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This is the July 2019 MFC Pilot Awards listing: New Joins, Service Milestones and Tour Completions: (The most recently awarded for the month appear at the top of the list):

James Smith got MFC0031 The X Factor on 2019-07-16.
Georg Werderitsch got MFC0030 Chugach National on 2019-07-16.
William Butler got MFC0003 Ketchikan SBO on 2019-07-15.
Jim Ryan got 200 Hours on 2019-07-15.
Jim Ryan got MFC0024 Kodiak-Wasilla on 2019-07-15.
Cadmus Hawke got 1 Year Service on 2019-07-15.
Robert Van Der Linden got 1 Year Service on 2019-07-15.
Jeff Greene got MFC0013 Tongass PTF HELO on 2019-07-14.
Greg Gordon got MFC0006 Short Fields-Glac on 2019-07-14.
John Dean got MFC0015 SIRP on 2019-07-12.
William Butler got 30 Flights on 2019-07-11.
Steve Canham got MFC0013 Tongass PTF HELO on 2019-07-11.
Danny Rice got MFC0030 Chugach National on 2019-07-11.
Jim Magin got 1 Year Service on 2019-07-09.
Mark Van Den Broek got 1 Year Service on 2019-07-09.
Raouf Rizk got MFC0002 Misty Hub on 2019-07-08.
Martin Madera got 30 Hours on 07/07/19.
John Dean got 100 Hours on 06/07/19.
John Dean got MFC0014 Wrangell-Petersbu on 2019-07-05.
Peter Woodward got MFC0020 Traveling the Yuk on 2019-07-05.
William Schneider got MFC0005 Barnstormers on 2019-07-04.
Jim Ryan got MFC0023 Kodiak Island on 2019-07-03.
William Butler got MFC0002 Misty Hub on 2019-07-02.



Thanks Jim. Appreciate the comments. The award for MFC0031 has been added to your roster of awards! Well done (as usual!) .


 Yup I guess you're correct Steve but this might be turning into more than just file locations questions.. So it is a Yes and No I think?

Yes it appears that a variance to file locations may not matter in reality and even previous scenery folder names did not matter as long as they were correctly referenced - but now also a not quite to be that case going forward. Looks like it will matter that ai files are in certain folders and also that the scenery folder names themselves will have to exactly match the directed for a program (up-coming) to correctly execute and if there is no match on those folder names then the program ignores the folder and contained files and may cause seasonal file errors/lockups etc. Anyways will keep playing with stuff and undoing some of my own customization..
 I just thought it is feasible for all to establish a correct way to do things which might make it easier and consistent for the user community.


There is lots of those locations that have AI traffic.  But I hear your quest/intent Garry to try to be consistent and have your folders/files orderly and tidy! (I'm the same way!) Like something out of order well it is just wrong. Arg! and everything needs a proper place.

Right now am kicking this all around with this discussion as well as changing stuff for the testing work (eswitcher (in beta). There is lots of non-consistent stuff. Some AI traffic files in the scenery folders, others in the designated for scenery-world-scenery - files from other devs too that have NO desginated scenery folder to which they belong. Scenery folders themselves with weird names and not following correct order just weird in my mind as all has to be in order.

Really, the traffic.bgls files as well as the ADEX/ALT files  (IE: ORBX, Aerosoft, etc and RTMM so far)  placed all of these types of traffic or ade elevation files (bgls), in scenery-world-scenery - which is equivalent to layer 3 of the sims' scenery library.

Then in P3Dv4x concerning add-on scenery - the new methodology was to set up all the add-ons to be external to the sim in alternate folders - totally external to the root sim folders (set via scenery.cfg or other cfg files or via addon.xml files). IE: A separate Folder for AI Traffic files, or ALT-ADEX folders) or a parallel scenery-world-scenery folder and placed at layer 3 of the sim library- and those folders set up for the sim to see and execute.

Not sure whats best yet as to the placement of ai traffic files but in my pea brain, the scenery is the scenery location but the AI traffic files, although it may be close to that scenery, can run totally separate or independent to the scenery location so they shouldn't actually be in the scenery folder.
In my noggin' the AI traffic is tied to simobjects not the scenery loation: either airplanes or boats for the most part and the traffic files dictate to the sim when/location to show the airplanes or boats and what path. 

Just like the AI ORBX or Aerosoft, AI Global Ship traffic - or ai traffic created by any other 3rd party designers -  none of these ai traffic files are placed in the scenery folders but are located in an equivalent world type of folder - and placed at layer 3: again a parallel to the sim's scenery-world-scenery folder.

Now the AI Global ships package- has no scenery folder at all and is simply simobjects (Boats) and almost 1400 ai traffic files (bgl) to make it all the ships/boats run in the sim (when called). These ai traffic files are placed in scenery-world-scenery or an equivalent folder - at layer 3. (which is the layer for scenery-world-scenery). Do they need to be there? Or why should they be? Or where is the best place they should be ?
I honestly don't know but we must be consistent.

Currently in my system I run all AI (and ALT) files in separate scenery folders- external to the sim and external to the scenery pieces - and these are placed at the layer 3 level in the scenery library - Easy to setup - all AI traffic files for various 3rd party are in their own folders - turn off ALL or some or any separately and keep the rest still running- and no hunting for files in various scenery folders.

Also with the traffic bgls NOT in the scenery folder of a location, you can run ai traffic without the need of the scenery piece/location even being enabled and turn on those "Other folders" either using the scenery lib/cfg or add-on xml.

ALT/adex files in their own folder again are easily isolated -easily turned ON-OFF when required to isolate if there's an elevation issue or for testing etc.

Anyways playing with all this stuff too- (I have changed my entire setup in the last week- and am testing the locations of ai traffic files for functionality, user-ability as well as flexibility). And sure do want to be able to set up the folders/files from the zip files-fast and efficiently - and in the same folder zip/folder structure for fast copy/paste folders and with no guess work where stuff should go.

All to say, we definitely need this discussion for sure to hammer out consistency of scenery folders, it's contents, the proper/correct files placement in which folders for functionality and being able to maintain correct layering for the sim scenery and for the running of the add-on components and AI Traffic. The sims and recommended placements for addon folders/files seem to be changing and consistency is key for the user community.

All devs should be consistent if possible - which ever way might be the correct way to do this stuff these days? so us end users aren't totally confused and end up having files all over the place!! and the easier the setup the better!!


MFC0024 completed by MFC0019(Jim Ryan) on 7/15/19   

I had a hard time with this tour I'd get to the destination airport an it would have a vector problem with elevations, hate to have to take time to check each airport on a tour to see if I have to make corrections. Been in conversations with ORBX but they are saying everything looks correct from their end. Can't tell you how many times I've run the VECTOR configurator Anyway it's done

Ah Jim that's a pain...Hopefully you got the vector adjusted!. Perhaps at those airports (If/when) we get back, check for third part mesh running in those areas or alternate ALT.bgl files on your system which could effect the elevations.Can make it very hard to land when there are craters or valleys!! But you did manage to get through it.

You not only got the MFC0024 award but while you were flying this trip you also achieved the 200 Flight Hours at MFC milestone and received that award.  Hope the elevations will be better for you going forward.


Give me a minute Bill.. will remove you from that tour MFC 0006 and you can re-add yourself. Looks like the aircraft didn't take when you joined. Now you're removed.  Try to sign up on that tour a-new with your desired aircraft selected. Once joined, try leg one again to see if it generates correctly for you. If not just yell.


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: MFC Tour Completions
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:34:31 AM »
MFC0013 completed.   ;)

Aye sir Greene and the award for MFC0013 has been added to your list of badges. lol.


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: MFC Tour Completions
« on: July 13, 2019, 12:12:29 PM »
MFC0015 completed 7/12/19 by John MFC0016 ;D

Aye John: tour 15 completion has been acknowledged and the award has been added.

(Next tour is a pretty one.. all around the Petersburg area! - Have fun site seeing).


Prepar3D-Version 4 / Re: Groundhandling v6.0
« on: July 12, 2019, 01:38:18 PM »
Yep it should work.. read the docs and have to set it up in whatever planes you want it to be usable but yes should work just fine.

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: B407 Fell off Aircraft List
« on: July 12, 2019, 09:44:16 AM »
Your a good man, no matter what others say.......


Ah thanks Danny, appreciate that!! It can get very tough in here at times, especially with those heli pilots!! lol

Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: MFC Tour Completions
« on: July 11, 2019, 02:12:28 PM »
MFC0013 Tongass PTF AI Stations Wrangell completed 7/11/19

Roger Steve... Tour MFC0013 award for completion has been added to your pilot's profile. Nice job. In the following trips, you'll be heading northward from Wrangell: to Petersburg, the SIRP, Juneau, then following the the Yukon etc. Have fun exploring!!


Misty Flying Club and Multi Player / Re: B407 Fell off Aircraft List
« on: July 11, 2019, 02:07:51 PM »
Sure Danny will do.

DONE. B407 as well as the B412 tacked on to the aircraft listing.


Here too Robert.. seems that only the ultra setting yields those bigger rolling waves and appears to be dependent on the weather. Should have bigger waves in more adverse weather (wind) and also seems to be varied depending on type of body of water.. ie: bigger waves in open ocean versus much smaller waves seen in smaller bodies of water with similar weather  ie: small lake or river.
Seems to work that way. But nice thing is that there seems to be no preformance loss on the ultra setting.

Help and Troubleshooting / Re: SimObjects Question (P3D V3 and V4)
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:22:56 PM »
Yes they can.. and like shaders do rebuild.. the sim's internal listing or tables folder names only (empty folders) of the installed aircraft.

General Discussion / Re: ORBX new HD Buildings
« on: July 09, 2019, 10:48:50 PM »
For sure!! Looks Great!. I'm gonna get a new HD contractor to give Skagway a facelift too! lol..

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