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Title: First Flight
Post by: canuck21a on February 02, 2011, 05:27:38 PM
After some serious pre-flight navigation I managed to find all of the tools that are offered.
I must say that the Topo sight using Marine navigational charts is a real nice find at least for me.

I can read the trip tics and follow along, for the most part, using the strip chart for the area. I can find just about all of the nav points that are mentioned and that makes it easier for me to follow. Probably because I used to do Advanced Piloting with CPS (USPS) and pre-planning a boating excursion to unknown waters was a must.

Having a Plan-G chart by my side I can then VFR it in my preferred little bush plane the Super Piper Amphib.

Using the trip tic I made a flight to Aiken Cove and then back with ease.

Stopped off at Aiken Cove to chat with the locals:
Looks like good fishing off the dock  :P

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