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Title: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: mickm on August 13, 2019, 05:42:25 AM
Hi is it possible to install this package via addon xml and if so how? I am trying to keep all my addons in line with LM guidelines.
Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: stiletto2 on August 13, 2019, 10:18:23 AM
It probably can be done.....I am not an add-on xml user at the moment but while following the TFX install into P3D according to Poppet's instructions other than the terrain.cfg (which should be installed as per Poppets instructions - should be okay since it does not go into the main P3D folder structure) and the FSAddon folder which I will say more about in a minute, all of the other items you would need to connect via add-on xml instead of putting them directly into the normal folders.  These items include the elevation_adjustment files that normally go to Prepar3D\Scenery\World\Scenery, Simobjects, effects, effects\textures, sounds and  textures that go to scenery\world\texture

Then all that should be left in the main P3D folder structure is the FSAddon folder.  Assuming you won't use the executables in that folder which may not work anyway in P3D, you should be able to put that folder somewhere else and then link the High Priority and Low Priority folders that are contained inside the FSAddon folder to the scenery structure via add-on xml.   

The only part of the above that I have done before is to separate the FSAddon folder so I know that part of what I said will work. 

Hope this helps.

Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: mickm on August 15, 2019, 03:12:46 AM
Hi Rod thanks for the reply, I have looked into the difficulties of doing this vs the alternative install method of installing directly into P3D and moving the .cfg file into that root folder and have decided the easiest method is in fact to do just that then move the .cfg file back to its proper location. Thanks for the time looking at this.
Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: nbrich1 on August 15, 2019, 09:38:14 AM
I am away mick so not near my home pc.. but here is a quickie on addon xml and cfg files for tongass..

Rod has you started up Mick:  Yep can be done - just have to get all the pieces and of course you have to get the paths exactly correct in the addon.xml and must be in correct format and paths but not too hard to figure out and with FSX or P3D you can put stuff just about anywhere and as long as linked via cfg files, (or xml option) in P3d will work just fine.

1. First Read this on : https://return.mistymoorings.com/getting_started/index.php#5

After install (to temp Location) the folders created are:

A: Effects
B: FSAddon
       Cache >> containing BGL files a sub folder with  some flight files
       Tongass_Fjords_Higher_Priority(This is the addon scenery Top level)
       Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority (This is the addon scenery Base level)
C: Scenery  (>> This is world scenery: equivalent to sim Layer 3 (Elevation files and AI trafic Files).
D: SimObjects >> Airplanes, Boats, Rotorcraft.
E: Sound

2). Now is a good time to do the Tongass fixes for use in P3Dv4x:

    a) Add Rod Jackson AI Model fixes to Simobjects. (A requirement for P3Dv4x)

    b) Add Mike Broemme new cabin smoke effects into effects folder. (Tongass cabins) (Optional)

    c) Add 40 Terrain entries for Tongass into  Terrain.cfg* (* C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4)

3). Ok Once fixes are done, determine where you want the tongass folders placed and move them over then start defining the xml and/or :
if any will be directed by use of config files.

Without seeing your sim setup and associated folders, figure out placement of these folders: Ie: Designated drive/addon folder locationss - then move the folders to where you want them.

Define the paths and start setting it all up in xml or a combination an addon.xml and a the rest using cfg files: IE: effects path to effects.cfg, new simobjects and new sounds to simobjects.cfg and sound.cfg, scenery to scenery.cfg or all to addon.xml...  Xml are a bit tricky but once you figure it out it works ok.. actually not as perfect as I want as the moving of scenery is not manipulable on defined where as moving scenery within the scenery.cfg and within the "scenery Blocks" is very manipulable.

Here is the link to P3D xml use:definition:  https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/add-ons/add-on_packages.html

Now if you are going the cfg route you can still keep all the Tongass pieces totally separate from the sim root or drive and as long as you correctly define locations all the pieces/paths in the cfg files- and that will work just fine.

I am drafting offline as I am on limited data but will continue....

So if you put Tongass on another drive, (In my set up, all add-ons are on a totally separate drive and all sorted by either location and/or product), folder moved to the locations then

G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Higher_Priority
G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority
G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\World Scenery 

And addon xml:

XML example

<SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on">
    <AddOn.Name>FSADDON Tongass Fjords X</AddOn.Name>
    <AddOn.Description>Tongass Fjords X</AddOn.Description>

         <Path>G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority</Path>
         <Name>Tongass Lower Priority</Name>

         <Path>G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority</Path>
         <Name>Tongass Higher Priority</Name>

        <Category>SimObjects Airplanes</Category>

        <Category>SimObjects Boats</Category>

        <Category>SimObjects Rotorcraft</Category>



        <Name>Tongass World Scenery</Name>



Then you have to specify position of the scenery Tongass layers (higher and Lower) in FTX Central v3 so that Tongass lower is right below openLC. (May need to add a layer line in the xml to hold this position).

Can get a bit confusing but this gives you something to play with!

Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: nbrich1 on August 15, 2019, 10:22:33 AM
If you were using only the cfg files to define, may look something like this:

Title=Default Effects
Title=Tongass Effects

Simobjects.cfg Add lines:
Title=Tongass Airplanes
Title=Tongass Boats
Title=Tongass Rotorcraft

Title=Default Sounds
Title=Tongass Sounds

scenery.cfg - (or use sim scenery library screen to establish path):

Title=Tongass World Scenery
Local=G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\World Scenery 

Local=G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority

Local=G:\Addons\Alaska\FSADDON\Tongass\Addon Scenery\Tongass_Fjords_Higher_Priority

In this case the Area 003 files (world scenery) are placed near the bottom of the SIM Scenery libs. The higher and lower senery pieces must be set in FTX Central -settings as follows:
>> openLC entries must be placed below Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority.
This creates the "Tongass block" which stays between the openLC blocks and the FTX block.

Lots of ways to play with this stuff.

For Effects, Simobjects and sound might want to simply create mirror but generic folders and set them up i your effects, simobjects and sound. cfg files  which is easier (less entries) but is still separate from your sim root- and still very easy to turn off and on simply by a folder rename .OFF which breaks the defined path and those addons won't load when the sim is started.

All sounds confusing? Well not really.. it's just a matter of linking folders and turning them off and on as you wish.

Hope this helps.. a bit?

Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: mickm on August 15, 2019, 03:26:41 PM
Wow thanks for all of this info, I am going to take this away and look at it and hopefully I will be successful but it may take some time for me to work this out. Thanks for all of your very valuable help.
Keep up the great work I think RTMM is the best FS community out there.
Title: Re: TFX install via XML addon
Post by: mickm on August 18, 2019, 09:11:56 AM
Hi Folks, a brief update on progress so far. I installed TFX to a dummy FSX directory (easy part) and moved the folders to my addon directory. I created 3 XML files for the TFX Higher, Lower and World sceneries giving the world scenery a layer =3. Higher and lower have been moved to the correct insertion point all done using Lorby's P4AO tool. I could see no other way of doing this as the TFX directory structure is a little different to most scenery. I have added the Effects, Sound and Simobjects folder as per the instructions given here:


All of the scenery appears to be working fine as shown in the screenshot at PASI attached, however there is no  TFX AI traffic, boats, ships etc

 I have updated the files as per the instructions and this worked fine when TFX was installed into the main P3D folder.
If anyone has any ideas on this I would love to try them out.

The FedEx buildings at PASI were added using add on xml  ;)

It is fair to say that I have learnt an awful lot about xml over the last few days and it is no longer such a confusing subject, and is a great way forward with P3D.

Many thanks to Norm and Rod for their input so far it is much appreciated.

Kind Regards