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Title: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: Doug on May 28, 2019, 05:11:42 PM
You probably caught this NOTAM post:

"Version.txt" and "Maintenance Logs" ....

As a part of REFRESH 2019, we are adding a couple of things you might not notice. When you download a scenery folder from RTMM now, inside the /scenery folder of the folder you put into your addon area is a tiny "version.txt" file. You will find it in with the bgl files.  As we standardize on location NAMES ... we are getting rid of the "version number" and other misc entries that have been a part of the name. We do this so when you download an update, the folder will be titled something like (example) Misty's Place ... (Not Misty's Place PF20 or Misty's Place Version 4.0 ... just Misty's Place). All you then have to do is delete the old Misty's Place folder and replace it with the new and not have to redirect your Scenery Library to find a new name. But it doing this, you lose the ability to know which version you have. Now you will know. If you go to the /scenery file (where the bgl files reside) you'll find the version.txt. Click on it and the date of the location update and version are always there for you.  This is now in every RTMM scenery download.

Also, all of the maintenance logs are now installed on ALL scenery locations. If you click on the REFRESHED DATE link at the top of each locations entry box, that link opens the maintenance log for that scenery location. So if you see there's an update, if you click on the link, you will see what we updated, when it was updated, and who did the update.

With all the changing, we'll have some typos and screwy things happening here and there. We have everything "in place" but now we go after those pesky details.  One note for you, on the Maintenance Log ... you do not need to "do" anything if the text is in black. If the text is in RED, you should re-download and re-install the scenery. 
Title: Re: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: Doug on May 28, 2019, 09:44:46 PM
I have added a Bright Red style to each of the Maintenance Logs.  If the change that is made on the update means you have to do something in your sim, the entry is in RED.  If we've made a change but it doesn't affect the performance of the location on your sim, it is in black.  Example: A change in the location, moving a cabin, updating smoke, etc ... that will be RED.  If we update a readme or a version.txt ... this wouldn't affect your sim, so those entries are in black.
Title: Re: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: Doug on June 17, 2019, 09:57:41 AM
The new system of having a "maintenance log" for each location and and internal "version.txt" file is all set up and running. This is for ALL RTMM scenery locations.  To see the "latest" on a particular location's activity, click on the REFRESHED Date link, that will bring up the Maintenance Log for that location. Anything in RED means you need a re-download.  To see which version you have (based on the "refreshed date" .. look in your locations /scenery folder (where the .bgl files are located). You will find a "version.txt" file there. If you are up to date, it will match the header for the scenery location on the scenery page. This system is in place on ALL RTMM SCENERY locations and many of the download zips (Automated Dispatches, RTMM-MFC Flight Plans, etc). So you can always see if you are up to date.

At this point, the REFRESH 2019 is mostly complete on the scenery page (our largest area of work). We have one project coming up soon that will be "major" and VERY INTERESTING for RTMM fans. That will take some time to get installed correctly.  I will then begin moving on to other site pages ... particularly the GoTo table which needs updating.

Thank you for your patience with all the "redownloading" ... but that activity should go away except for new additions or major "repairs".

Title: Re: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: corbu1 on June 17, 2019, 02:15:51 PM
Thank you for your hard work keeping the RTMM locations uptodate!
Title: Re: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: Doug on June 17, 2019, 02:20:45 PM
Thank you. The site was really in need of some improvements. I think the changes that we have made will make it even more sustainable AND predictable for users.  It seems a never-ending job. Just this morning I had to add a missing fuel trigger to Misty's Place ... a location that we virtually "live at." Yet it was missing. (All fixed now). 

There is still more to do, but most of it will not be so noticeable for folks, much of it will be in moving internal files around, etc. Norm and I are looking at one more consolidation on CIRP which would put ALL of the CIRP (and outlyer) scenery locations into the same download. But hopefully, even though it would mean a new download for people ... for the NEXT people that hit the site ... it will be much easier to use and even more stable.

Title: Re: Refresh 2019 continuing
Post by: Bradallen43 on June 18, 2019, 06:18:58 AM
Thank you Doug and Norm for keeping the place neat and tidy!