Tour MFC0023 Kodiak Island Run on 6/27/2020.


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Cigars Question
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:07:13 PM »
Thanks, Norm.  Would rather not delete and install any of the programs.  Filed comment on the flight to ORI.  It was difficult for me to identify the exact location of the landing strip at ORI made for challenging but enjoyable approach and landing.


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Cigars Question
« on: June 24, 2020, 02:03:32 PM »

I think there may be something wrong/not working with my cigars?  In the past when a comment was added to a pirep the comment was listed at the bottom of the pirep.  Lately when I create a comment and select the add comment button nothing is added to the pirep.  I have also noticed that my pilot stats, when appropriate, are not listed in the monthly stat report.  It makes me think I am not fully connected?  Should I delete and reinstall cigars or could something else be wrong?

Thanks for your thoughts.



William Butler: Pilot #MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0022 King Salmon to the Aleutians on 6/23/2020.

Flying the Aleutians was quite enjoyable.


Update on Acceleration Activation:

I completely uninstalled my FSX and Acceleration install.  Followed the direction of article by PMDG on how to completely remove all  FSX entries.  The article can be found under the AVSIM FSX-FSX-SE Forum.  Reinstalled  FSX.  Activated FSX and ran the software to intialize FSX.cfg and check the program as instructed by PMDG.  Then installed Acceleration Expansion Pack.  It activated automatically with no error flags.



I have thought about your question.  I Have a Windows 7 system with a large investment in in FSX.  Wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.   Could have gone to Prepare 3D but decided to go ahead upgrade to Win 10 OS  be able to use all my investment in FSX and wait for FSX 2020 to come on line then make big change.

At this point I have little investment in setup of the Windows 10 system.  With the OS, FSX, and graphics card software being the only things installed.  Thus, I could uninstall Win 10 and go to Prepare 3D but want to wait an see if there is work around for acceleration activation.


Misty Moorings and Misty Flying Club Pilots,

I recently built up a Windows 10 computer (Win 10 pro 64bit, intel i7 4790K CPU, AMD RX 580 8GB graphics card, 32 GB Ram, Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 1 MB) to upgrade from my Windows 7 platform that I have been using for FSX for a number of years.  FSX installed without any problems and I was able to activate the software.   The Acceleration Expansion installed without a problem.  However, on running the software a flag came up with error#1-80004005 listed.  It said the activation screen could not come up and until Acceleration could be activated FSX would only operate for 30 minutes.  I have searched this forum and others and found posts indicating the same problem.  As yet a solution to this error has not been forthcoming.  I would appreciate any thoughts any of you may have.


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