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Title: Scenery requirements for MFC0011
Post by: scanham on March 19, 2019, 05:51:16 PM
I'm getting ready for MFC0011 after completing the first 10 Tours.  Am I reading the instructions correctly that I need to install all the RTMM sceneries that I haven't installed yet?  (Not including northern Alaska and Vancouver). 

Title: Re: Scenery requirements for MFC0011
Post by: nbrich1 on March 19, 2019, 10:50:09 PM
Well all to say that if you kept scenery from MFC0001 through MFC0011 in your sim set up then you're set for MFC0011. (Nothing new in this one required). (We are just visiting more sub-locations that are in the current pieces.

All to say, we are working our way through all of the RTMM scenery areas to explore all of it. So if you enjoy this RTMM exploring, don’t leave any addon scenery pieces out"

Here is a quick list:

Misty's Place PF20* (Add-on scenery is mandatory to see this location)
Annette Island Scenery Test (For a show)
Cu Ranch
Annette Island Fly-In
Metlakatla Jetty
Ketchikan Harbor , PAKT Ferry > (For PAKT=SP1 ONLY)

Misty's Place PF20
New Eddystone Rock
Hang 'em High (Also includes Lower Lodge Watercraft Start (LLWS)
Hollis Harbor
Klawock Snow Dogs

New Eddystone Rock
Kasaan KXA Upgraded
Misty's Place PF20
RTMM Docks(TF09 Naukati Bay Dock)
Yes Bay Lodge
Hollis Harbor

Nina Cove Lodge & Cabins
Hollis Harbor V1.0, V1.1 Patch
RTMM Docks
Baird-LeConte Glacier Tour(St.Petersburg)
Glacier Bay Tours(Wrangell)
Ketchikan Harbor(NOTAM: PayWare PAKT is necessary for this location)
Yes Bay Lodge
Hollis Harbor
Thorne Bay

Ketchikan Harbor
PAKT Ferry
Misty's Place PF20
Annette Island Scenery Test (For a show)
Annette Island Fly-In
Metlakatla Jetty
RTMM Docks
Barnstormers **
Sewall Lodge – PF24
Spud’s Creek
Khutze River Lodge - PF17
Kowesas River Lodge – PF10
Victory Valley - PF30
Doug's Outfitters (and Lodging)
Jedway Bay Sea Base
Owikeno Lake Area
Telkwa PF27
Tezwa River Ranch PF37
Chilcotin Plateau Airfield - PF28
Thumb Harbour - PF31
Desperate Moose Lodge - PF33
Dean River - PF32
Misty Moorings River Contest at PF32
Nadina Mountain Airstrip – PF15
Wilson River Lodge – PF25

** RTMM "Barnstormers" Zipfile includes the following locations for this trip. PF53 - Detna Creek Airfield, CAS2 - Moose Lake Lodge, CBT3 - Pan Phillips Marila, PF51 - Streatham Farm Airstrip.

Bowser Lake Cabin
Bronson Creek CAB5 **
Driftwood Depot**
Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake **
Gilbert Bay Airfield v2 **
Iskut Village Airstrip  (CBU2)**
Kimsquit River Logging Camp
Kimsquit River Run
Kwatna River Airstrip Version 2.2**
Misty’s Place PF20 **
Navmans Retreat **
Khutze River Lodge PF17 **
Rainbow Mountains Lodge – PF19
Sewall Lodge (PF24)
Wood Lake Research Station**
Yehiniko Lake and Airstrip **
Note: ** Indicates that scenery is “IMPERATIVE TO ADD” to add an Airfield Location or special scenery piece that is required. Sceneries below not marked with ** are great scenery additions but not absolutely necessary or a ley location for this Mission.

Chilanko River Sales and Service (PF62)
Sewell Airstrip (PF24)**
Khutze River (PF17)**
Kimsquit River Logging Camp **
Kwatna River Airstrip **
Moose Lake Lodge Airstrip (CAS2)**
Rainbow Mountains Lodge (PF19)**
Misty's PlaceKlawock Snow Dog Tours Operations Base
Sarkar Lake
Stanley Creek Cabin
Annette Island Fly-In
Masset Inlet Cabin
Mt. Matlock Cabin
Prince Rupert Shipping Scenery
Skeena River Life
Skeena River Lodge
Skeena River Run
Little Oliver Creek
Mt. Light Retreat
Terrace (BC) Misty Moorings Service Facility
The Landings (At Alastair Lake)
Kimsquit River Logging Camp
Kimsquit River Run
Dean River - PF32
Victory Valley
Kwatna River Airstrip
Tremadoc Lake Cabin

Annette Island Fly-In
Brad's Bait & BBQ at Stewart, BC
Darb Lake  Darb Lake (Required) (Takla Narrows CBD5)
Driftwood Depot (Required)
Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake
Rainbow Mountains Lodge - PF19

Ketchikan Harbor
PAKT Ferry

Misty's Place
Sewall Lodge
Prayer Lake
Nisga'a Glacial Lake Lodge
THe Old Crow (Missions Page)   
Bowser Fire Watch Tower
Bowser Lake Cabin
Brad's Bait & BBQ at Stewart, BC
Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake
Iggy's Harbor
Kitsault Gold Camp
Maloney's Tavern
Masset Inlet Cabin
Meziadin Lake Campground 
Spud's Creek

But we build more and add more scenery in MFC0012 and onwards.
MFC0012 adds the TF Docks, plus all previous.

Glacier Bay Tours
S.I.R.P. Stikine Icefield Research Program
RTMM Missing Cabins
RTMM Docks
Bronson Creek CAB5
Labouchere Saw Mill

Continues with the TF Docks plus
RTMM Missing Cabins
Alaska Power Project

More RTMM Missing Cabins
More Alaska Power Project
Medical Dispatches - E036B and E037B Activated so you can see these locations

MFC0016, MFC0017
No more required except all previous (MFC0001 through MFC0015)

Glacier Bay Tours - By Doug Linn (Imperative)
Wood Lake Research Station- By Mike Broemme (Jay Langham)
Misty Gustavus - Scenery Created by Doug Linn
SAK - Sea Plane Bases - Scenery by Brad Allen and AI Traffic by Dex Thomas

No more required except all previous (MFC0001 through MFC0018)

BWEP: If you haven’t done it yet – we are closing in on segments of the BWEP so recommend adding all the BWEP additions now: From the library to the completed segments as well as the add-on outlier locations. We will cross the pipeline and visit some BWEP outlying areas on this trip.
Cabins by the Lakes (I)
Cabins by the Lakes (II)
Circle City Lodge at PACR – A BWEP Addon Location for "The Interior"
Flying Beaver Lodge (BWEP Dalton Highway Outlier)
Frances Lake Lodge
Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet
SAK - Sea Plane Bases V2.1
Skagway for RTMM and SAK - (Floating Houses Fix)
Spoiler’s Lodge at Rampart (BWEP Interior Outlier)
Wandering Lake Lodge - (BWEP Interior Outlier)
Yukon Crossing - (BWEP Dalton Highway Segment)
and so forth.

And still much more to come. Although I try to map out all the scenery required for each tour, or in this case with MFC0011, if one has all the scenery from MFC0001 through MFC0010 then they have MFC0011).

But going forward, it is definitely easier to add all of the rtmm scenery pieces and set them up once at one time rather than piece meal for each tour. I have DL all of it and have set it up. Having all in and setup sure helps as there is no worry about a piece being missed for a tour. It takes a bit to get done but not hard to do really and as we go forward on these continuous excursions every piece will eventually be covered in this rtmm world tour of sorts.

Hope this helps understanding.

Title: Re: Scenery requirements for MFC0011
Post by: scanham on March 20, 2019, 07:47:28 AM
Thanks Norm for the thorough explanation! 

I will take your advice and install everything that I don't already have installed. I have Tours 1-10 sceneries still installed and updated with refresh.  A little extra work now saves time in the long run.

Never had so much fun with flight sim!

Title: Re: Scenery requirements for MFC0011
Post by: nbrich1 on March 20, 2019, 10:47:56 AM
Like you don't have to do anything more for MFC0011 but will later as we progress.

Tis a good time to update since the majority of the scenery pieces are now V2.0+. Most of which have been updated with seasonal files so the surrounding foliage etc match the seasons. (Required the season switcher).  Speaking of seasons today we are turning "SPRING". 

Like you don't have to do it that way: Like we won't be hitting the BWEP excursion or a full CIRP tour or exploring all the Cabins in the "Cabins by the Lakes I and II" tours until mid-2020. But we touch base on these periodically but still need the scenery installed to fly many of the other RTMM FP /or MFC single schedules.

(Doug has been putting the FP # under the scenery pieces so if one is flying that flight, they need that scenery to see it - great reference- just like MFC scenery required for a tour but if all the scenery is in and set up there is nothing you can't fly and will never miss a thing).

Ok: Perhaps for everyone's benefit, MFC tour wise, and a snapshot of my tour folders (appended) gives all some idea of where were are going. Again all the scenery pieces will eventually be covered. Currently am working/designing excursions that are 25 tours ahead of your current location. (Working on tour 36 - time frame Nov/Dec 2019). Still lots of miles to cover and lots to see going into 2020.

This condensed snapshot of the tours past/present might help for a better overview.