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Title: Misty Flying Club - Some Basics
Post by: Doug on March 13, 2018, 04:39:51 PM
Welcome to the Misty Flying Club Board.   Here is where we will discuss anything related to the new Misty Flying Club.  Please keep your posts "on topic" to make it easier for the moderators and the viewers. 

MFC Experts: Our two "VA" experts are Henry Kirk and Norm Richards. Both have extensive experience in working in the VA environment.

A "bush flying" VA: You will find this "VA" tailored for bush flying. The "rules and regs" are a little lax compared to most VA's, and there is some "seat of the pants" flying involved (just use common sense). This is why we are calling this the Misty Flying Club, it isn't, in the strict sense, a virtual airline. It is a place for bush flyers to meet and enjoy over 1000 scenery locations in the RTMM world. There is one Go/NoGo rule, you must land at less than 600 fpm or your PiRep will be rejected ... so learn how to make those smooth landings.  Most of the information you will need you will find at the RTMM MFC Website (http://return.mistymoorings.com/mfc/) and the MFC Website (http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/).

Aircraft: We have many aircraft types involved in this project ... of course including helicopters. So leave your F-15 at home, you'll never make the turns! We have some beautiful repaints from Klaus Tröeppner that are in the "hangar" ... these make the RTMM/MFC bush flying experience come to life. You can find the repaints on the RTMM Enhancements page (http://return.mistymoorings.com/enhancements/#r).

Multi Player:   Flying with other bush pilots is going to be part of the fun in this new experience. "HOW TO" get going on this aspect is clearly laid out on the RTMM MFC web page HERE (http://return.mistymoorings.com/mfc/#multiplayer). Try to keep the Multi Player discussions on the Multi Player board, but we know there must be some cross over discussion as both of these are so closely associated.

Questions:  Feel free to ask all your questions about the Misty Flying Club here. Many of you (like me) have not been associated with the VA environment before. You will find Henry and Norm very patient with your questions. So there are no "dumb" questions ... have at it. The key is for you to get the knowledge you need to enjoy this. As this effort was starting up, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience. We hope you will enjoy it too. If you have not tried this, the Misty Flying Club is a good place to start. Easy rules and a lot of help.

Summary: The Misty Flying Club is the perfect adjunct to Return to Misty Moorings. We have created hundreds of scenery locations, but very few people have seen all of them. The Misty Flying Club experience will give you (1) the pleasure of making the journey from Here2There, (2) will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, (3) introduce you to scenery locations meticulously put together by our scenery design team, and (4) as you fly, you will gain "Flying Club Logged Credit" and rank for your efforts.

Preliminary Status: As of this posting, we haven't officially launched the Misty Flying Club. Henry and Norm are still working on little bugs that show up, it is a very complex piece of software. So be patient with us as "we" learn along with the experts. We will keep you posted on this board as to its status.


Title: Re: Misty Flying Club - Some Basics
Post by: nbrich1 on June 21, 2018, 07:52:21 PM
Update: MFC - Misty Flying Club is well launched. The odd bug might show up but not much these days.

Here is an status and operational update:

Total Pilots: 49
Total Flights: 1878
Total Hours Flown: 1152:14:41

1. MFC Tours : 16 Active tours, (216 tour system legs) - can be selected by bid from within each tour.

2. RTMM single Flight Plans in the system (Flown as single flights to various locations): 683

3. MFC Tour single Flight Plans that are flown as single flight legs: 216

For 2. RTMM Flight Plans and/or 3. the MFC Tour Flight Plans: these can be selected via bid or via Flight number. (If selected by flight number, make sure you change settings in Cigar Box - tick Sear bu Flight Number).

Service Awards: Awards have been created for: Flight Hours, # of Flights, Nautical Miles reached: and these awards are set to "auto-issue" to pilots reaching the set milestones or goals.

Tour Awards: Each Tour has it's own completion award and each is set to "auto-issue" to pilots that have completed all the legs of each excursion or tour.

Much more tours, excursions, dispatch trips etc. coming. It will take a wee while to catch up to the rugged scenery and all the RTMM addon scenery pieces that have been created in the operational area but will endeavor to keep building and we'll keep exploring.

If any flyers have any issues please just give a holler.

Title: Re: Misty Flying Club - Some Basics
Post by: nbrich1 on December 17, 2018, 07:02:36 AM

NOTAM: The process for generating/flying/tour legs and the completion of MFC tours.

1. From the list of tours that appear on the Active tour page: (via the Tour Center tab), choose the tour you want to fly. (Best go in order as each tour (so far), is a continuation of the previous tour).

2. On that tour, The 1st leg will open for you. Select your flight - "bid" on it.

3  Press "fly leg"

4. Log into Cigar Box and go to Main > settings then remove the check mark on Search by flight number. (This enables direct bid loading into Cigar Box).

5. In Cigar Box - Press the "Get Flight Data" button and the correct flight as per your bid should directly load and populate all the fields for the flight leg details in Cigar Box.

When your sim is ready start flight in Cigar Box. When done, file the pirep for that tour leg..

6. When you are ready to fly the next leg, go to the tour you are flying and the next leg will be open for you to fly (bid). and so forth until all the legs of that tour have been flown/completed.

7. After all the legs of a tour have been flown, the completing pilot will receive the corresponding tour award.