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Title: Skeena River (Upstream from Skeena River Lodge)
Post by: Doug on July 05, 2011, 07:35:00 PM
Just because I was curious, I took the Skeena River upstream for about 100 miles this afternoon. It literally goes "on and on."  I documented all of the wave anomalies I encountered and sent them to Holger.  What was amazing was the scenery up that way ... I wonder if anyone but me will ever see it.  There are some great little communities, lots of houses, streets, cars, farms and farmland, etc.  There are some beautiful bridges, most of them have traffic going over them. The river can really take your breath away now and then, it is very beautiful.  Attached are some of the shots I got this afternoon.   If you'd like to see this area ... fly out of the Skeena River Lodge (See Map Room for Starting coordinates) and fly up the river to Woodcock CBQ8. It is a great little airport up there and just fly upstream. Then use Woorcock as your base and fly on up the river and around the area. This is an area just "waiting to be seen and enjoyed."

If we had only PFJ, we could spend years exploring it.  I wonder what else is "back there in the woods" we haven't seen yet?  Check these out:

N55 5.96   W128 7.34           Nice little community
N55 6.13   W128 3.41     Kiwanga ... little community
N55 5.29   W127 49.83   Kitseguecla community


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Title: Re: Skeena River (Upstream from Skeena River Lodge)
Post by: frostlp on July 05, 2011, 10:39:42 PM
Thanks to Misty Moorings  :), I've flown thru a LOT of beautiful places that I've felt the same way about - wondering if anyone else has seen this.  Sometimes when I want to upload a screenshot, it gets over shadowed by the next mile of flyng thru "Postcard" scenery.  Thanks for the tip, Doug - I'll be sure to follow the river.  And thanks for your part in the Misty Moorings add-ons.