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Title: Some incorrect links on Scenery page
Post by: ArJuna on May 24, 2019, 03:55:20 AM

I am just about to load up my first RTMM scenery and I noticed some incorrect links on the http://www.return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/ (http://www.return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/) page.  I wanted to report them here.  I thought someone would like to know. I see a lot of new updates were posted in the last few days.

I noticed a couple earlier today.  I'll add others as I find them.

I managed the Hang Em High Resorts Map on the Wayback Internet Archive page from March 31, 2016

And many of the "TIC" pages are missing graphics,  particularly the first graphic at the top of page.

Title: Re: Some incorrect links on Scenery page
Post by: Doug on May 26, 2019, 09:43:23 AM
Thank you Jim ...

Hang em High ... The map is in the readme. I took out the map button and placed a "readme" button.

Cabins by the Lakes II ... Took out the "dead" map button and put a note up that all the maps and flight plans are inside the zip folder. On one like this, there would be about 25 map buttons.

High Mine ... added a map button and put a note there that the flight plans are in the zip.

Owikeno Lake Area ... Map button links now to Owikeno Lake area map.

When you say "may of the TIC's are missing graphics" ... let me know which ones when you encounter them, we have over 200 of them.

If you find more, let us know. There are over 6000 LINKS in the RTMM page and when we do major changes, as we've been doing with 2019 Refresh, there are bound to be some orphans. Your feedback is important, and as you can see above, we fix them when we find them! :-) You can also click on the "REFRESHED" date link for any of these and see what changes I have made.

Title: Re: Some incorrect links on Scenery page
Post by: updraft on June 01, 2019, 12:15:01 PM
I am getting error 404 when trying to download:

Mesa Lake Cabin (Updated 05.27.2019)
Meziadin Lake Campground (Updated 05.27.2019)
Misty Moorings Oil Platform Services (Refreshed V2.0-05.27.2019)
Mt. Matlock Cabin (Updated V1.0 - 02.27.2019)

Quite an effort to install all the new scenery updates but what an effort to create all those updates!

My big thanks to the RTMM team for this tremendous time and effort!

Title: Re: Some incorrect links on Scenery page
Post by: Doug on June 01, 2019, 01:20:24 PM
Thank you, I relinked them and they are now working. Notice you can click on the Refreshed Date and see the maintenance log, so you can see that it was fixed and when. 

Norm and I are coming down the entire list with a fine toothed comb to recheck everything. You are correct, you wouldn't believe the amount of changes, and I guess we have to ask for your patience while we "redecorate".  When finished, this is going to be one very smooth operation, but getting it set up can give us a glitch here and there. Thanks for the patience. Let us know if you see anything else.