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This is the July 2020 Misty Flying Club Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour completions for this month. (The most recently awarded appear at the top of the list:)

Tours-Hours-Flight Awards

James Smith got MFC0043 Rockies 3-Grand Canyon on 2020-07-11.
Werner Reule got MFC0001 Misty Triangle on 2020-07-11.
Werner Reule got New MFC Pilot on 2020-07-10.
Keith Filby got New MFC Pilot on 2020-07-10.
William Butler got MFC0024 Kodiak-Wasilla on 2020-07-10.
Steve Canham got MFC0016 Petersburg SBO on 2020-07-09.
Karl-Heinz Klotz got MFC0041 Rockies 1-Grants on 2020-07-09.
Jim Magin got 2 Year Service on 2020-07-08.
Jerry Stanbrough got MFC0007 Short Fields-BC on 2020-07-07.
Harry Yang got MFC0015 SIRP on 2020-07-06.
Gerald Limpert got 100 Flights on 2020-07-05.
Gerald Limpert got MFC0007 Short Fields-BC on 2020-07-05.
James Smith got 400 Hours on 2020-07-05. (Way to go Jim!)
David Hammond got New MFC Pilot on 2020-07-02.
Patrick Fabard got MFC0032 RTMM's FedEx Term on 2020-07-01.


Completed MFC0001 on 07/11/2020 by Werner R. #MFC0132

Indeed Werner Reule and a warm welcome to you. You did very well on the intro tour to get set up. The award for tour MFC0001 has been added to your pilot's profile. Nice work and welcome again.


General Discussion / Re: Poll: What Sim do you use?
« on: July 11, 2020, 07:54:49 AM »
All depends on who and their personality and their aspirations or ability as well as their "importance" level as well as financial ability, level of simmer: serious or casual,  time allocation etc etc .. like anything.

Some want to progress to the latest technology while others are content to stay with what they have or where they are. All fine and neither is wrong by any means-  and it's all up to the individual: dependent on various personal wants or conditions experience/familiarity of computers and sim structure or even external constraints.  Like buying a brand new car - some do, some don't, some could while some others can't.

I fly online with several world flying groups: I would have to say that from all the various simmers out there in my circles the ranking/popularity of these right now would suggest to be:

1. P3Dv4.5 (HF2 or HF3)
2. P3Dv5 (HF2) Quickly gaining popularity.  Most dev's now are in full development of P3Dv5 add-ons while decreasing for the previous sims.
3. FSX-Boxed or FSX-SE - was the #1 popular since it was created in 2006 and ran strong until @2017 or so since there really was no other competitive or popular sims out there. (LM/P3D took over FSX and it's development (P3D) in 2010). Many still run the 2006 FSX or SE version but less and less as time goes on.
But then there are flight groups that have to stay in or are to a specific sim: ie:dedicated to fsx or fsx-se like Eastern hops because they fly multiplayer via the steam network (fse-se).

But that also limits involvement.. can't fly there unless you run fsx-se which is older technology as compared to current Sims. But again all depends what the end user prefers or wants to do in their own sim world.

PS: In the P3D world.. not any still using P3Dv1,2 or 3: except v3 mostly for those dev's in scenery development for FSX through P3Dv4.  Most "simmers" in the "P3D" world have progressed to P3Dv4 (4.5) (great sim) and now beyond going to P3Dv5/HF2 which is a big step above even P3Dv4.5. Performance good, graphics excellent as compared to any previous.


There are a few OTHER sims out there that are totally different in their makeup. X-Plane 11-good graphics, but less add-on products but many devs (including ORBX) are developing for XP11. Great graphics but not as popular as it is a totally different sim structure (not in the MS/LM family of sims so to speak) so that is limiting it's popularity and growth. The same but to even a lesser extent there is Aerofly FS2 -whatever it is!.  Many devs that we are familiar (except perhaps Orbx) don't even bother developing for X-Plane or AFS2. 

But then Microsoft Flight SIM 2020 is still also supposed to be coming? That is supposed to be the next new generation of sim? We'll see.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: Filed my first pirep twice
« on: July 11, 2020, 07:08:04 AM »
Ok Werner- no problem. We do have an issue of cigar box timeout issue. Once you "File pirep" it takes @ 2 seconds to be received by the site. (The the site has many calculations to do with your pirep and can't get the response that "your pirep was received" back to cigar box fast enough so this results in a timeout error.

So when you send a pirep, and before trying again, just glance the site and you'll see your pirep sitting on top of the Recent Reports ie:

Recent Reports
#13721 - MFC31321 - Werner Reule

And if you see your pirep there, it has been successfully sent to the site and received - so you can simply close out Cigar Bar. and don't have to Try again.  (Just one of those things we can't fix due to Cigar Box timeout value in the code).


PS: The duplicate pirep was removed Sir Werner.


A2A latest update (May 2020) was for FSX and P3Dv1-3. Not sure if the FSX-P3V1-3 updater even works to update the FSX-SE version but don't think so.

You might have to post at A2A. I'm sure if you make contact with Scott or Lewis there they will assist and advise. But the latest A2A update for the J3 (v1.1) doesn't mention fixes to get off the water with floats and that's the only fix since 2009 when the J3 was released.

Now that accusim J3 only had a 65 hp engine.. (J3 Accusim) so you need to have the engine warmed up (If you haven't warmed it up but have pushed over it's limit then you have probably have damaged that engine.
(So might have to go into the maintenance hanger and check the engine (and fix it/overhaul it). 
J3 Manual pdf-Direct LINK>>
(Refer to page 10, 11 and 12)

Also that float version - you need a big lake to get enough speed to get off the water. but have to use power, no flaps (until up to take off speed), push the stick down so the nose is down on the water for the least amount of drag possible on the pontoons then when up to speed a slight sharp up to break free of the water surface then slow climb to continue gaining airspeed. There is a trick to it. But check that engine first!.

The Accu-Sim Update 11/05/2020 (May 11 2020) Download - FSX and P3D v1-v3

" This one A2A update detects and updates our fleet of Accu-Sim aircraft for FSX and Prepar3D v1-3 (with the exception of the latest release, the Bonanza V35B). For Prepar3D v4 and the Bonanza, new installers which will automatically detect any updates are available. Please see this post for more details.

Hope something in this post helps get your J3 off the water!


Looks quite good in v5.  Very impressed.   Now if we could get the one-shot loader....

Can't do a public one-shot for this as most of the required pieces come from external sources or are externally created and owned by various others. If you want one would have to simply build yourself a MCA add-on.xml for all the various pieces and enable it when you want to fly in the Bahamas.  (An complete add-on for this would also be impracticable as it would be almost 2GB in size since the RTMM Libs 1-2-3-4 alone are almost 1.8GB by themselves where as all the other pieces MCA pieces required relatively small in comparison).


Hey Norm:

MFC0016 St. Petersburg Sea Base Ops Exploration  Complete!

Much fun!

Hey Norm:

MFC0016 St. Petersburg Sea Base Ops Exploration  Complete!

Much fun!

Steve.. Well welcome back!! Whew! You're still alive? I was starting to get a bit concerned. (I did notice you have been MIA for almost a couple of months.. And, well you know, right now it is a bit of dangerous world to be living in so anyone who is away for more than a couple of weeks.... Was just hoping that you were ok there in MI.  Glad you came back yesterday to do a leg, and today the last two legs to finish excursion MFC0016. Fun trip in a fun area, if I say so myself. lol.

So indeed the award for MFC0016 has been added to your record. Nice work and welcome back!.


General Discussion / Re: Hi, I'm new! (introduce yourself here)
« on: July 05, 2020, 06:21:42 PM »
Warm Welcome, Werner!  Lots to see and places to visit in these parts for sure. If you need any help or have question just give us a holler.


Seems fine in P3Dv5 so far..  but have flown only about half of the circuit.

General Discussion / Re: Poll: What Sim do you use?
« on: July 03, 2020, 09:31:03 PM »
It's not me although I did sign up for the alpha 2020. I guess the had enough alphas.. but covid might have slowed the progress.

Speaking of alpha testers.. I guess they had bare bones alpha testers or none for that is except the end users: we were the guinea pigs that told LM what was wrong or what to fix.. .. and not even two weeks later hf1... It sure was
necessary then not even a month later hf2 to fix more!!

 Good sim now but no way 2 hot fixes should have been necessary to that initial release to get some serious issues rectified but anyways... directx12 provides much better graphics. But some terrain anomalies or variations to previous versions as some have found.

General Discussion / Re: Hi, I'm new! (introduce yourself here)
« on: July 03, 2020, 09:14:30 PM »
Welcome Tarsier.  Have fun and enjoy the trip.


Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: P3D V5 - Layering Problem
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:57:09 PM »
Vector doesn't effect any of the elevations in P3DV5 at all. It isn't global. It's the P3Dv5 landclass or base layer s that gave affected this. Really the orbx products haven't changed much at all from v4 to v5.. but P3Dv5 sure has. it has new updated bases and terrain and updated elevation.

So the sim has changed.. hence there was no need or requirement to put elevation adjustments in orbx vector for P3Dv5 ( whereas is still is part of vector for P3Dv4x.

Prepar3D-Version 5 / Re: P3D V5 - Layering Problem
« on: July 01, 2020, 05:53:51 PM »
Ditto, will run the bwep next week.

Maybe te attached might help since a picture is worth a thousand words??

So these are the blocks.. now not sure if utx would conflict with orbx (if it covers the same area but if it is landclass then it would go in the openlc block or section.

That landclass (openlc) block goes right below tongass. (And tongass lower is set as the lower or bottom insertion point in orbx Central). Hope this makes sense.

Kronovan: Scenery order is very important.

RTMM stuff has to be positioned on top of the library while Tongass X (Higher over lower) has to be positioned in the gut of the order - right between ORBX Regions & airports and any Orbx OpenLC.

First establish your Orbx scenery blocks by using the Orbx Central insertion points.

TOP Insertion Point :  Orbx Regions and Airports - placed below  >> RTMM Libs.. (Which means all Orbx Regions and airport will stay in their block- right below the RTMM stuff. (And all RTMM stuff and any other 3rd party scenery will stay on top of the Orbx Regions and Airports Block.

The BOTTOM Insertion Point :  Orbx OpenLC - placed below  >> Tongass Lower.. (Which means all Orbx OpenLC entries will stay in their LC block- and positioned right below Tongass Lower and Tongass higher sits right above the Tongass Lower entry. 

So your blocks top down looks like:

RTMM (and any other 3rd party scenery) at the top
ORBX Regions and Airports
Tongass Higher
Tongass Lower
Open LC Entries
Default Named Continents & cities
Any Mesh
Vector Block (If you have vector)
Default Bases
Default scenery/terrain

All to say if you are flying in RTMM areas, your sim starter profile should have RTMM, Tongass, the respective Orbx Regions (and any Orbx airports if you have any for this area) should also be "on".

ORBX Regions:

    Ketchikan Area - "Pacific Fjords" (PFJ)
    Juneau to Anchorage Area - "Southern Alaska"(SAK)
    Vancouver and BC Area -"Pacific Northwest (PNW)

    Tongass Fjords - is in between "Pacific Fjords" (PFJ) and  "Southern Alaska"(SAK) 

Map Link:

But in your profiles just make sure you maintain the scenery block order for correct layering so that your scenery will correctly display.


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