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Re: P3D V4 - Smoke
« Reply #15 on: November 08, 2017, 01:03:40 PM »
Hello Rod,
Please check your small object with attached smoke at different airport heights.
In the flight simulators since the FSX (or even earlier) there is a bug.
Which attached effects are no longer placed at the intended location on the object.

The higher the object with the effect is placed, the greater the deviation of the effect.
In most cases the deviation is visible from a height of 2500ft above sea level (MSL).

Hi Mike,

In our research, when we converted our object library, we discovered a lot about altitude shift and how to counter it.  In fact, the altitude shift starts as low as a 1000 feet (though pretty negligible at that point).  This is just one of several shift issues over the last three years.  For example, Lockheed had a tessellation shift issue on ground polys etc. in v2 which was repaired in v3.   If you would like to discuss more about shifting and countering the shift please Private Mail (PM) me by clicking on my name at the left of this post and choosing Send PM.   

Thanks so much for your interest and taking the time to let us know about things you discover and how you might be able to help us.