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Royalty Free Custom Audio Recordings
« on: August 26, 2017, 01:47:15 AM »
Hi fellas, I've been a way for a while from the FlightSim "scene" and just recently got back into it several months ago. Funny isn't it, after flying around the FTX and TFJ regions in large jet liners, we always come back to flying in the bush where we feel at home, at Misty's. :)

One thing I've noticed with many payware scenery packages, including OrbX, is the complete lack of atmosphere in terms of background audio at many of the new OrbX airports and surrounding towns. This isn't a "shot" at OrbX as I *LOVE* their stuff. However I think there's just maybe a complete lack of *royalty free* Creative Commons based sound sources out there.

I'm an audio engineer by trade, I record in the field hundreds of hours of wildlife, background ambience, nature, anything you can think of I've recorded it for some contract somewhere along the line. To "give back" to all the amazing scenery and addons RTMM has put out over the many years they've been around, I'd *LOVE* to offer to record any kind of ambient audio scenery creators might want to place in their special packages. All such audio would be Creative Commons licensed and free to use as you please.

I live in an area of Canada, in Ontario, where I'm surrounded by everything from small dust strips to sea plane strips and boat docks. I have access to more ambient forest ambience with light aircraft flying in the background than I could write about. I have about 40K of in field recording equipment to capture high quality audio on the water, along a river, near a pond, just outside or in small regional air strips, small town ambience, wildlife, people chatter, rain on metal, rain falling on small GA aircraft, windy nights & days, metal bangs, creaking hangar doors, etc, etc, etc...

All I would need from the people that know what they are doing when it comes to creating the great scenery that you do, is what formats are acceptable and at what sample rates? There's nothing worse than hearing the exact same audio samples used over and over in high end payware airports, it really does kill the atmosphere.

Any input from you guys and gals would be absolutely fantastic! Hope to hear from you soon, it's going to be a long winter with plenty of time on my hands. :)



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Re: Royalty Free Custom Audio Recordings
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2017, 10:15:09 PM »
Jocko...did u get my email?