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This is the March 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

MFC Top Hours Milestone Award: Special Mention

On the last day of this month, Pilot Danny Rice (MFC0009), usually in his Bell 407, Bell 212 or AS365 Dauphin, accumulated the top milestone so far at MFC of reaching 700 Hours. Congratulations Danny. Well done and thank-you for your support since the onset of MFC.

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards

Danny Rice got 700 Hours on 2020-03-31
Carl Scott got MFC0004 Misty Air Service on 2020-03-31.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0023 Kodiak Island on 2020-03-31.
Marcin Cetera got MFC0004 Misty Air Service on 2020-03-30.
Jeff Greene got MFC0023 Kodiak Island on 2020-03-30.
Harry Yang got MFC0005 Barnstormers on 2020-03-29.
Jaime Gonzalez got MFC0009 CIRP Circuit on 2020-03-28.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0022 King-Aleutians on 2020-03-27.
John Dean got 300 Hours on 2020-03-26.
Jeff Greene got MFC0022 King-Aleutians on 2020-03-26.
Harry Yang got 30 Hours on 2020-03-22.
Bill Kunzler got MFC0005 Barnstormers on 2020-03-21.
Roger Hitch got New MFC Pilot on 2020-03-20.
William Schneider got 60 Hours on 2020-03-20.
Norm Richards got MFC0039 Bowerman-San Diego on 2020-03-20.
Danny Rice got MFC0039 Bowerman-San Diego on 2020-03-19.
Harry Yang got MFC0004 Misty Air Service on 2020-03-19.
Gerald Limpert got MFC0005 Barnstormers on 2020-03-19.
William Butler got MFC0016 Petersburg SBO on 2020-03-19.
Jonny Snell got MFC0004 Misty Air Service on 2020-03-18.
Matthew Homeniuk got New MFC Pilot on 2020-03-15.
John Dean got MFC0032 RTMM's FedEx Term on 2020-03-15.
Bill Kunzler got 30 Hours on 2020-03-15.
Vincent Kaczmarski got MFC0016 Petersburg SBO on 2020-03-15.
William Schneider got 100 Flights on 2020-03-14.
Gerald Limpert got 30 Hours on 2020-03-14.
Greg Gordon got MFC0015 SIRP on 2020-03-14.
William Schneider got MFC0009 CIRP Circuit on 2020-03-14.
Jaime Gonzalez got MFC0008 Twin Otter-Rainbow on 2020-03-14.
James Smith got MFC0039 Bowerman-San Diego on 2020-03-11.
Thomas Menzel got MFC0039 Bowerman-San Diego on 2020-03-11.
William Schneider got MFC0008 Twin Otter-Rainbw on 2020-03-11.
John Dean got MFC0031 The X Factor on 2020-03-10.
John Dean got 400 Flights on 2020-03-08.
Danny Rice got 700 Flights on 2020-03-06.
Raouf Rizk got 60 Flights on 2020-03-02.
Harry Yang got 30 Flights on 2020-03-01.

Years of Service Awards: (March 2020 marks the Misty Flying Club 2nd year anniversary).

Brad Allen got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-20.
Guy Mommsen got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-20.
Bob Zolto got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-19.
Tommy Berrier got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-19.
Martin Madera got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-18.
Martin Janman got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-16.
Jonny Snell got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-15.
Benjamin Palmer got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-14.
Kenneth Sweeney got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Steve Stevens got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Jim Ryan got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Ed Ade got 1 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Marcel De Boer got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Jeff Greene got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
John Dean got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Andrew Crowley got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-13.
Dayle Butterfield got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-12.
Ruberto Stutzer got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-12.
Bernie Stockwell got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-12.
Roger Triplett got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-12.
James Smith got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-11.
Danny Rice got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-10.
Rick Lechow got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-10.
Kevyn Kersen got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-10.
Jaime Gonzalez got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-09.
John Cox got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-08.
Bob Tonkin got 1 Year Service on 2020-03-08.
Reiner Test got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-06.
Doug Linn got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-03.
Norm Richards got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-02.
Henry Kirk got 2 Year Service on 2020-03-02.


(Maybe you and Jeff are flying a race?)

MFC0023 completed.   8)  It was close, but Patrick left his last leg undone.  I win!!   :D

lol Jeff. Indeed undone. And a lost leg also makes it much harder to use rudder pedals! The award for MFC0023 Kodiak Island has been added to your award list.  Nice job.



MFC0022 King-Aleutians  is finish... hard weather!!  great tour
best regards

Yes sir Patrick weather is not so good in Alaska in the winter.. (but spring is breaking!). Your MFC0022 completion is in the listing Patrick and the award has been added to your pilot's profile. (Maybe you and Jeff are flying a race?)  Nice work.  Keep safe there in France.

Best regards

MFC0022 completed.   :o :P  (staying home all day helps   ;D)

For sure staying at home does help Get R' Done. I've been workin' 'round the house but now it's time to hit the air! Nice work on completing MFC0022 King Salmon-Aleutians run and the award has been added to your list of pilot accomplishments! 


Well this might help or not but worth a try.

Firstly - java Must be installed.

Installation of Java 1.7 or later is required.
(If you are not sure if you have it, click here to download:

OK now try the sim and start VFRflight (v2.3.1) and see if it connects now.

If No work: 

Yank out your simconnect-
(Go to redist in your P3D root sim folder:)

To uninstall: go to  (C):\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi >> right click uninstall.  And it will uninstall.

AND also uninstall VFR Flight v2.3.1: (delete the folder) (there is no install!)

When both are uninstalled: shutdown/restart pc.  When pc is started up: turn off your anti-virus and any other blockers you may have running.

THEN Go to Root sim folder again: (C):\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi >> right click Install. 

Now reinstall VFR Flight planner. (Set it up in a new "non-windows" folder.
IE: Documents\VFRFlight v2.3.1

Start your sim (always run as admin) and then start up vfr flight planner (set it up to run as ADMIN) and try to connect to the sim.


Hope something in here might help?


PS: Hope you keep safe there in Italy, Giulio! Stay IN!

AMAZING work !   

Can these be logged as "Charters" in the M.F.Club ?

Yes, one can fly this area as charter flights at MFC but all the specific airports for the Bahamas are not yet defined in the system- so theBut charters still will work fine. (Eventually when I get to building excursion(s) for the area will be defining/setting up all the airport locations and SPB as well as defined flight legs in the MFC system.)


I did nada on this - other than making this scenery release/notification post but will surely fly and explore it if that counts. lol.

Today after much collective work by RTMM scenery designers since the fall, we release the add-on scenery and enhancements for Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Adventures.

They are meant to be used with an amazing base scenery of the Northern Bahamas by Gregory A Goodwin.
Gregory has created a highly accurate representation of this area of the Bahamas with custom water class, land class and vector data.

The scenery covers the following island areas of the Northern Bahamas: Andros. Bimini. Nassau. Grand Bahama, the Abaco Islands. The Berry Islands, The Exumas and Ragged Islands. It's a large area of the Caribbean Sea that focuses on the Northern Bahamas islands. (He's planning on completing the rest of the Bahamas in a future release that will cover Eleuthera, Cat Island and the remaining east and southern chains.)

Scenery LINKS/Requirements:

Bahamas Scenery Pack v2-3: Northern & Western Bahamas, Turks & Caicos
(by Gregory A Goodwin)

FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean Air (MCA) Custom Object Library:
(by Steve Weinkamer)

FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library:
(by Chris Carel)

MCA North Bahamas Scenery v1.0:
(By Brad Allen)

AI Seaplane and Fishing Vessels Traffic:
(Sounds and Effects by Dexter Thomas, AI Seaplane Bases Scenery by Brad Allen).

Misty's Caribbean Air Custom Aircraft Repaints:
(by Klaus Troeppner)

Carenado C185F: LINK:
Default FSX/P3D Maule M7: LINK:
Milviz Bell 407 Helicopter: LINK:
Tongass Fjords X DHC2 (AI Aircraft): LINK:

Stay healthy out there and perhaps enjoy some blue waters, sun, sea breezes and relaxation in the virtual Bahamas!

Norm  (For Brad Allen)

Misty's Place / Re: I'm back
« on: March 22, 2020, 09:22:49 AM »
Yes lots of MFC tours up Karl. There is a total of 39 Tours up at MFC now sir Heinz and excursion 40 opens on April 1st, (and I release a new trip each month). You left off completing trip MFC0030 and are ready to start MFC0031 The X Factor trip: (Juneau to Terrace) so you do have a bit of catching up to do! Again a warm welcome back.


Misty's Place / Re: I'm back
« on: March 20, 2020, 01:54:19 PM »
Welcome back Karl.. P3Dv4.5- Nice. Glad you back up and running but please stay out of covid-19's way!

If you need any help etc with the sim please don't hesitate to holler!


For sure Bill you can. Please feel free to fly any prop type aircraft or rotorcraft in your wheel house, for any trips. There is no real restriction except using props (or standard rotorcraft) (and please use amphibians, "flotteurs" or big bellies like the goose for water.. unless it's frozen! lol.

PS: For those who many not know, the aircraft used for any flight leg can be changed in the Aircraft Information Box in the Cigar Box module).

Refer to LINK:


William Butler: Pilot MFC0105 completed Tour MFC0016 St. Petersburg Sea Base Ops Exploration on 3/19/2020.

I enjoyed flying the Goose on this tour but am considering flying the Widgeon on the next Tour.


Aye sir Bill.. Goose is a fun one and bigger, like the Canada GOOSE! Wigeon is more like a HALF a Goose! lol.
The award for MFC0016 St. Petersburg Sea Base Ops added to your pilot's awards listing. Nice job with that big Goose.


Help and Troubleshooting / Re: Only landclass in Tongass area
« on: March 19, 2020, 12:37:49 PM »
I have none these days!.

Help and Troubleshooting / Re: Only landclass in Tongass area
« on: March 18, 2020, 10:29:35 PM »
Jim is all fixed up. The latest install of Tongass fixed/added the correct tongass entries in the FSX terrain.cfg. Land class and terrain looking good again Jim says.

Help and Troubleshooting / Re: Only landclass in Tongass area
« on: March 18, 2020, 07:38:26 AM »
Hmmm ok Jim. But Tongass just a straight simple install into FSX. There is no fixing of anything after install except the insertion points in ORBX Central. Most scenery files themselves don't usually get corrupted - it's the configuration files - In your case possibly the FSX terrain.cfg file got corrupt for some reason (ORBX entries can do that) from the Open landclass installs creating entries in your terrain.cfg so it could be the terrain.cfg that could be the culprit here.

1. Is ORBX Central is failing to hold your saved insertion points? You would be able to see that in your sim scenery library: check your layering from the bottom up.  (your sim scenery library should match the layering pic below). (If not Check your insertion points again. Use ORBX Central Sync to sync your scenery library and re-check in your FSX scenery library. If all good, start up the sim and check a few Tongass locations).

2. If the scenery layers are in the correct order, then you have to rule out either the Tongass scenery files issue, (which I doubt) or more suspect a corrupt or lacking terrain.cfg that controls the terrain placement.
If you have the same land class issues for Tongass, then try uninstalling Tongass completely and then do a reinstall, re-setup the insertion points in ORBX Central and give it another whirl- which would hopefully fix the Tongass scenery if there was any corruption in your scenery files themselves and also possibly fix your terrain.cfg.

3. Now there is another side of this: a corrupt terrain.cfg file. This file entries control the placement of land class, water class. Orbx puts a lot in to the terrain.cfg with the FTX Global and North American Open LC entries and so does Tongass entries. So if corrupt would mess up your land/water classes.

If the same issues after the Tongass reinstall in 2. then will have to try to manually fix the terrain.cfg (which controls all of the terrain elements).   
A. Try verify files for the Orbx North America LC, ORBX Global, Vector if you have them as well as  ORBX Libs.

B. (The latest Orbx Central should have created a backup of your terrain.cfg (hopefully before your terrain.cfg problems).

I think your fsx terrain.cfg file should be located in folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X but if not you'll have to search for it. Anyways make a backup copy of your current terrain.cfg then use the terrain.cfg backup created by the latest orbx central and rename it to terrain.cfg. (This means whatever you installed after putting in ORBX central it may have to be reinstalled or files verified in ORBX Central as their entries might not have been present in that backup terrain.cfg. Using the old terrain.cfg: see if that fixes your Tongass. (You can always revert with the original terrain.cfg file backed up).

So a bit of troubleshooting to try to figure out the exact problem in either the layering of the scenery library,  Tongass issue itself, Orbx central and/or the terrain.cfg entries. (I suspect the issue maybe in the terrain.cfg if your layering is correct). Give it a shot if you can.

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