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Aircraft in P3D V4
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:01:21 PM »
Hi ...

I thought I'd make a place where we could discuss the addon aircraft that people are using and what luck/problems they are having with them.

I've got the Aerosoft Beaver working perfectly, thanks to the threads here. The "how to" on this is on the new P3D-V4 web page (you can find it off the right column menu on the home page).

Aerosoft Catalina PBY ... works perfectly.  The wake needs some help and you need to throw an anchor out the window to slow  it down (haven't figured how to slow down yet). Jeff's water rudder for the Misty Goose "kind of works" for steering.

Grumman Goose.  Dex gave me a copy  of the older Goose, (I don't think it is the 1.20 update). I can't get the 1.20 update to work, lots of missing textures. But there is one model in the original set (Islands 'R Us) that works perfectly. So that is the only one I have loaded. I can't get the Misty Moorings textures for the Goose to work. Also the water rudder (from Jeff for the original Misty Goose) doesn't seem to have an effect on this aircraft.  If I could get it to turn on the water this would be great. (Yes I know the real one doesn't have water rudders, but magic is sometimes necessary).

The Cardinal 177 from Alabeo works great with their new update ... a very nice aircraft.

The JustFlight Connie, that comes with P3D V4 of course works perfectly. But it always was a good addon aircraft.

Add your comments on what you are seeing with the addon planes and heli's.



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Re: Aircraft in P3D V4
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2017, 03:14:53 AM »
Here's another summery which is neatly arranged:

Basically there is no list which is really complete and uptodate.