Author Topic: can someone do a New colors repaint for the fantastic Mahnfred Jahn's C-47 v3.1b  (Read 555 times)

John Skokan

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Hi all! I am planning on getting some much needed ORBX sceneries for the Northwest, PFJ and Tongass Fjords. I love flying for Misty. Mostly DeHaviland beaver, Carenado C185F, Cessna 172, new Bastler BT-67 turbo DC-3. But, I plan on getting the Aerosoft Beaver, and maybe the A2A cub, but I was wondering if someone could take a look at the fantastic Mahnfred Jahn's C-47 v3.1 beta? I thought that ver. 2 was really getting realistic. Especially the engine starting proceedures, but this new version has added a copilot and stewardess, with conversations and most important, interrogatory before startup, before taxi, before take-off, after take-off, before and after landing checklists between the pilot and "Ernie" the copilot and "Nancy", the stewardess, with quipping comments thrown in during the flights. It's a demanding plane to learn to start, and fly correctly, but the realism added has caused me to want fly this bird with the Misty Moorings new colors. So if you all haven't tried out this great aircraft, try it and see if you won't want to fly it for Misty!!!!!. Please let me know.